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  1. did you go out for a drink then? lol an gaming club? sounds cool! I've been at my boyfriend's as it was his niece's birthday today so i went along to her party... there was about 40 kids there... tired me out just watching them with all their energy! lol
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    ahh thats cool!

    I just got back from spending some time in town with a friend. Now going to eat dinner round my mums then head off home later! Was supposed to be heading out for a drink later but not sure if I cba lol
    Tomorrow is gaming club!

    How about you??
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    ahh that sucks a bit!, hopefully not too long a shift???

    Im round my mums, hoping to relax a bit!
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    Hey Rei ^.^

    Im doing ok, how about you?
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    Welcome, Welcome
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    haha true Do you draw often? is it a hobby or more? Invited you to a chat thingey so I dont spam up your wall lol
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    It definately sounds it ^.^ and don't slack off lol...although to be honest I'm doing exactly the same. Should be working but am procrastinating!
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    Be yourself. If you like anime and manga then say so, tell us your favourites. On here you get to be the biggest nerd you want to be.
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    It's an important job ^.^ A friend of mine used to work in a lab himself working in a similar field to yourself. It must be fascinating looking at the make up of peoples blood!
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    Biomedical science must be hardcore to work in!
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    I was Bowesy, so some know me by that name. But Bow-Bow-Kun came about in my last journal where someone suggested it and by popular demand it stuck.
    I suggest you go to the Entrance Hall and make a post in there talking maybe a little about your interests, admin's will message you and help get you started too.
    I also think it would be a good idea to talk about your interests in maybe a Journal in the AL Journals section. It's literally a place in AL to call your own to chat with people and what not. If you want you can come to mine and talk to the others there, they're all really nice people and if your interested in roleplaying they will talk for hours with you. But I'm sure some of them like cosplay too.
    Here's a link to my journal, so feel free to come at chat and do what you like. You can make new friends really easy.
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    I decided to take the virginity of your visitor messages.
    I hope you enjoy it on animeleague, and feel free to chat with me if you'd like, if you need help or whatever just drop a message
    I'm Aron by the way, but people like my username bow-bow-kun...
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About _Rei_
I'm no good at these things so I'll keep it short... I'm a huge anime and manga fan (obviously! :D ) though work and other things don't let me enjoy them as much as I used to. Though I'm hoping to check in here as much as I can and hopefully meet some new people who share similar interests :) I like many different genres, though my favourite anime is Vampire Knight and my favourite manga is Girl Got Game.
North East England
I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, going for walks, visiting new places
Biomedical Scientist


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