@Pirate Timelord

So since I didn't know what you wanted to do and I saw that you said something about July Event below and redhat needed a blurb earlier I went ahead and did that.

July event: perhaps instead of a specific prompt, make a more open thing. Say, for writing, entrants find an image and write a poem/Short Story/ Song lyrics/etc based on the image. For Art/Gfx, entrants find a short story/poem and need to submit a drawing/do something with gfx to sum up/ relate to the piece they chose for it? So basically instead of the normal select prompt(s), entrants pick their prompt, and post/link to their 'prompt'?

Didn't want the section to be left behind or get yelled out.

I'll be gone starting Tuesday and won't be back will next week Wednesday since I'll be out of town and everything.