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    Just to clarify, I didn't mean you spilling more about your job specifically. I meant just stuff about you in general. It's easier to talk to you if I know more about you I won't pry into anything you want to keep secret don't worry.
    How's your week going? Any plans for the weekend? Do you think you'll make a step by step guide for your followers?
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    Ah, I suppose that makes sense. I guess one of those other community followings is DeviantArt since you must get a fair few anime fans commenting on your work?
    In my case this is my first time properly being part of a forum and thankfully everyone's nice so I'm sticking around. ^^

    Because of your job? I didn't think engineers were particularly secretive. :p Unless... are you actually a secret agent or spy or something?!

    And does that mean if I talk to you enough you'll happily spill more?
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    Haha I don't blame them
    If you don't mind me asking, do you just read other people's post when you come on here?
    I'm not judging or anything, I'm genuinely curious. I'm just surprised you don't post anything is all. Do you prefer just reading?
    With your artwork you could probably make a thread in the journals or creative art section and get a lot of interest (and get to know people as a result).
    Sorry if that comes across as nosey or something like that - I don't mean it badly at all. You just come across as kind of a mysterious person (though nice ofc ) so I'm trying to understand you a bit. ^^
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    I see you're still popping on here at least.
    How are things going?
    I saw your latest artwork you posted on Facebook. Impressive work as always!
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    Hehe yup it's from a PS2 rhythm game called Gitaroo Man.
    Each one of the tracks in it is a different style of music and I really like most of them (playing it and just listening).
    Do you listen to much music from games at all? Or does it put you off if you know it's game music (which seems to be the case for a lot of people that like mainstream pop music and such I think)?
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    Hope you had a nice weekend!
    Had another random thought of music to share, though this ones a lil different (since it's from a game ^^)
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    Oh I see. Would you use music as well for inspiration?
    I can kinda see SPIKA fitting with a couple of your pictures at least.
    How's your week been? I'm so glad mine's over... Any weekend plans?
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    Aww, I love the new picture! It's really cute and bunnies only make things cuter
    When you say folders of inspiration, do you mean other imagery from other artists?
    Sorry about all the questions btw I've seen a bunch of DeviantArt and the like before but not really known about what goes into them.
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    Will you be putting it on your Facebook page? I'd love to see it.
    Where do you usually get the ideas from when you're thinking about what to draw?
    Least favourite day of the year tomorrow x) Any plans? Do occasions like that or Halloween etc inspire what you draw at all?
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    Ah right, so I guess later down the line you pick something to specialise in?
    How's your weekend going? Watching any anime?
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    Oh cool, what kind of engineering?
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    Nearly weekend
    Sounds good, you should definitely go for it. I'd pop along and buy something
    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of work do you do? Something design-related?
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    I looked that your FB page and your deviantart page too. You're really good!
    If you did go as a dealer I think you'd do pretty well. Would you do commissions like you had done from tazzberry or would you sell your own original stuff?

    How's your week going? I had to take the day off work today because I screwed up my back somehow, so I ended up watching all of Erased - it's really good
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    Despite my saying about the slow verses, I still ended up listening to Star Sky again at work

    I think LAGC is the kind of thing that's better if you get to know a lot of the regulars on here first and then you treat it a bit differently (more like a party or a meetup).
    With that said I *might* go to another at some point. I think I stood out a bit amongst all the cosplays with my simple Pikachu hat though

    How was the picture you got? Happy with it? I didn't even know you could get stuff like that.
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    We popped on the Sonic arcade machine, but one of the trackballs wasn't working so I ended up playing alone while my friend watched.
    Got to the end and there's an escape sequence bit you have 20 seconds to do and if you fail it's game over with no retry. So that sucked

    What do you mean by commissions? Do you provide artwork for them?
    2 steps from hell was quite good. I kinda liked the bit at the start and the chorus parts. The verses were a bit too slow paced for me.
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