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    Haha, it'd be cool (and kinda funny in a way) if we actually met up there too!
    Ah, well I might do the same thing this time. The other time I went I was only with my two housemates and they aren't massive fans of anything there either so it didn't take long to look at stuff. So this time with a proper group it'll be better (and take longer).
    I think one of the girls in the group at least is planning to cosplay though I forgot who as.
    What kind of things there interest you the most?
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    Nice I'm planning to go to Gamescom in Cologne in August.
    In the past I've usually not stayed more than a few hours coz conventions tend to tire me out a bit. If I feel like staying longer this time with the different company I'll be with though then I might go more days in the future ^^
    I've never done any cosplaying - I've considered it, but end up getting lazy and not being bothered enough xD will you be?
    Btw, there's a WhatsApp group I use for the meetups but also just for chatting as well - you're welcome to join it if you'd like. If you are, PM me your number and I'll add you
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    :O That does sound awesome! Who'd you go with?
    Here's the thread for the meetup:!-28th-May
    7 of the people I mentioned in the second post are going. I'm only going on the Sunday so I hope you go then so I do actually see you xD
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    Oh hai stranger xD
    Yeah I thought it was odd you'd not been around for a while Hope you had a nice holiday!
    Aww, I want Syypha to come out and play :< But yes I will be going to MCM on the Sunday with a bunch of others from here. It'd be awesome if you could come
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    You don't come on much ^^ still up for the movie? It's going to be next Wednesday at the moment.
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    The only cinema in London that seems to show Anime movies is the Odeon in Panton Street.
    The next movie up is the Fairy Tail movie, around May the 19th. Probably not one everyone's fussed about, but hopefully that's still okay with you?
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    Oh hai!
    Kinda convenient you sent that friend request because I wanted to ask you something sorta related anyway.
    I'm right in thinking you do live in London right? I was wondering if you'd fancy meeting up sometime?
    Since I've gotten a few people from here (all in London except one) together to see a couple of anime movies so far, I wondered if you'd like to join us some time?
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    I'm sure you would! Don't be scared off by it's bullet hell label - it's really not that bullet-helly. It's certainly no Touhou or anything like that lol.

    :O You've been spying on me! xD
    I am indeed ^^ and I have! It's wasted no time in having things get just as dark if not darker than the first one has it oO
    I will admit that I miss the first intro theme from the first season still. It's still the best - it fits so well! And assuming you've seen the most recent episode as of writing this (3 I think?), that end :O I'm pretty sure I know who one of the Titans is, but I didn't see that one coming at all x)
    How are you finding it so far? Have you been watching the new My Hero Academia?
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    I'm guessing you're the one on the guitar (based entirely on your profile picture lol)? You shouldn't be too jealous - you're really good yourself! The only musical talent I have is whistling xD
    It's a bullet hell roguelike that works kind of similar to Binding of Isaac. It's a fun game with loads of references to things you'd probably recognise a lot of. Runs of it would take longer than​ 5 mins though haha.
    I don't play DotA2 but I play HotS which is similar. I'm limiting myself from buying more than 1 game at a time coz I already have a big backlog lol.
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    That'd be awesome ^^ but wait, there's only two others? I thought I saw two girls and two guys in the video? Or was it the same guy twice lol

    Kinda good to know you found it that hard with 4 people. Kinda vindicates me and my friend for not managing to kill whatever giant we got xD

    I've seen some gameplay of Rocket League but never played it myself. I can get wanting quick games though rather than longer ones that need time investment. Speaking of which...
    Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania style game and I think it's considered an indie game too? Though it's really well produced and it's a great game, but I have a feeling that it's going to both be very long and also get very hard... Dx

    Another one I've sunk loads of time into is Enter the Gungeon - heard of it?
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    O. M. G. That is amazing! *_*
    You guys are so good! You got the tune dead on too! (I'd notice, trust me xD)
    Going to have to look at what other covers you've done now. Hopefully the Medieval theme - that one was always my favourite.

    *has looked*

    Bloody Tears!!! :3:3:3 *fan gushes*

    I'm going to have a stab in the dark and guess you've played Don't Starve Together with others? I tried it with a friend once but could never deal with when the giants came...
    What are some other indie games you play? I'm playing through Hollow Knight atm - it's cute but it's getting hard. Fun though
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    Hello there
    A VG soundtrack and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 fan - how obscure - nice to meet another such fan though ^^
    What are some of your favourite game pieces or soundtracks?
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    Not a problem! =)
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    Oh, also. 100% get a game called mysterium. It's one of the coolest games I've played.
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    My personal favorite is betrayal at house on the hill(second edition). Very fun and a lot of replay value.
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Favourite games include: Assassin's Creed Series, Dota 2, Jak and Daxter series, Uncharted Series, Tekken series, Jazz JackRabbit 2.
Massive fan of playing Indie games too: Don't Starve, Vessel, Bastion, Transistor, Thomas was Alone..

Anything else you'd like to know or would like to chat, drop a message :D
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