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    That...actually sounds fitting >_< Though it begs the question - why not just get a parasol?
    Eh no prob. Keep in mind I'm an amateur too though
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    Oooh nice With the blood stains and everything? XD
    Might make a good practice run!
    If you'd like I can try and help teach you the 16s? I'm an amateur swordfighter myself, though I know the 16 attack/defends with single hand weapon and double handed sword...
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    Ah good to hear Witcher there too?
    And aww. Pity. You know how to use a sword though? Properly?
    True. But I'd be saving it for the Masquerade. Probably take my Templar or White Fang for the Saturday...Pity they didn't do the group shot after masquerade
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    Welp, July LAGC for me then.
    Ah ok, good luck with that Maybe see about getting some friends along for a Witcher group?
    Actually I was thinking more of a heel and just walking around bent-kneed...
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    Lucky break on the rooming! I'm a bit of a hermit so always need to figure out things for solo trips

    Don't forget the wig! Or will you be dyeing your hair? Oh oh! And have a deck of "those" cards too? XD

    Oh wow that sounds like a long process and quite complicated...still, good to know Think I'll have to go with wooden constructs for what I got in mind though:
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    Aaah MCM, too expensive for my tastes ^_^ What with the tickets, the hotel rooms, the cosplay to be made etc etc! I'm aiming for July LAGC next meself And Geralt should be easy enough if you're buying parts of the outfit from LARP suppliers If you're making it all though...good luck with leather work!

    Actually, another question if I may - how did you make the digitrade legs? (No, I will never spell that right >_>) I mean like tools, tutorials, techniques etc? And how horrible where they to walk around in?
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    Eh no prob. You'd have done fine anyway Seen some of the pics of you from Masquerade already - good job!

    Well, you can walk on tiptoes everywhere and I can walk with a safety hazard strapped to my back - let's call it even?

    So, any plans for next cons already?
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    Hey! Nice meeting you backstage just before the Masquerade! Loved the character design and digitrade (sp?) legs!
  9. ew. you tracked me down!
  10. Lovely seeing you at Alcon and also the Exeter meet you!! Thanks for everything you've done with me - from meets to Cosplayer Highlights. You rock!
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  12. Yeah, basically, can't leave the city until my Nan passes away. After that, I'll be going to meetups and such. Coming to Bristol Comic Expo in May?
  13. Hey you! How's things? Looking forward to LAGC? Wish I could be joining you still
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    Hey thanx for accepting my request Hope ur well!
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    Hi there Komplex.
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