For December's Writing of the Month, we'd like you to create a piece that describes Christmas to you. It can be anything from the day itself or what the holiday reminds you of. I'm not going to set a word limit on this one so be as creative and descriptive as you like without being limited to length.

Let's get to creatin'! How do I take part, and what are the rules?"

I'm glad you asked!

  • Absolute deadline for the submissions is Wednesday 23rd December 2015 by midnight GMT .
  • These battles are anonymous. You must PM your entry to @Rukia for them to count. Any entries posted in this thread will not count for submission. And of course trying to influence people to vote for your submission is also prohibited. Let's keep this fair and square, m'kay?
  • Submissions must be new and created for this WoM - no old pieces are accepted. This is because someone might recognize the old pieces as a certain member's, which would influence the voting.

First Place Prizes
250 AL Points
The WoM Badge

Second Place Prizes
150 AL Points

Third Place Prizes
100 AL Points