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    Hello, PurgatoryGirl seems now where is two threads with same content You should contact Entrance Hall moderators and they will help you
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    It's okay. I forgive you. You're probably alright if I'm the only person who's said anything about it. I want you do enjoy your time here, and most people on here are like that too from what I've seen.

    Oh, that's good that you didn't have concussion. Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy.

    Will do. I've been meaning to get back to reading Blue Exorcist at least so I'll have to make more time for it again soon. I don't get a lot of free time outside work hours so I have the same "on the backburner" thing too with a lot of things. >_<; Gets a bit overwhelming at times tbh, haha... I guess as long we're all doing something we enjoy, it all works out well in the end.
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    Sorry to hear that your year didn't start off okay. I hope all the changes happening to healthcare in the US aren't causing you too much trouble, and that things are going a bit better for you. No worries about being busy with things. It happens. You reply as and when you want to sort of thing.
    I've read some of the Blue Exorcist manga after an offline pal recommended it to me; I think it's quite good from what I've gathered so far. I also noticed that Crunchyroll has picked up the UK anime licence so I plan to watch some of the anime on there too at some point.
    I've heard of xxxHolic, probably spotting it in a shop, but not read / seen any of it. I do like some of CLAMP's other works though, like Chobits. I prefer the manga over the anime of that because the anime is too slow and dull for me.
    Thanks for sharing a few titles you have been enjoying.
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    Your intention is promote your blog not answer simple questions in a friendly chat, I get that now. Continue having fun with that.
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    Oh right. That wasn't that obvious. I won't bother asking questions in future. See ya around.
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    Feel free to list some, if you want to. :S I have more than one favourite too; for example, Neon Genesis Evangelion, GunBuster, Parasyte, FLCL... to name a few.
    Have a nice weekend.
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    I'll try again someday. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Cool and fair enough. Does this mean you have too many favourites or not found one yet? I appreciate that broader topics can be found in anime/manga considering the cultural differences between Japan and the West. It's one of the things I like about it though. There's something for everyone. I'm fond of Sci-Fi stuff from the 80s so quite a few of my favourites are from that time. Does suck in some cases though because people's tastes in anime are different now, but I still manage to find one or two nice shows amongst the shows I think are meh. I've been surprised how much I enjoy sports anime for example. I love how feel good it tends to be, so a great pick up after a busy day at work.

    Take care.
  8. You should definitely get back out there and start blogging. As far as Anime goes, I'm NOT a huge fan of Pokemon or anything super childish like that Kodomo Anime. However, I love a wide variety of Anime genres and sub-genres. I like to keep an open mind.
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    No worries! Life happens and all that.

    It's very cool that you keep up blogging. I thought about running a health related one, but I got put off trying to work out what I was happy to write so it's not taken off. I did write a reviews blog for a bit some years ago, but that's gone now. Hope the website hosting is behaving a lot better now for you.

    I'm glad AL is proving a better experience. Hope it stays that way for us both.

    Fair enough about gaming. What're your favourite anime? Are there any particular directors or studios that you're drawn to watch?
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    Nevermind. It's working now.
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    I tried but the link isn't working.
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    A well thank you Purgatory Girl. That is very much appreciated.
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    Hello. Welcome to Animeleague. If you need any help or just want to talk then please feel free to message me.
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    I'm in the UK and after the recent global political events, I am very sad about the state of the world right now. I have believed all my life that people are stronger together, and compromise is something we all have to deal with. I fear for everyone's future, even those that are completely oblivious to the potential harms to follow. I hope things don't get too difficult for either of us in the coming times. Hard to say when I know at least I am not in a position of privilege in some respects (chronic condition sufferer). I worry for my life, but cling to the hope that there is some sense of humanity left that won't let people like me down. I also hope attitudes towards mental health improve soon too.

    Just trying to think of perhaps more happier things to chat about so we don't go loopy!
    Do you like to play any games? Do you have any favourites? What brought you to AL? Do you have a favourite anime?
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    Gosh, you're reminding me of the days of dial-up too! It was so so different then. Polite etiquette actually was the norm! People these days forget that a lot of these social things have not been around very long. Even forums like this are only so much older than things like Facebook and Twitter. I remember first joining things like Facebook and all the stories of people posting stuff without thinking of the consequences... it's so crazy! I am also glad we have so much better access to info though because of the internet. Darn the pros and cons eh!
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