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    Merry Christmas!!!! I hope that you have a brilliant day with all your friends and family.
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    Omg! Do you mind if I steal you for masquerade??? Btw do you mind adding me on Facebook its easier to chat there haha its Amber Oakenshield :3
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    Thank you! And yes! Me and my partner will be going as Sam and Dean :3 you??
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    lol, Its ok. I'll look for you on FB sometime this week.
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    Did you go to ALCON?
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    Don't think i got to say bye to you and your friend.
    Anyway, thanks for putting up with me at the dorm. I've had a great laugh this past week. Can't wait for the next one!
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    Haha I'm not really a fan of cities either especially London, give me the countryside any day You totally should!! Where I live is flat but it's like in between two mountains, actually it's more like there's a mountain which ever way you turn My favorite one's called twmbarlwm tump and it has this drive you can take up it called 'the scenic drive' and there's a place right at the top where you can park and you can see the whole of the area I live in, it's like my favorite place on earth
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    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Haha yeah it annoys welsh people too, I don't really mind it fun fact about welsh road signs though if you translate them in to English most of them make absolutely no sense, it's like the welsh got really lazy and just use google translate yuh huh it's st.davids ahh don't be fooled by the fancy-ness of the Capitol once you leave Cardiff it's pretty much like any other place really like where I live is completely different to Cardiff but that's because I live in the vallies and I'm surrounded by mountings and trees and nature and stuff it actually really pretty

    61 days to go!!!!
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    I didn't ask though how was your trip to wales?? Aside from having to pay for carrier bags
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    Yeah fast food restaurants do it too, which is kinda stupid since they're made of paper and you cant really reuse a paper bag so why should you have to pay for it, it's silly but congrats on getting the odd free bag
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    Have fun!!!! Also 66 days to go!! x3
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    haha you got your phone back then?? so close to 50!!
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    69 *sniggers* DAYS UNTIL ALCON!!! xD
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About R3D_R1D3R

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About R3D_R1D3R
"My names BruceMan I mean BatWayne... I mean... Batman."
I'm still new to cosplay (okay not so new now) but i've been to a few conventions (maybe that's a lot now) and I'm really loving it and am wanting to meet new people. (still loving it :D)

Kakashi anbu (Naruto)
Kakashi Jounin (Naruto)
Naruto (Naruto Shippuden)
L (death Note)
Casual America (Hetalia)
Kevin (Welcome to Night Vale)
Levi (Attack on Titan)
Castiel (Supernatural)
America (Hetalia)

In progress cosplays:
Toma (Amnesia)
Ichigo (Bleach)

I'm just starting to make cosplay videos on "RedKay Cosplay" (youtube) with my girlfriend and looking forward to getting better at editing :D

Favorite Animes: Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Amnesia, Free!, Ouran High School Host Club, Attack on Titan
"You can't marry a man you've just met" Elsa, Frozen.
Duty Manager
Instagram - R3D_R1D3R
RedKay Cosplay
RedKay Cosplay



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