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    Do you still have your old one? It'd be cool to see what you did manage to do. It's certainly something we can keep in mind for the future though. I can imagine finishing a whole one would take ages though - RPGs don't tend to be short games lol.
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    To be honest, it's on Steam so you can pretty much be certain that it'll be on sale during holiday periods. How would it work with meeting up though? You mean like we each make something and give it to each other? Or we make something together?
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    That makes sense I guess. It sounds similar to when I stopped playing World of Warcraft. I knew I needed to stop before I started Year 2 and things started ramping up in terms of work. Took a bit of time to convince myself but did it in the end haha. It kinda helped that there was a bit of infighting within the guild I was in too, so it was added incentive to leave (or at least, less incentive to stay).
    Everyone thinks that though - I do too. It rarely turns out to be as bad as you think it is though - most of the time it'll be stuff other people won't even notice. So just do your best and have fun with it.

    As for RPG Maker, I dunno - never used something like that. xP I'd probably suggest not to at the moment though given how busy you said you are. Though if it's really cheap, meh why not.
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    Here's a link to drill's and my journal in case you wanna pop in:
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    Oh, that's cool then. Sounds like you have a really nice boss.
    Haha, I'm surprised moving to London would stop it. Plenty of LoL fans dotted about (quite a few on here too I think). If you enjoyed playing it and you have the time, you could still play it. I'm sure you'd pick it up again in no time and besides, the point of a game is to have fun. ^^
    Alternatively you could try Heroes of the Storm and play with me instead. Same kind of game but with a few differences.
    I'm sure you're not that bad of a model haha. Everyone probably feels that way the first time. And I think not usually being too conscious of your body position is a good thing in a way - it's probably means you're moving more naturally. I'd rather that than be overly conscious and constantly be worried about the way I walk or stand.
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    Michi! (dunno where that came from)
    Where you gone? Missing you in Starbound. :'(
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    Haha okay. ^^ I'm in college at the moment, in the UK we leave high school at sixteen and go to college for 2 years, then we can choose to go to university or not at 18. and it's going well thank you, how is your school doing?
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    The professor himself won't be able to do anything but maybe he's known previous students in the same situation (and as such thought you could apply still too). It's reassuring if nothing else that your mum can help you out if you really need it. Your job is during the day though right? So you'd have to skip lectures on the days you work. Yeah my friend had it pretty rough, though I do also feel sorry for his now ex-wife since she didn't take it well but it was no fault of her own. What game did you meet your 'friend' in (since you don't really play that many games)? So it's a photo shoot book of you and your friend? Sounds nice. I don't think it matters you don't have experience modelling xP - I think most of the girls I know IRL have all done similar photo shoots themselves and the couple I've seen look good and it was their first times too. The most important thing is that you were pleased with the result. ^^
    I didn't even know guinea pigs could swim - sounds cute tho. :3
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    I've just been to a con in Cardiff and it was pretty dope! Got some good loot ahaha.
    What do you work as?
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    Mmm, I can understand why you felt you needed to run away though. One of my best friends is gay but was brought up in a Muslim family with a pretty strict upbringing. So much so that he went through with a marriage to a woman because he didn't want to anger his family. But in the end after about a year being married, he finally conjured up the courage to tell them the truth, and pretty much up and left. He's mostly reconnected with them now. It feels like a similar scenario to yours, though the reasons for it are different ofc. He's now happier than he ever was before, so I think he made the right choice and you did too.
    Why a 'friend' in quotes? It should be single quotes btw - double quotes are meant to be only for when you're putting what a person has said. And yay independence!
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    Yeah dw, it's just London that's like that. Maybe some of the other large cities up north too, but still probably less so than London.
    You could try contacting them directly and explain that you're only 1 month out. They might make an exception. Perhaps the professor you mentioned thought you could do that. It can't hurt to ask at least and cases like that must be fairly common. Without the loan though, yeah I wouldn't start university while needing to work to live. I know a few people that tried to do the same thing and they either hated it or in some cases failed the course because they couldn't manage everything. I'm sure there are some university students that start the year a little bit late too due to varying circumstances, so maybe they'll do that (they'll probably just let you have the loan anyway though). So keep your chin up.
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    It must have been a really cheap place to put up with those conditions. I can't really say I've seen any places like that for myself so tbh I'm a bit shocked places that bad still exist. Fitting nickname for it tho!
    What degree were you studying? I don't think it's sad though. At the end of the day if you really want to do something then you should do it. And you seem like you're enjoying your time in London (I hope you are at least, now that you're out of the wethouse) so it turned out alright. How English became the most popular language on the planet (so that so many would want to learn it) though I'll never know. I'm a native speaker of it and I'll admit it's kinda broken in a lot of ways. xP
    I figured a lot of the mistakes you made were probably coz you're just chitchatting. That's what makes it hard for me to know what I should and shouldn't bother correcting.
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    I do love cocktails, though they get me drunk really quickly. They're a bit pricier here in London as I'm sure you've seen, though outside of London you can get pint cocktails at some places for 3 or less. Haven't really been to any places here that do shots though (I might not last that long haha).
    Hope you do manage to avoid the cold going round. I'm sure the people at my place of work at a bit grateful I'm not there spreading it today.
    I don't really like using my phone to go on the forum if I can help it. I'm popping out of bed every so often to come to the PC atm. How are you spending your one day off?
    Ah okay. Thought it was a lil strange lol. I'm still tired from losing sleep so you'll have to forgive me. ;P
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    "deaaag" - more than anything, I just don't know what this is xD

    Italians guys - should use just singular form (so Italian) since you're following it with a plural (guys). Alternatively, just use plural form of Italian without guys (so just: Italians)

    "so lets just keep it in mind" - this might be a lil tricky to explain. Just like "it's" is a contraction of "it is", "let's" is a contraction of "let us". "let" means to allow someone, so a correct usage of "lets" would be something like "she lets me play with it". In your case, "so let us just keep it in mind" would be the correct form, so you should have used "let's". Your "but lets see. " at the end of your last message is another example of this.

    "I'm tryin to" - not sure if just lazy or not, but just in case, "trying"
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    "to my mum, salt" - here, ideally you would use a colon instead of a comma. I guess you could say you use a colon when you're going into more detail about the things before? So up to "to my mum" you're saying about what the drink is. Then after you're saying about the details (in this case, the ingredients and the rather kinky way in which it's consumed). So " my mum: salt on the..." - like that.

    "Or the sweet sexy version" - minor example of using commas like I mentioned earlier. You'd really want "Or the sweet, sexy version" or since there's only two describing terms you could just use and. "Or the sweet and sexy version".

    "stop haha It's just" - full stop before It's "stop haha. It's just"
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