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  1. thanks for the friend request. hows it going ?
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    Hii I have you in my friends list and i havent even spoke to you since i came back :O pretty rude of me i guess*Bows/appolgies*... so hows things?
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    Thanks for the friends request, hows it going?
  4. Hello Banana~ Sorry for the long absence ^^ how are you?
  5. Hey
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    Hey Bliss! Long time no speak. Eventually did sort out what I needed for London Con - might see you tomorrow. Hope you've been well & take care. =3
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    do you what to be my frined
  8. *hugs* where have you been!!!! xxxx
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    Good luck with your scholarship then, I got an exam for aberystwyth soon too. If I get it, they throw money at me, and give me an unconditional offer .
    ABB- Wow, so you're pretty clever then. I only need 280 points for aber (inc. AS general studies)
    Do you know much Japanese already? Or are you guessing you'll like it?
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    Aww dover castle, I'm in the Arsenal Tavern.
    Yeah I am, but I'm deffering. Sent my application off last week, and already got one offer, it's from Aberystwyth. Yay! Also applied for oxford brookes too!
    Cardiff's impressive. What's the offer?
    Doing Education and French. I looked at Japanese, but decided against it.
    Which one hasn't answered yet?
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    No worries - won't take offence. Uni next year. Does that mean you're in upper 6th? If so, then same! Got any offers yet? I would love to go to that many cons, lack of money though
    You staying in a hostel?
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    I remember you!! If I see you around as Mami, I'll try to say hi. Not that anyone I'm with would know who you were. No matter how much I tell them to, they refuse to watch. Oh wow, 14. What's ayacon btw?
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    LGC was my first con. It also doesn't help that I'm really tall. A lot harder to find stuff. It's more the skill that I lack. What about you? You been to many cons?
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    No, I'd like to try Neku sakuraba, but have no money to commission, nor time/skill to make
    Maybe another time.
    Awesome about Yuna, I have a friend who's cosplaying her too.
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    Hey there. I saw your sig. Are you cosplaying Mami? If so, that's awesome!
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oh dear not the about me bit erm
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