Animeleague Archive Rules

The Five Main AL Rules

Rule-breaking will result in you receiving warnings. IF you break the rules severely or repeatedly, we may opt to move you to probation status. Probation status will limit your account and acts as your "final chance". Breaking rules further after that results in a ban. Bans can vary from anything from 7 days to 1 month to 3 months to indefinite. It goes without even saying that any attempts to hack, troll, breaking the law or activity we deem dangerous to other members will result in an immediate and indefinite banning.

1. No Flaming, Baiting, insulting, harassing, bullying, causing drama to or provoking other forum members Basically; play nice to one another, do not be a dick. If someone asks you explicitly to stop contacting or harassing them then you MUST abide by this immediately. If you suspect someone is causing you harm directly or indirectly then get in touch immediately at info@Anime

2. No spamming in sections or topics that do not allow spam and make sure to abide by their rules on this. If a section or topic is clearly for a certain purpose don't make or post something completely out of place. Some sections will have different definitions on what constitutes as spam, please read their announced topics and make sure you abide by them and their own rules.

Similarly, this also includes no "bad posting behaviours". Such as posting many topics in one go (as we judge it - typically if you're posting more than 6 in an hour - no), posting a mass of say 20+ images deliberately to spam up a topic, making double or triple posts etc. Common sense here rules - we will determine if you're being unreasonable, but again the rule of "do not be a dick" applies here.

3. Advertising, do not post non-AL related content such as companies, sites, forums etc, unless we give you permission. You may freely promote anything relating to AL (such as a clan, group or topic on AL), you may link to external portfolios, social network accounts and websites provided they do not contain message boards/chatrooms and you may link to commercial websites if someone asks.

4. Keep content and discussion Work-Safe. While some swearing is allowed, please note that some people post from work-places/school and colleges and that not everyone wants to read very crude posts or images. Swearing is fine, but show some taste in what you post and do not post pornography or anything that may get someone in trouble at work. If you intend to post something NSFW (not safe for work), please either spoiler tag it or post it in an 18+ tagged group/clan.

5. Respect Our Staff. Our forum staff give up their spare time to run this site for you voluntarily. Respect and listen to what they say. Do not publicly dispute this. If for any reason you feel any of our staff have made a poor judgment then please email us info@Anime to register a complaint and we'll examine it. Do not give our hard working and often very stressed out staff a hard-time - we will not appreciate this and it'll reflect on you EXTREMELY poorly!

Our Staff are Not "Rules-Lawyers"

Every situation is different, and there may be situations where these rules are not sufficient and will become flexible guidelines where need be. We hold the right to remove posts which are not covered by the above rules if any post or behavior may be a problem to other members or this community. If we do this then we will PM you an explanation. If we believe you are deliberately looking for loopholes in rules, then this counts as trolling and you may be banned.

On the flipside, you 100ave the right to register an official complaint with us if you feel a member of our staff has made a mistake! To do this, please email us on info@Anime with the complaint and clearly stating the issue, the time/date and specifics and who was involved. The more detail you can provide the better.

Member Conflict Resolution

Sometimes members will fall out. In such cases, unless one side is outright breaking the rules, we recommend the following -

1. First off, take some time away and calm down. Most arguments occur heated, spur of the moment.
2. Secondly, keep it away from the public and try to resolve it civily and privately over PM. Other members don't want to have drama happening in a public topic and you'll likely just both end up warned for it.
3. If possible try and see it from their point of view - most arguments occur due to misunderstandings and miscommunication.
4. If this fails, you may opt to contact a hmod or admin to help resolve it.

And to be safe, we must convey the following legalities..

- Legally we reserve the rights to remove, edit, or to manipulate any content on this site for any reason. We also reserve the right to delete, ban, or suspend your account at any time and for any reason.
- The IP address of all posts are recorded, and all personal information you enter will be stored in a database. This will be kept confidential. You may request for your membership and information to be removed by emailing info@Anime
- We will not be held legally responsible for any posts or content on these message boards, nor the actions of our members.
- We reserve the right to change this agreement in the future.

Finally.. The rules are here for you and all of us!

The rules are here to protect you, not to oppress you. We run a team of very friendly and helpful people and always have making AL a fun place for everyone in our best interest. Long as you approach AL with this in spirit then it'll be very unlikely you'll get in trouble and it'll be very likely you'll be more than welcome here!

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Finally.. The rules are here for you and all of us!

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