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  1. I do apologise for my absence. I am not active again!
    There really is no reason other than things were getting really slow on this site, but I'm back because I remember how much I enjoy being here!
  2. Hey. Whats up with the DBZ RP? I've been waitin on you to post so I could post again.
  3. It doesn't seem like others will participate in that Dawn of the New stars anymore and I was hoping it would go forward. Perhaps lock it then?
  4. What did I learn from Dragon Ball z?

    Goku- Taught me to never give up no matter how hopeless the situation is.
    Vegeta- Taught me true pride and honor, also if I wanna be badass train until my body snaps.
    Gohan- Taught me it's okay to fight for what I love.
    Piccolo- Taught me to be smart, calm and collective.
    Trunks- Taught me to do things right and that everything can be saved.
    Yamcha and Tien- Taught me true friendship.
    Krillin- Taught me loyalty.
    Turles- Taught me to eat fruit.
    Cell- Taught me to aim for perfection.
    Frieza- Taught me to insult my enemies.
    Hercule- Taught me not to believe people who say they are the strongest.
    Broly- Taught me to be legendary.
    Tapion- Taught me to be a hero.

    Dragon Ball z raised me better than my own parents!!
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    I'm going to be away until sunday evening so I wont be posting tonight or tomorrow in the DBZ RP dude.
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    Hey dude you doing well?
    i made a new roleplay if your interested, it's about dreams
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    yay a fellow negima fan ^^, I'm good thanks, just a little bored this eve is all lol. You upto much? x
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    Thanks Glad you recognise it. How are you?
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    Hi there
  10. black cat has nothing on this old timer dark , you have the momentum some what in the thread , is it going to happen today ?
  11. "I'm here to deliver... Some bad luck!"
  12. hey impetus , i hope you didn't think me rude on eing so dodgy about that i just had a lot of work around the ranch
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    Hey there, would you like to join my RP- have a look
  14. how r u buddy!
  15. hiiiiiiiiiii
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About DarkImpetus

Basic Information

About DarkImpetus
Hey my name is Mason (come up with a fun, whacky nickname to call me.) I'm a huge gaming, anime and manga fan! So much so I do lots of rp and i'm even trying to create my own. I'm not the loud, center of attention type and prefer to keep away from crowds to be honest but I do enjoy conversations and making friends, even though I'm not very sociable ^^' I'm a metalhead and love bands like Breaking Benjamin, Pillar, Linkin Park, The Birthday massacre and others but I'm also a fan of trance and nightcore. I'm a gothic person with a "like me or hate me, I don't care" attitude, like me i'll like you, hate me i'll hate you thats the way I am. I'm dramatic too, so be ready for some anime drama when speaking to me lol.

Nicknames I already go by
Mase (Short for my name)

If you want anymore details about me, such as what i'm doing for my own anime/manga/novel or my interests or hobbies, etc just ask okay?

My top favorite animes are
1: Dance In The Vampire Bund (love it)
2: Naruto
3: Dragon Ball z
4: Rozen Maiden
5: Venus versus Virus.
6: Black Cat (love it)
7: Darker Than Black (love it)

My top favorite games are
1: Blazblue Continuum Shift/Calamity Trigger (good at)
2: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (good at)
3: Dragon Ball Z Rb 2 (good at)
4: Kingdom Hearts games (ok at)
5: Touhou SWR. (Not so good at)
6: Halo (ok at)
7: Pokemon (master at)
I'd be happy to play you at them if you just tell me your gamertag for xbox :)

Things I liked when I was a kid and haven't grown out of
1: Digimon
2: Pokemon
3: Dragon Ball z

Xbox live Gamertag: TrueSharinganI

Just a list things I really like
Shandy, Milk, Cosplay, Pokemon, Digimon, Juice, Food, Quiet places, Being in a comforting presence, Japanese music, Rock music, Nightcore and trance, Bein praised, using puns, making jokes.

Hope we can get along :)
Drawing, Writing, Playing games, Reading manga, Watching anime.
Student, I guess.


The Power Of The Azure Grimoire


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