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  1. Happy Birthday!
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    So lemme guess you are a huge gamer huh?
    It's not really a problem if it's something you like to do, imo. Like I am on here all the time when I could be doing something more productive with life like finding a job or whatever but I love to be lazy!!! And yeah now I wanna watch me some PT too hehe. But yeah, it's fine. I just have days that are very uneventful and I wish I could get out of the house every once in a while but meh.
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    Now you've made me want to watch it again too lol! How funny~ Well, I wish you luck with the gaming trophies :3 Me, I just been sitting around all day. There's nothing fun to do... I wish I could do something spontaneous right about now but idk what haha.
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    Yes, I agree! It's very cutesy style just like I like~ :3 So how are things, LightningCharm? (Cool name btw!)
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    Hi there
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    Sounds exciting. We are having hot dry weather... that's bad enough. xD
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    Lol. I love the rain. However, it's funny you mention your AC beign on non-stop. Like... Last Sunday, I was using my dad's Truck to go pick up my cousin, then to go shopping for "exotic" meat and groceries and I used the windows instead of the A/C to keep us cool because I thought the A/C didn't work. Brought it up to my dad last night and he's like, "No, the A/C works just fine, it's the heater that doesn't work." My thought was: -_- LOL
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    Dry weather here. T_T Poor Cali doesn't know what to do with itself LOL. I hear humid is unbareable if it's super hot out. o-o
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    It's no problem at all! I'm glad you joined !
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    I wouldnt' say a night owl, but I certainly have more energy at night. I have insomnia though, so even when I'm tired I can't sleep. I'm a light sleeper too and the heat doesn't help. We don't have a working AC/Heater again this year... oh well haha. My day has been fairly pleasant though. ^^
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    I am tired.. I'm at work now... should have gone to bed sooner. What's in store for your day? lol
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    Nice to meet you too! How are you today?
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    Welcome to AL LightningCharm! I am Nyx_Tsuki, but feel free to shorten it to Nyx ^.^ I am an assistant that is here to welcome you to our amazing community! I have an answer to any question you have, so ask them, ne?
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