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    ..A shadow lurking in the dark holding a mop and cleaning my room? DON'T YOU DARE. I'll never find stuff if you clean my room. >.<
    Dunno, I think games became too similar. I mean the gameplay is the same in nearly every game now which makes it less fun. The variety in gameplay is disappearing like game genres. It's all gonna be action adventure 1st/3rd person shooter multiplayer games.. x/

    Now I need to hear Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn live [Silent Hill music]. For that I need to go to the States because they don't do concerts in EU. x<
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    You might get another opportunity when I'm flying back to UK but will you really want to use it? There are a lot of stuff to protect women from pregnancy nowadays, just that women are too scared to use some of them. And having a child is a personal choice. As for periods... yeah, they suck. Some women have a really hard time with them, some don't. Same with PMS. Some women become monsters on those days, some are just not affected by it. It's weird. xD
    I dunno, I only tell them that I'm an alien and get a lot of compliments on looking very good for my age. xD I also have long conversations with animals using their language and argue with myself a lot. And paranoia.. The sweet paranoia..
    Pff I'd totally be fine. Though you're right, it's better that we don't talk.. ever. Your brain might explode and start coming out of your ears after hearing the sound of my voice.
    Why? You wanna stay with your current car forever? o.o""
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    Ahaha yeah I know what you mean. He was so cute though. :3 The concert was cheap too, you should have been there. It's gonna take a long while now for Uematsu to come to UK again. It was the Final Symphony.
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    You had a perfect opportunity to kill me while I was flying home and didn't. That just proves that you wouldn't kill me. :3 A woman's body is not that bad if you know how to take care of it. Out of the two: men's and women's bodies, I'd still choose a woman's body. At least my current self thinks so. xD
    I'm not bothered what people think of me. It's even better if they think I'm insane because they'll just underestimate my skills and it's every enemy's weakness.
    Emm.. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Sometimes they want to hurt each other even tho they share the same body..... x/

    Still I wanna hear it! xD
    Yep, it's a perfect name for your car and the whole legacy of cars that await you in the future. :3
    Oh I did feel your presence but the feeling was nowhere near as disguising as you had. Also I knew where I was going in the first place. <.<
    I tried it for the lulz. Not like I tried to follow the rules throughout the whole game. That'd be a waste of time and less fun..
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    [..and it continues]

    I approve of your idea, Raging Boner SHL3 it is!
    Whoa me being close affected you that much? In such a creepy way.. Kinda sucks to be you. xD
    I'm pretty sure that my subconsciousness is a troll and accidents would still happen. Like in video games.. I really tried not to run over any pedestrians in L.A Noire.. I did..
    Btw not sure if you saw it on fb but I still wanna boast a bit. I've got to see Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu irl, face to face. It was so AWSOME!!
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    No, it's 90% that I'll die in the kitchen and the other 10% is that I'll die in an accident somewhere outside. You won't kill me. We both know that you couldn't live without me. You'd get bored if I'm dead. xD It would indeed be a shame if I was a pure woman.
    See, that just proves that you are social. You may have your anti-social moments every once in a while and you might hate humans most of the time, but you're still social! Got you there! xP I think I might have a multiple personality disorder 'cause there's three me's living in my head and all three have different personalities. They argue most of the time and drive me crazy. x.x
    Ahahaha you have a girly voice? I WANNA HEAR IT!! xD

    [To be continued..]
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    Instead of SSJ2 raging boner you should call it RB2 aka Raging Boner 2 like they do it with Saiyan levels. Then every time you get a new car, you can say it levelled up. xD Talking about cars, I was working at the car show at Prescott Speed Hill Climb again. Like last year. It's somewhere in Gloucestershire. You felt my presence right? RIGHT?
    Me driving a car? You were joking right? I actually tried it once. My dad wanted me to try driving some years ago when we were visiting the countryside. There was no-one there so I could have a go. The thing with me and driving is that if I don't get to go fast it becomes boring. I can see myself daydreaming and going the wrong way, maybe going over a few pedestrians and crashing a few cars before killing myself too.

    [The message was too long again -.-]
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    Now when I think about it, I probably really meant it in a mentally retarded kind of special way. Good thing you figured it out yourself! xD I actually have no idea how I managed to do that but I guess I'm good at these things. That's why I try to avoid cooking because most disasters happen in the kitchen... at least to me. x'D If you ever head about my death, I'm 90% sure it'd happen in the kitchen!!
    You cannot be an attention whore and antisocial. That just doesn't work. But it's true that some people take sarcasm as a joke even if you really meant what you were saying. I get that all the time. It's 'cause I look innocent and have a girly voice people cannot imagine me being evil. xDD
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    Ok ok. I'll say it.. You're....... SPECIAL. See I said it! Happy now? xD Don't be so full of yourself. I'm killing myself slowly already. Sprained my foot somehow a few days ago and the more I walk, the more it hurts. AND I WALK A LOT. What can I say, I'm good at hurting myself. xD
    That's prolly because you're an attention whore, the social guy. Am I right or am I right? xD
    Honda Civic Hatchback? It looks...... shit. O.O Start again!!
    I'm only joking the car looks good but you should be more original with the name. I mean, how many raging boners can you have? Super Raging Boner? It's like levelling up from Saiyan to Super Saiyan...... Maybe that could even work..
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    Feeling special? Too bad, I stalk everyone who shows up on my facebook feed. xD Although I finished uni and it's been quite chilled now, I'm still working on 3D to get a job. xD I kinda have a plan so gotta do a fair amount of work 'till June. I will most likely, go back home for a year or so. Haven't seen my family and friends for two years now!
    Ahaha even though you happily left Morrisons people are still bugging you for it. They'll never let go. x'DD Oh and you still haven't showed pic's of your new car! I wanna see. Did you think of a name yet? Since Raging Boner seems to be retired now.
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    Hi, sorry I haven't been in touch for a loooong while. I was trying to survive the biggest crunch time I ever had. And guess what.. I'm still alive! Uni is over, but I still have the last deadline on friday. After that - freedom~. GAMING!!
    Seriously I need to think about my future.... I should be doing more than... gaming..
    ANYWAY how are you? How's your neew job? Been playing new games? How's your life, 'cause you seem to have one? xD Tell me something interesting. :3
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    Ah yeah Twilight seems to have that effect on people aha xD Have you read or seen Hellsing or Alucard? They're about vampires, but amazing.
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    You can find other butts to kick. Mine is too delicate. :3
    Magic does exist! Or alchemy that's made like magic. Like in Fullmetal Alchemist. It has to exist. T.T
    Everyone loves him. Even my uni lecturer uses that vid to troll other people. It's just so good. xD
    Honestly I didn't like anime Dante. He was nothing like Dante from DMC1 and 3 so I didn't really approve of him. And the anime lacked action. I think only the first ep was somewhat good. x'D
    Go team Shit Breakers! [Because destroyers didn't sound as good xD]
  14. well see didn't see each other for something like 7 weeks like what the fuck he should have fuck me or something but no so that what he gets.
    plus no rp and the sex was sometimes great then not so good but meh.

    Yeah I will not go into a relationship plus the sex driven needs to be looked into.

    more funny is I when over a girl friend house and tell her that and other stuff then she tell him about it so that was fun or somthing but oh well

    got him out now and he off with some other woman fuck knows what he did as he not tell me about what he has done or cheated or something but meh
  15. oooo that sounds cool the fapping with someone but I like to try one that we are both in the room and looking at each other XD
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