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  1. Your journal!-not-bad

    I am not assistant but I thought you might like to know where your journal is
  2. how are you ^^
  3. boo
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    your get to know thread in survivors anonymous is up
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    hello there,
    nice profile pic, btw
    how r u??
    n hey thankx for the add^_^
  6. hey how are you ^^
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    It's okay Richard... I understand *wink wink* congrates on meeting someone at Alcon... and what ever it is your doing...
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    Richard you freshly shaven Chewbacca of goodness why you know show yourself...?
  9. It's the one thing I -never- understood when I moved to the UK...this obsession with Eastenders lol.

    But yeah, I agree with you. How they explore characters and back stories in anime is absolutely amazing. It's the one thing in my life that I am grateful for. I love it. So if others miss out...and see it as dumb, all I can do is shrug it off. They will never understand lol.
  10. I bet they say that anime is childish and stuff. >.> I have been told off and said I am childish for liking anime... at which I laughed. My reply to the woman was...well if I compared an anime series like Naruto or Bleach to Days of our Lives or The Young and Beautiful...I will take Naruto and Bleach any day. Better than watching mindless soapies.
  11. I hate that... reminds me of people that jump in based solely on what one person says without considering the other side or anything for that matter.

    It reminds me of this other game I played where this head moderator was like that. She was pretty biased and only did things where her friends were concerned. If some massive conflict happened...she would quickly do what her friends say, not even willing to listen to reason or anything.

    Sometimes I wonder about people like that. I just dislike them... but yeah, I can see how it will stress you out. Well I hope they don't get on your case too much about it.
  12. Parents would worry... regardless of age. Gosh...I remember how my mother was with me on some things, even after I moved out of the house. So I can sympathize with you there... but yeah... my mother was a dragon. Fiery, fumes, smoke and all in big dragon willing to consume me if I didn't behave. I was terrified of her, but respected her and yet...we fought like cat and dog. hehe
  13. I shall stalk your profile then.

    But on another note...get some sleep! I don't want you to regret not having slept when you are at work. ^ ^

    You can always annoy me tomorrow. ^__~
  14. I will have to look it up on Google Maps sometime.

    Only ever been here in the Northeast... went on some mystery tour once with National Holidays or something other (got it as a present for Christmas) and ended up in Huddersfield or something other ;-; Nothing to do there really...but was nice getting away for 2 days.

    And been to York and to Edinburgh. Oh, Leeds as well.
  15. Well now I live in the North East (UK) - and that is all I will say for now. Because at some point I want to play a guessing game. And it would be fun for people to guess where exactly in the UK I live based on pictures I provide of the area.
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About Richard Starwind
love making people laugh, cuddles are gonna happen.
i love anime, manga, games, tv but don't get to enjoy them as much as i like because im always working :(
always up for a chat any time so feel free to pm me
Mildenhall (if no clue) its near Bury St Edmunds (still no idea) cambridge is next biggest place
anime, manga, desigining
Architectural Designer



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