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    I am truly unworthy of the title you bestow upon me dearest Emy. It is true though I have not addressed any other as dearest I could not see calling any other by this name. ^_^ That is interesting that it would remind you of that. Perhaps it is the start of a show we are unaware we are a part of. Oh? What makes you say that?
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    You are quite welcome. I could not forget this day. it would not be right of me to do so. Especially to someone such as yourself. There a many that may be dear, there is only one dearest Emy. i am certainly glad to hear that your birthday was a great one and deservingly so.
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    It will seem like it is early on my end, but I know it is December 15th there. I was just going to wish you a happy birthday. Hopefully you have a great and memorable birthday today.
  4. nuhh
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    If you'd like I have Messenger or other chat clients if that works for you.
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    I am back already although chat is not showing up for me. I'm not sure what is going on, but the chat list and tabs have disappeared on me.
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    Oh no! I just saw you, but I had to jump in the shower and wash off real quick. I do got to do a little running, but I should be back in probably less than a half hour if you wish to talk more. I have something new to look forward to in the music department. I'll have to tell you about it when I get back.
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    I saw your name when I just came on. It was a bit before I sent that to you. I was kind of unsure on if you were there or not. Oh? do you want to go on another chat client? I think I have just about any chat client available. Also I was working working on the PM last night and I may have to be a little more brief. Otherwise I will breach 10 pages easily. I am up to 3 pages and I have 10 paragraphs to respond to still. >_<; I am hoping to make some solid progress tonight and possibly finish it by Wednesday. If I don't finish it, I want to be very close by then. The Paladin is 75% of the way to 89 and I remember how much I hate leveling. These last few levels are so annoying to grind out.
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    Yeah I sure am. I haven't spent nearly as much time this weekend on things as I had planned. I was expecting to be a lot further along than I planned. I decided to work up another character to 90 for WoW and that has eaten up a lot of time. she went from 86 to 88 in the past few days. I now remember how much I hated to level my characters. once I get her to 90, I will have to take some screenshots. I would take some now, but the armor looks so ugly on her. I'll try and see if I can get some of her tier set to show off first. I figure this response back will be time consuming. There is a lot I figure I will probably say in it. I'm hoping by Wednesday to have it done or very close though. It looks like it's going to be a pretty big PM already. I'll have to see. Also, you are still up? I thought you were heading to bed soon. It's like 6:30pm here which is like 4:30am there if I remember right.
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    I figured I would just let you know that I probably won't catch you today seeing as Mondays are typically late days for me, so today should be good if you are still looking to rest up. Tuesday is also a bit on the late side, but usually not too late if you are wanting to chat a bit. I do have a status report for the PM in progress. I managed to write a page and a half so far covering the first 3 paragraphs. I am not as far along as I would have liked to be, but I am looking to get more done the next 2 or 3 days. Hopefully I can have it finished and back to you within that time or at least be close to being finished by then. Hopefully all is well with you as well. Anyways, it's about 5:00 AM here and I better get some sleep for work that i have in about 6 hours. I shall catch you later.
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    Ah ok then. Yeah the singer has been known to have a drug problem. It was why the super group he was in called Velvet Revolver disbanded from what I was hearing. It's too bad because it had a song like this. With Slash on the guitar, it could have only been an even more of an amazing group. There are a bunch of other videos with that Batman. The voice Batman used is the one that was used in the actual Batman movies. That was parodying a scene from the Dark Knight. People didn't like that growl voice that Christian Bale used. Anyways, off to work with me. I shall be be back later though and ready to cause trouble.
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    I'm good with that. I wondered if I had overloaded you my nonsense. I actually was looking around and remembered that song. The fact that you know that group and thought was a good song just makes me want to heart (one of these things <3) you forever or something like that. I grew up with that band crazily enough. I could see it being about addiction. The lead sing has drug problems I think even still. Still a good band though. It certainly does. I am still a pain in the ass though. Now for the video. I got shown one of these Batman parody videos and found it hilarious. I'm not sure if you'll like it, but I think you might.

    Now it's time for me to get ready for work.
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    It's all good. I figured you were just busy I was just taking the day to rest for once. Oh yeah... I did give you quite the big response. why do I get this feeling that what I get back is going to give me a lot of writing to do? XD I figured you would like that song. I have been listening to a quite a few of his songs on Youtube. I sort of managed to tie it in to my last message somehow. Everything is fine you say? I can go with that. It makes for better days instead of things not being fine. Then it would just be bad. You know I will. Well that and I am just a pain in the ass, but you and many other friends know that. Also I remembered another song upon my Youtube travels. This one is an old song. I went back to the 90's on this one. I have no idea if you know this one or if you like it.
    I shall see what you think of this one. I almost sent a funny video your way that I had in mind. Maybe next time.
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    Oh man the one time I am free on my day off and it seems you are busy. Unless you show up later today and then It'll totally cancel this message out. >_<; Then the day will go from "awww man! " to "Yay! " Although when I say that it'll totally cancel out my message that would not be true exactly. The first being that I hope we'll get the chance to talk soon as there is still plenty to talk about. When isn't there? That and I figured I would send a song your way. You may have heard this one from this artist before. I do know that you like the artist though.
    Kind of fitting given what I said earlier in the message now that I think about it....
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    It seems you have awakened something. I just hope I don't become overwhelming. You seem to be hanging in there just fine, so I have faith. Besides, I want you to hang in there. There's still so much more to show. It's been a while since this part of me has really come out. It's nice to let it out again.
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