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    *pokes* long time no see old friend
  2. I just did! I'm so proud of you!
  3. *snuggles* It's good to see you onee-chan! How are you?
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    *gets up after 4 hours sleep*
    Not me! I've only passed out once in the last twenty four hours... :c
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    Ah I see, thanks for the tip. Now I just need to find the time to actually get around to dark souls. Unfortunately very busy at the moment. >.>

    It would help if I hadn't of slept in until 12 but its the first time I've slept properly in a week so...
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    I've head you can get a poison mist too so that's another way to get her.
    I've literally never found the NPC for that fight but that's because I'm dumb and was pretty much hollow for my entire time playing the first game...
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    *keeps hugging*

    Hang in there. ;-;

    I'm thinking of trying Dark Souls 1 again. I wanna try a pure pyromancy build for lols but IDK how I'm gonna deal with Queelag...
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    *hugs* That's not good. D:
    Something in particular getting you down?
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    Oh, I ramble way too much so you're welcome to gush all you want to me, just bear in mind that I can't say a whole lot about things I know little about.
    I understand what its like to open up to someone only for them to not care... I've been stung hard in that respect.

    That trailer was actually pretty intense. :O
    Its definitely on my radar but it'll probably take me a while to get around to it. I'm glad it has good characters, they are the lifeblood of what I care about in a series. I can forgive crummy plots if the characters are good but it doesn't matter how good the plot is I won't enjoy it if the characters are bland.
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    Yeah! That's exactly what I was talking about, I love in when people gush and can give a massive paragraph about why they like something. <3
    You're right that a lot of people get stuck in their opinions. :'D

    My sister has been trying to get me to watch Steven Universe since forever but Ive just never found the time whoops. I need to just sit down and binge all the shows in my watch-list... I haven't actually watched any western stuff since Gravity Falls finished. I loooooove Gravity Falls though, so much continuity and cross-episode references which is something I love, also great characters.
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    I think you're too hard on yourself.
    By my personal criteria you're smart, the fact you put a paragraph of thought into disagreeing with me only makes me more confident in your intelligence. :3

    The point is that you do think, and you understand. A lot of people will say something is good because its good but when I've asked you you've explained WHY you think something is good.

    Anyway, I'm not gonna bash heads with you, if you don't want to admit you're smart then that's alright.
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    Of course! Trust me, I know intelligence when I see it because I'm kinda smart too.
    You give informed decisions which shows you think about what you say, I respect that.
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    I know it seems bleak but things can improve, gradually.

    Just focus on what makes you happy and the good.
    Its all about building confidence so start with the small things.
    I mean you've already shown you're more intelligent and capable then a lot of people just based on the way you think and write your sentences. It sounds terrible but one of the things that helped my self confidence a lot was realising that a lot of people just aren't smart.
    See, you seem like a bright girl so I think you've got the potential to be awesome its just a matter of realising it.
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    Of course if you want to talk about more light-hearted things to take your mind off it all then by all means just message me about whatever takes your fancy, we're friends after all so if you wanna talk about a game you've been playing or a book you've read I will listen eagerly. I'm always open to recomendations though I'm currently stuck in a backlog of anime and half the Harry Potter series to read. :'D

    (P.s. Sorry I rambled. >.< )
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    That's terrible! *hugs*
    I used to have some pretty serious problems with my Dad too... things I wish I could forget.
    Don't give up though, NEVER give up. Things... eventually get better. I know its hard. Really hard but if you hold on then things change and they can get so much better.

    I don't know how old you are but when you're a teenager or a young adult I know you can feel powerless, like nothing will change, but as you get older you get more freedom.
    I endured a decade of bullying and abusive... people but as tragic as it was I'm glad I endured because things are so much better now. I have faith that things will eventually get better for you too so don't give up.
    If you want to talk about it I will listen and I promise you I won't judge you for anything you share or tell anyone else. I won't force you to either but your life is too precious to just give up on so if I can help... I want to.
    If you want to talk just PM me, or continue messaging me via my page. Whatever suits you.
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