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    KIMIIIIIIIII!!!!!! You gave me lolcats.... LOLCATS! Yooooou remembered! That's best friend material right there! <3 I hope you're feeling better!!!
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    Come at me! Give me the best you got >:C
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    Muahaha :3c I win
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    *throws you a giant snowball filled with cookies*
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    Kimmeh o.o

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    Thanks for your message, do apologise for the spamish message that i have been sending out. Im kinda new to forums, and i wasnt aware that people have been complaing. Like you know i was just trying let people be aware of my presence at the coming con. Ill try to keep it limited and try to be more friendly and try to be less like a seller.


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    Please post int he pirate clan. x3 You are like the pirate mascot. Its in your name! x3
  9. Happy Birthday
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    ok so I have a better understanding what race would like be descendants of
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    I'm interested in joining your rp the kairos but I don't know if they have Chinese people or have martial art in the future
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    you're mine!! ^_________^
  14. *hugs*
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PotC fan (and generally into the roguishly charming 'good' pirates, even though they don't really exist)
Dr Who fan.
Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey~Wimey... stuff... fan.
That oughta do for now. ^^
Attempting Writing and Drawing. Dr Who, Pirates, AL, RPing (when I get time/ will to do so)
Kitchen Team Leader/ Chef


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A studying Pirate? What on earth?!

by Pirate TimeLord on 05-02-2011 at 02:54 AM
Sooo... having browsed the Open University site for a while, I've registered to study with them, starting October. That is, once they sort out an issue with my details matching several entries in their database, apparently O_o.

If there aren't any major issues, I think it will be fun. Essentially, it's the same course I planned to study here at DMU (one of the reasons I moved). Only DMU messed me about, since I'm a 'mature student' having been out of education for a few years, and

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Updated 05-02-2011 at 11:15 AM by Pirate TimeLord


Vroooop. Vrooop. Kerbang!

by Pirate TimeLord on 04-03-2011 at 06:03 PM
What the smeg was that? Having finally found my TARDIS, and used it, all I did was set the home coordinates (space and time), and the console started going all explodey and flashy and stuff. And things.

After a somewhat rough landing, and a lot of time sorting stuff out, it appears my base space/time locale has moved somewhat. A brief jaunt (or rather, many.. many jaunts) reveals the new home of the Pirate Timelord to be 28 Sweetbriar Road in Leicester. Sadly it seems me housemate

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by Pirate TimeLord on 03-20-2011 at 04:20 PM
What to do.. what to do...?

Passing time until work closes and we head to the other Leicester cafe in about 15 mins for our Phoenix training. Projections indicate commencement at 4pm, with termination at 7pm, allowing transportation between 7.30 and 8.30ish.

Totally not trying to glamourise what will be basically a repeat of what I did this time next year... errr last year. (Time travel - the timey wimey stuff gets confusing when you try to straighten out the wibbly

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Smegging Raging

by Pirate TimeLord on 03-19-2011 at 11:12 PM
So, in a u-turn of emotions at the moment, I've gone from depressed to furious.

My room here, as far as I know is the only bedroom without a lock. And someone decided it would be 'fun' to go through all my CD's and games, and switch the discs and sleeves between them all.

After an hour sorting it, several are missing, a couple scratched. Amongst the missing are a couple games that are hard to come by, since they were part of the limited run sold out software does

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by Pirate TimeLord on 03-18-2011 at 11:43 PM
Yeah. So Natwest declined my loan app, without telling me.

Reason? The stuff they told me to provide that would be acceptable, is not acceptable. I have to have had work pay into my account for last three months. I have had for two years with the same company. ¬¬

When I applied I fully explained the situ, thus gave the tailored documentation they said was needed. Was also told I was low risk for rejection, so given the situ it was advisable for me to proceed.

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