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    Theo JITCO công bố, có 67 ngành nghề Nhật Bản cho phép thực tập sinh tham gia. Tuy nhiên, trong số các ngành nghề này có một số ngành nghề chính mà Nhật Bản thường tuyển dụng các đơn hàng đi Nhật như:

    Đơn hàng cơ khí đi nhật : Bảo dưỡng máy móc, Kiểm tra máy móc, lắp ráp điện tử, gia công kim loại, gia công cơ khí, làm kim loại miếng, mạ điện, làm sắt
    Đơn hàng chế biến thực phẩm đi nhật : chế biến thịt gà, làm cơm hộp, chế biến đồ ăn sẵn
    Đơn hàng may đi nhật : Nghề dệt, nhuộm, May
    Đơn hàng xây dựng đi nhật : làm cách nhiệt, trát vữa, làm thép kết cấu, lợp ngói, lát gạch, thợ nề, giàn giáo, cốp pha
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    I wonder if you still come around this forum... If so, it has been ages . How have you been? Not sure if you remember me or not. I may have to catch up with you sometime.
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    I can't say I blame you when it comes to disappearing from this place. I do that every now and then myself. Things have been a bit interesting here. Yesterday a kitten was added to the family. It's kind of surprising since this family is much more likely to get a new dog over a new cat. Aside from that, Work has been crazy. I was brought up to full time and have been working that for a while now with new responsibilities. They also cut our Monday paper in favor of a Saturday paper which means a Friday night shift. I just worked the night shift today and will be working the night shift again for Sunday's paper. It rotates between nights and days with two weeks of nights and two weeks of days for Fridays. Aside from that, causing all kinds of trouble has been on the list.
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    Ah, well that's nice. I'm glad things are working out for you. I met my wife back in '07 and married her three years later. Speaking of, my 4-year anniversary's coming up in like three months so I should start planning.
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    Wow, that's awesome! Weren't you in like Arizona? How'd you meet a Sailor there? XD
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    Ahh. Good job, Nimmy. I haven't kept in touch with any of them. And I dont' remember Cloud off the top of my head. Just username Cloud Strife? I remember the user, but nothing about him.

    And sorry for disappearing; I joined the Navy and it took like ALL of my time. I'm out now though. Married with a 1-year-old.
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    I miss everyone too. XD

    Shawn's here too. (Sin/XFire/VireX)
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    I see.

    2D showed up today too. It's crazy.
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    Hey, I remember you. Though it doesn't look like you've been on in a while.
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    You know I haven't bugged you in a while or vandalized your wall in a while. First and foremost, how are things? Hopefully better than the last time. I figured I would check in on you Ms. Pretty Hate Machine person. I have not forgotten you despite all that has been going on. I promise. >_<;
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    It's been a bit since I have played as well. I was trying to get the PVP set for my warrior and got bored. That and I hadn't been able to raid in anything other than raid finder. (LFR for those cool kids aka looking for retards. Somehow its fitting) My cousin wanted to drag me on so I bought a 30 day game card. On the bright side, I may be able to start raiding on Tuesdays. Possibly Normal and Flex. That's my problem is that I am too nice. I was trying allow him a clean slate as I didn't know how he was online and I just knew how he was in person. I didn't stop him from being invited which is why I feel responsible for it. They have told me it wasn't my fault, but I still felt like it was. It felt like a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. If I told them and he turned out to be decent it would have made my word look bad, but not telling gave me this scenario.
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    No worries. I tend to have to trim my messages sometimes which sucks sometimes. Yeah like a man-child pretty much? That's just it. I have heard he too has jobbed bounced from our family. The thing is that we get one side of the story that is actually rather biased. It makes me wonder how much of it is the truth. The other thing is I do not wish to introduce him to people here as he hit on my WoW friends after joining our guild. I heard some horror stories in what was said and that he was gross. Also I am R-tarded because I accidently posted this on my wall. I blame the little sleep I had. >_<;
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    To continue the story... It was a slap in the face to my uncle, who stuck his neck out for him and risked his reputation for him. You don't do that to family. If he got fired because it wasn't working out is one thing, but if it is on you then you should expect that. My mother is sticking her neck out for him and hopefully he doesn't mess it up either. Also, he's sex obsessed. He likes to watch the ecchi animes series. He was watching one in the kitchen when my brother's soon to be step daughter was cooking with my mom. No common sense whatsoever it seems. That and I get told he needs to find a woman here because he"hasn't been able to do anything with his dick since coming down here." Which is really something I didn't want to hear. I think when he gets back, there may be more fireworks bound to happen.
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    Oh wow you are having some rough string of luck it seems. First the crazy work week with the loss of a coworker putting you short one person and then car dying out on you causing a financial strain that you didn't need. I'm sorry to hear things are not going well for you. You also write quite a bit. which is good because I too can write quite a bit. These visitor messages can barely contain me when I get going. Yeah this cousin is kind of in a similar boat as he's been living with the grandparents and they are pushing him to get him out on his own. While he doesn't drink anymore and doesn't have any drug problems that I am aware of, he hasn't grown up. He likes to tell others what to do and is self centered. Other family members were not about helping him either. One reason being that my uncle, (also his uncle) helped get him on at an Arco refinery. It was a job that makes good money, but my cousin got himself fired from what I understand due to him screwing up and being immature.
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    I wished I could claim things were good. I just got in from a rough night of work and I am more sore than usual. my hands and arms seem to be acting up again. Before that, I have been bothered continuously by my cousin. The whole family has for the most part. My mother went to help him out with a job opportunity and a place to stay and he's been complaining and grating on everyone's nerves. It's not fun when you get contacted 5-6 times a day because he wants to do something with you right now. like getting buzzed because he wants to go soak in the hot tub and wants you go with. It's like dude, you are an adult if you want to do it then do it! You don't need me holding your hand. Everyone is getting tired of him real quickly. I hope you are fairing far better than I am. Also sorry for the vent session. >_<;
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