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    Hey sweetie aint been on in a while only just saw your message. Sucked i didnt see you and yes i kept running around looking lol but no worries hope you had a wonderful time x
  2. I'm doing fine as ever!
  3. Hey darlin'! I hope you're all well <3
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    Same old, same old! yourself?
  5. Happy Birthday <33333333333
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was plain, but I'm not too disappointed. Wow, the title sounds very important! I bet they will have no choice but to hire you on permanently since you seem so determined. When you work hard, others will recognize. Omg wow! My first cosplay was Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. I am also very short... so Yuko wouldn't work (especially with the long limbs having been a CLAMP trademark). But if you do, I would love to see it! I feel like if you're enjoying the cosplay and you admire that character, it shouldn't matter too much, yenno? Definitely want to see some pics, either way. America has a lot to offer, but there are tons of beautiful places to travel. Greece and Iceland are two great examples. I want to visit Europe and see all the beautiful museums and art galleries. Lol a hot ski instructor would definitely entice me to wanna ski. Otherwise, I don't think I could for fear of breaking some bones.
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    Good, at least you're doing alright. With all that's happened lately, I can't imagine things getting any worse and yet I also realize just how lucky I am. At any rate, it does seem as though there is one misfortune after another. Staying positive is key, however. We can only try our hardest to overcome each plight in our path. Sorry to be overly philosophical! Hehe. That's wonderful news, I hope you do well on the test! My fingers are crossed. <3 So what is your new job? Are you happy with it? Lucky... I wanna go to Alcon! T-T Are you planning to cosplay? Where are you traveling to? Come to America and see me! ^.^ You're an incredibly sweet person~ I appreciate you offering to talk with me. That means a ton, believe it or not!
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    Happy New Year to you too! I hope things are going well. It was a dreary time over the holidays for me, which is unfortunate. But I'm trying to stay positive for 2015. I have plans to find a new job, get a new car, and to paint a picture frame for my cat who passed away. It will go beside her ashes. Every day I miss her even more, though. Do you have any resolutions or goals?
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    Whaaaat that would be so awesome! You gotta get it lol. Minions are super cool. If I worked at a store like that I would be broke lol... Been wanting a pair of new boots. Got my first ever pair of moccosains though which was exciting. Wearin' em right now as I chill at work waiting for my ride to get here. Glad to be off an hour earlier than the normal time this week cuz my allergies are killer... As for jeans, I like to buy the 'ankle biters' because they fit like regular pants hehe. I've the cutest pair of floral patterned skinnies. Denim jeans are boring so I don't wear them as much as my fun/more colorful pants. Same with khaki. Can't find bellbottoms anywhere really. Even decent flares. Skinnies done took over lol. But yeah I am the same with my music. Eventually I wear out songs. Always looking for more good singers and bands to replace them. Right now I'm on a Lana Del Ray kick. She's soooo awesome. But one of my favorite bands is Nirvana. Really into indie/acoustic jams also
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    So/So really. Life is difficult but I am doing my best!

    Things seem much slower on here these days!
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    Hey there

    Sorry havent been on here in ages. Hope you're doing well
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    Yeah thrift stores are the best! Depending on which one you go to and which brands, the prices can vary but I end up spending more than intended regardless. Then I think wow I bought a single coat on a previous occassion for the around the same price of all this stuff I got. So it just depends I guess. I like the fact that you can find things nobody wanted and make them feel wanted again. It's a silly idea but I've always been fantastical like that. Bet you love working at a shoe store, minus the inconvenient commute, anyway. Can never have too much footwear... Hehe. And I'm assuming there's a discount involved? I've been dreaming of the perfect purse lately. I don't like carrying around just anything. It has to fit my personality to a 'T', yenno? Omg two pairs only? Woah, girl. Better get on that! Lol. It's super hard finding the best fitting jeans. Especially if you're short like me. All the pants are too loooong. XD Btw, what kind of music do ya listen to?
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    things have been tough but its ok.
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    I just got insurance today and got some practice in (finally). The ol' man said I don't drive too bad. Should be legal to vroom vroom by myself soon. Where are you working at now? And what do they have you doing? Hope you are liking the new job thus far. My new job seems to be panning out okay. Ya never know, yenno? Good luck! Hopefully you can get all that stuff once able to afford everything. Hey, that's a good mindset to have. Somebody else can appreciate you more than your ex and take pleasure in the same activities. It's hard to find, for sure so no rush. Stay single and enjoy it! Thanks the skirt was in the kids section hehe. The zipper broke though so I'm like aw man. Trying to go to thrift stores and find cute clothes for winter now. Bought a purse the other day but the hinge is messed up and I didn't realize. Idk why all my clothes and accessories never hold up for long. Is it just me?
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