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  1. Hello
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    Hehe, fair enough ^^ I'll PM you my facebook details then ^^
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    Mostly ^^ I was so shattered though xD
    And I know, I've seen them too <3 It's not as bad as I feared!
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    There were umbrellas and shields, they could not stop the hail xD
    Ech, any help is appreciated ^_^
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    Yush indeed =] I'm a walking nightmare if I get rained on, because all my bodypaint suddenly gets very wet again and it gets on literally everything. I got hailed on at May MCM and I left a trail of fake blood across the front area, lol.
    If I do bring him and stuff, that'd actually be really cool =] thanks!
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    I'm not entirely sure for Summer LAGC tbh... I'll be bringing back my Lucy cosplay =] with upgrades from her last appearance (last Feb LAGC, last May MCM). I might run Witcher on the other day though, I don't know yet xD
    I'm... So-so on swords, but I can try and learn =P and I can definitely make sure I don't go full retard on posing.
    Fairdoos... But ahhh, alas =[ indeed.
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    July LAGC is also on my to-do list... Gonna be booking the rooms as soon as I have confirmation on holiday from work, and my ticket reserved ^_^
    Alas, I'm this lone Witcher fanatic among my friends, and pretty much all of us have cosplays allocated already, lol. I'm vaguely hoping that CD Projekt will have a booth kicking around, or that somebody, somewhere at MCM, will be representing TW3... Hopefully I'll find other cosplayers though xD
    Fair enough =] I'd imagine your knees will get quite achey after a while though.
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    If I was travelling solo, I'd definitely have issues finding affordable rooms >.<
    I will indeed be acquiring a wig =P my hair's naturally very dark brown, so it really won't dye to white/silver at all well without just massively falling out, lol. My hair is also currently quite short, and it'll be going shorter soon =P *is generally a pixie cut girl* But haha, I may well have a deck of 'those' cards xD it hadn't occurred to me... Heehee, perhaps I shall indeed make some, lol.
    The hooves are honestly more simple than they sound, they're just a bit time consuming. Looks like wood constructs would definitely be more appropriate for you though, coz that's a hella lot of digigrade xD
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    They're not too awful to walk around in, and I can move quite smoothly in them provided I have a nice level surface and I'm not dodging around people constantly xD they're a bit of a challenge on stairs though and on stuff like cobbles, they rock terribly xD I can honestly say I've only fully fallen off them once though (and I've worn them to cons... Seven times now I think?) and that was because I crouched and then misjudged how to get up and fell flat on my ass, lol. I can't wear them for a full day though, but that's true of pretty much all high heels - these ones are the highest I own, at a 7" heel xD I can still handle them for a good six to eight hours though, I think? The fur is just legwarmers which I pin together underneath where my heel is to stop them flapping around too much.

    Tutorials for making them though? Nah xD I'd read a couple that talked about sawing the heels off existing shoes, and I was just like noooo, and just sort of... Flailed around by myself after that xD
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    The digigrade (I think, it's a weird word xD) boots are literally a pair of heelless shoes that I got on Ebay, like these though mine have a zip up the back instead of laces. I then made a craftfoam shape, which makes the base for the hoof on the front... I then used kobracast to make /that/ way more solid, and then finally I went over that with long fibre fibreglass - just a body repair kit, that I only needed to add hardener to, from Halfords - and I filled the cavity with scrunched up foil and stuff to reduce the amount of fibreglass I needed. It's quite a thick coat, which I then sanded a bit, before sticking soles onto the bottoms (which I got from Timpson's), and then I just painted them with gesso and acrylic, before finally spraying them heavily with car lacquer =]
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    MCM would be too expensive for me if I stayed in hotels xD we have previously, but we've also stayed a short distance away from the event, rather than the ones right on site, coz holy cow those are expensive. We now tend to stay in Croydon though, as my cosplay partner's Dad lives there and is generous enough to put us up =]
    I'm doing a bit of a mix with Geralt =] gauntlet from LARP suppliers, boots from eBay, shirt from LARP suppliers, swords with lots of help from @Drifter xD
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    ^_^ Ta!
    Roflmao, seems like a fair shout.
    Next con for me will be MCM in May =] and I'll hopefully have finished my Geralt of Rivia cosplay (doing prologue version from the first Witcher game, with intent to upgrade to other versions later), and my Maiden in Black (Demon's Souls)... After that, July LAGC, then Alcon, then Bristol AGC. I'll probably end up stealthing off to a couple more though, tis what usually happens xD
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    Hey ^_^ thanks for chatting to me so much, you really helped me calm down a bit, lol. I still love your tech arm thingy - I'd probably hit literally everyone I know in the eye with it if I wore anything like that xD
    *hug* But meep, thankoo =] x
  14. Not yet, been a bit shy in that regard. I will do soon though once the chest piece is glued
  15. Haha, sounds good. Although if you go as a loyalist, I can teach you the error of your ways
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