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    Al points are used for stuff like having user title etc just click on shop to see more
  2. so I don't know who looks at this, if you do H. anyway I have ppe's ( pre public examinations ) coming up so I won't be active or rather I can't be active as I have to much work to do. So if anything happens please be patient and don't overthink stuff - that's my job - I should be able to come on and off every now and again. thanks for understanding ^^

    oh and quick question for when I come back. what do the points mean ??
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    Welcome back
  4. hey I'm back from the long break, I was kinda busy but not really? I should be more active as I have to get into that routine with school and all ^^
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    Food !! Lol
  6. thanks, it was a nice party. the best part was when the food came out, geez I've never seen someone so happy. thanks ill tell them next time I see them ^^
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    Happy birthday to your cousin
  8. hey galaxy ^^ sorry about being inactive things have been to much recently, and I kinda needed a breather. but all is good know ^^. oh and if anyone else sees this then I won't be on tomorrow as its my cousins birthday ^^
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    Hey there Wanderer_exe!
  10. okie ^^
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    I don't think so and just call me kaga
  12. @KagaKoko howdy ^^ , do you know if there is any more of us out there ?
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    hi new ghostly buddy
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    Welcome to AL! I hope you love it here. :-)
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music is a big part of my life, erm lets see what else... oh I have this thing called anxiety which is fun. Ok seriously then, I like listening to music, my friends play a big part in my life and to be honest without them I probably won't be here right now *clears throat* erm, I don't know if this is the sorta thing I should put up here but oh well it does say biography... so that also includes the negatives I guess. So, since I can remember I have had social anxiety and general awkwardness, I can't really trust people all that well due to that fact that since primary ( with it only really stopping in year 10 ( that's 4th year for any Americans )) I pretty much got alienated by my loving peers and with said alienation I got bullied pretty much all my life too. Hence why I said I owe a lot to my friends, they helped me out of my darkplace; and pretty much stopped me from doing something extremely stupid.
Right, back to the less serious me, erm I have a major sweet tooth, so I will love you forever if you gave me anything sweet like xD - despite my age, I can act mature at times ( although most of the time I like to act childish to try and lighten the mood) ... oh and again don't know if I should put this but oh well what can you do, its not like im going to experience anything I haven't already experience ten times worse... but Im Bi so yea. Thanks for reading ^^
I like: gaming, listening to music and sleeping
currently working on the different methods of sleeping ( im doing my GCSES in reality )


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