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    i'm assuming you didn't see me there then i didn't get interviewed
    oooo glad you're feeling better!
    so how did you find LAGC?
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    well if you run out of people to interview you can interview me i'll be in the gaming section running community lounge most of the time!
    what you sick with? what you got?
    dont give it to me haha
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    Oooh a stalker huh? Should I be worried? I have many female stalkers. They seem to be drawn to me for my charm and boyish good looks I think. They try to capture me and take me to their basements and do bad things to me....Or thy are after me Lucky Charms. XD It's one of those two things. XD It's probably good that you didn't try before or I would have wondered if I knew you and you might have ended up in friend purgatory. (Nooo!!!) I read your message and I was all she sounds nice I am so gonna be her e-friend now. Not sure if you know what you are getting yourself into though. I am crazy. XD I wonder if you can handle that...

    If you wish to call me Yomi I am good, but if that seems a little weird you can always call me Ken if you would like. Things are good with the world for the time being even if we might be getting snow. It's been raining here too. That's the typical Northwest US weather though.
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    okay hunny bunny~
    *uses right hand to cross lefty*
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    Oh hi there. I totes saw that you were checking out my profile and I was all "OMG?!? Who is checking out my profile?!" So I was curious like George and decided to to check out your profile. (I was like OMG Becky! Look at her profile. ) Upon checking your profile out, I noticed that Teddy wrote on your wall. I liked your style and thus felt the need to write on your wall at random... Sounds like a logical plan right? "Oh someone looked at my profile!! I should write on this person's wall!" XD I'll have you know write very neatly in crayon to make it look nice. XD

    Anyways... If this hasn't managed to scare you off by now, then what I am trying to say in all of this is hello I am Yomi and it is nice to meet you. You have to have a decoder ring to get the message though. Darn you merchandising!! XD
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    haha it's ok, i'll forgive you like, this once? just don't do it again
    my evenings going fast trying to get all the LAN PC's for this weekend catalogued and sorted!
    sooooooooooo long least i have entertainment and tea to keep me going
    so what you studying at university and what should you be doing hoemwork wise?
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    ; 3 ;
    But baby!
    Baby baby! NO!
    I... I can be your boyfriend and never say never!
    I can make you my one less only girl~
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    you didn't know mccoy the 7th doctor? i just cried inside theres no hope for you! hhaha

    yeah thats the game! i have a repoduction copy of that game, its a nice piece of history!
    so hows your evening going my new ginger friend?
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    It's alot easier to pull off too lol. I think you might be right
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    erm i'll have nes/snes/n64/gamecube/wii/master systems/mega drives/sega saturns/dreamcasts/ps1slim/ps2slim/original xbox
    2 of the systems won't be normal systems, a few rareish games to show off its not a massive collection but there will be 2/3 of each (cept the original xbox only 1 of those due to limited space)
    yeah i'lll be doing a competition with the Nintendo WC 1990 cart, its only a repoduction cart but its a piece of history never the less
    ah i don't really consider them cons as such as you have to pay mostly for a dealers room well thats mcm anyway i shouldn't just hyper japan i've never been
    you'll see me around LAGC though, i'm running the community lounge i'm also hosting the pub quiz and running the karaoke
    i'll also be dressed as the 7th doctor lol
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    You start our relationnship with a lie....

    It's not going to work out, sorry.
    You're DUMPED O^O
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    yeah it's fine, i don't mind being stalked too much just don't murder and eat me? pls?
    things are ok, really busy at home i'm making sure all the equipment for the VG area this weekend is ready i get to show off all my retro consoles
    it's so much hardwork haha
    so this is your first con then?

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    Lol this is pleasing!

    Im not sure what I will be cosplaying this time, either Attack on Titan or Bleach, cant decide!

    Nice pic yourself btw !
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    erm, thanks for the add

    hows things?
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    Oui Madame I am indeed going
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