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    it's slow today but it's fine i'm heading over seas on 1st so can't complain
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    I was off for a month so I understand have u had a good day
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    hi and welcome to al
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    Yes, Akihabara is only 20minutes from my home.
    I love there. I think Japanese language is not so much difficult for you (especially pronunciation is easier than English).
    Maybe you should start to study KANA(かな) because it is phonogram as well as alphabet.
    And the biggest grammatical difference is grammar order. English is SVO(C), but Japanese is mainly SO(C)V.
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    I am studying English and apply British university master degree.
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    hello, maybe you are my group mate, aren't you?
    Nice to meet you
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    I hope so! Being stuck in this rut is no fun. Although, I do enjoy all the extra free time. Sometimes I don't make the most of it, seems like. I could certainly do with a trip to a gym or even a home work out. Do you like your teachers a lot? How is school? Lol it's cool, say all the random stuff ya want. You don't come off as pretentious at all.
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    It's not an easy choice, that's for sure. All I kinow is, I wanna do something art related. And if not, I wanna at least pursue it on the side. Well, I'm sort of stuck. No car, no job, no motivation. I had a crappy end to my year so hopefully things start to look up for me soon. Gotta rekindle the embers of determination once more. Do you go to the gym often? I've never been to one but I was gonna start working out at home.
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    Do you know what profession you're after? I'm sure you've got an idea, but I was interested what career you'd be entering exactly. Yeah an anime and manga class would be cool. Good grades all day lol. Yeah I mostly just have the TV on as background noise but I've been crazy about watching all the judge shows and all that good stuff. Hanging out is good. I love to laze about.
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    As long as you discuss it in some way, it doesn't matter how. I often like to comment on what others are saying to get conversations moving. Just remember to get the pocky badge, you gotta post at least 4 times. Ew, essays huh? That's lame. Well, those subjects can be interesting but homework is never fun... What are you in school for? I've been watching TV and hanging out. Pretty chill day.
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    Right, and then when I read something I wanna watch the anime and vice versa but never get around to it. I saw that you posted, I was planning to respond today but it's been a busy day. I'm gonna write up something for tomorrow. I've gotten pretty far in the manga, already though. It gets funnier and funnier. Wait til you get to the part about the jaguar. What stuff are ya doin?
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    Oh boy, that's promising! I'm excited to get back into the manga. Well, a lot of people prefer to watch anime as opposed to reading manga. From what I notice, anyway. I'm trying to get out of that stigma by reading more. More often than not, the manga ends up being better so that's an incentive. As for the book club, there's a discussion thread up so go ahead and start reading!!! It hasn't let me down just yet. I plan to post my thoughts soon.
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    I have the first volume of it, but I never got the others. Perhaps I should work on finishing it. Also, make it my mission to get strawberry patterned panties. Yeah my memory sucks so I often cannot remember watching or reading series after so long. Holy shit 700? You're a machine, Kotei. A manga reading machine...
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    Cuz who needs social interaction when you could be nerding out hardcore alone in your room watching anime and reading manga? My first manga was Chobits and I ended up buying the whole series. I'm a big CLAMP lover now. What about you, what did you start off with? Oh, and if you like manga a lot we have a club in the Anime & Manga section where we read as a group. Here's the link, maybe give it a look-see:!&goto=newpost PS sorry it took so long to reply I am a ditzy girl. Forgive a poor airhead, won't you?
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    Doin' alright, and yourself? I've been very lazy as of late! Relaxing with some anime and reading a bit of manga. Trying to read more since I mostly just watch. ^_^
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