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      The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      OOC: This is an open RP, everyone and everything is welcome. This is designed to be a fun, silly anything goes RP. It's all about using your imagination, so let it run wild and have fun.

      * * *

      IC: Have you ever wandered down a street and thought you saw a doorway? And yet you look at it again and it vanishes from sight. Such a doorway is but one of untold trillions, across a billion worlds and universes.

      Where do these doors lead to? If you could either by accident or design stumble through one, where would you end up?

      Welcome to the Bar Between Worlds.

      Pushing open the creaky door, you are greeted by darkness. As your eyes adjust to the dim-lit bar, it seems to be a relatively small space - perhaps 40ft by 40ft. What appears to be a bar counter-top becomes visable in front of you with a number of tables and bar-stools. To the left some very comfortable looking sofas. To your right lurks a karaoke machine and a reasonably large stage. There is also a staircase to the immediate right behind the bar.. to where this leads is not clear.. A sign above it states "Private Function".

      The bar seems inviting enough, with a bartender standing behind polishing the surface and washing glasses. Behind them is displayed a sign stating "Now Hiring".

      OOC: As well as being a normal customer, you can also apply for the following positions..

      Positions Available:

      Multiverse Navigators: (???)

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      OOC: Sooo..

      @Kairi Nunjutsu
      @Angelic Neko
      @Moonlit Memories
      @Leo Mark Radomir
      @Strawberry Bankai
      @Wings and scales
      @Atra Signum
      @Bluejay Rogue
      @L Lawliet
      @Deaths Warrior
      @Virgil Nimrod
      @Kuudere Senpai
      @Vicious Carnage
      @Mr Magnerom
      @Aurora Skye
      @Fuzor Leogala
      @That's Our Eric!
      @Fuzzi Kitty
      @Kai Kusinagi
      @Shin Fenrir
      @Captain Doughnut
      @I AM ERROR
      @Hatter Cosplay
      @Papa Jupiter
      @Kawaii Alois Trancy
      @sacred dragon
      @sweet yet spicy
      @Akirai Narumi
      @Helter Skelter
      @Rony Heat
      @Pirate Timelord
      @Unseen Path
      @Echoes of silence
      @Kattori M
      @Ravager 02
      @Left Behind
      @Shadow O'Neill
      @Anime Fairy
      @Eris Blood Rose
      @Drifting halfbreed
      @Sanya the Normal
      @Failures Shadow
      @Terror of Night
      @Goddess of Desire
      @Shadow Light
      @Digital Duchess
      @Death's Knight
      @Exp. 99
      @Chaos Kid
      @Akanishi Jin
      @Mr Grinch
      @Kuro Ikimonotai
      @Kaiji Mori
      @Steamsmith GG
      @Sammi +1
      @Raven Karei
      @Nate Laing
      @dark seductress
      @Ederick Fullmoon
      @Reverend Hobnob
      @Mister Hypnotist
      @Ace Illusion
      @The Dark Man
      @LSD Nightmare
      @Raiji Magiwind
      @Ice wolf
      @Deepika Sapra
      @Leman Russ
      @~Keitaro Ito~
      @Goddess in Chains
      @Lina Loaded
      @Neal Caffrey
      @Southern Delight
      @Alexiel Newtype
      @Captain Tala
      @Roan Almasy
      @Donovan Cray
      @Treize Shi-Griv
      @Zainin O'Neill
      @Leafless Grace
      @Poetic Screamer
      @Luna Lovegood
      @Mother Superior Joe
      @Kit Inaka
      @Faerie Fortune
      @anime newb
      @a spooky ghost
      @Wouter The DerpCat
      @The Chef
      @ninja hara
      @Ortaga Malice
      @juji gatme
      @The Commander
      @Android 18
      @Integra Hellsing
      @Miss Lady
      @Ileandra Young
      @The Fallen
      @Femme Dra
      @Final Fantasy
      @Roose Hurro
      @Heart Worm
      @Miku The Gamer
      @Ned Flanders
      @The Grumpy One
      @Reginald Crapps
      @FAT ASSES
      @Killua Zoldyck
      @Bart B.
      @Sugar Uchiha
      @Master of Vvardenfel
      @Chrome Dite
      @Charlie Raye
      @Isis Nekoess
      @Maiko Hinotogo
      @Necra Eclips
      @Red Riding Hood
      @Moulders II
      @Hello Zombie
      @Mystic Mind
      @He Who Eats Bears
      @Seiryu Sensei
      @Fluffy Socks
      @Divine Rush
      @Faelan the Eternal Night
      @Leo Dragoon
      @Kio Darkblood
      @Setsuai Kijo
      @anime rules
      @Sophia Makoto
      @golden leo
      @Lion Heart 999
      @Gir Sammich
      @Miss Dagger
      @Dr. Stiles
      @Angel Walter
      @Ryo of Inferno
      @Draco Malfoy
      @dropkick medusa
      @Mr Wednesday
      @Ash Doll
      @Joseph Wakai
      @ali g
      @The Emo Emu
      @John La Fleur'
      @Candied Coma
      @Athenian Goddess
      @Fox Racing
      @Sweeney Todd
      @Shasta Sye
      @Chris Redfield
      @Kill Joyce
      @The Rental Guy
      @Shriya Laxminarayan
      @Mikuo Hatsune
      @Hope Crossheart
      @Akaito Shion
      @Dark Raine Raiden
      @Thorn Darkblade
      @Oskar DiLondra
      @Lord Gogeta
      @Draco's Fire
      @Lord Shabocky
      @Drake Dumont
      @Fallen Angel
      @The Gallifreyan Wanderer
      @Inglorious Bastard
      @Father McGruder
      @Cameleon Fantasma
      @Flame Auku
      @Gambit Girl
      @Demon Wizard
      @The Fool
      @Melon Bread
      @Asa Hana
      @Master Student
      @The Hunter
      @Detective V
      @Version 2.0
      @dagoth hack42
      @Asmodeus [NOIR]
      @Ludejano Elta
      @Lollinya Borisface
      @CapN Jack Crowbots
      @Hiten Sage
      @Kau Raiu
      @papa archer
      @Angelis Blackmane
      @Danny EI
      @Rerun Fighter
      @Viruben Nandakumar
      @Rayth Kumori
      @Perfect Insanity
      @Sinister Minister
      @Hitsu Yurogashi
      @Minato Arisato
      @Codex the Watcher
      @Franken Stein
      @Arcane Codes
      @Crystal Goblet Of Light
      @Akayne Mayu
      @Dr. Grimoure
      @Flower God
      @Never Roh
      @Miss Devil
      @San lie ren
      @Midnight Assassin
      @Takai Kiddo
      @Vaelin Al Sorna
      @Lady Kara
      @Mr J
      @FLCL @floyd rock
      @Caedriel Quinn
      @pretty hate machine
      @Pascal Amarcian
      @Marionette Doll
      @Man of the Year
      @World Hero 21
      @Noobie Assassin
      @Kit Mordicus
      @Agnus Dei
      @Dee Arris
      @~Cinji Hito~
      @Clive Dangerfield

      >_> *Runs off*

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      what about chef and such

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      "Who said dat?" Toothpick demanded, the waist-high badger bristling.
      "Who said whot, boss?" Buttons asked, getting ready to level his Tommy gun.
      "Dunno, coulda swore I heard somethin'."
      "Perhaps it's da wind?"
      "Don't think so, it's so still in here, you could cut one and da smell would linger for hours. We may need some scented candles."
      "I'll make a note," Shark said, looking up from his game of cutthroat solitaire.
      "Shark, we ain't been here fer a minute and you're already playing cards! Stand up and looks presentable!"

      "What we gonna do boss, shake down da place?" Buttons demanded.
      "Naw, word is dey is highly connected, so we can't touch it. But they's hirin'!"
      "Hirin'? As in work?"
      "Yeah. Now be nice and respectful like to da bartender. If he dies, I don't think he'll wanna give us da job."
      "Boss, I swear, it was an accident!"
      "No accidents here taday, okay Buttons?"
      "Yes, boss."

      Stepping up to the bar, Toothpick cleared his throat. Mongo picked him up and sat him down on a stool."

      "Heya, you lookin' for security? I got meself a great security type. Say hello, Mongo!"
      "Boss, me?" Mongo whispered.
      "Relax," Toothpick said out of the corner of his mouth. "I gotta plan. Dey don't always work, but I always got one."

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      A door opened, the sound of traffic from a busy highway briefly permeated the bar before vanishing - like the door. Afterwards a man, late 20s, maybe early 30s stood there staring at a series of watches on his forearm, his other hand stuffing a bunch of papers with barely legible scribbled calculations on them into his pocket.

      Nobody in the bar seemed to care, it was normal for people to enter the bar from doors that quickly vanished behind them, however this man was estatic. The calculations and timepieces all helped him to track down the door that led here. Many times he had seen the door, or seen someone vanish into it but he never made it in before. This time though, he made it and would figure out the secrets afforded to him by a bar that didn't exist but also did exist.

      He looked kind of disheveled but almost in an intentional way, his shoes once expensive and shiny dress shoes were scuffed and dirty but in the right light maintained a small sparkle. His shirt, a simple white button up was ruffled and in desperate need of ironing. His black dress trousers were much the same, rumpled and rough, a few small holes where the fabric had given out and the cuffs in serious need of new hems. He could care less though as he looked around the room, brushing a lock of his long brown hair back up into its proper place, and absentmindingly brushing his beard with his fingers.

      Now that the papers were stuffed and the man aclimated to his new environment, he stepped quickly to the bar. His was a simple request and it would give him much insight into this place and the customs of created it. Also, it would tell him if the bartender new a damn thing about alcohol, whisky in particular.

      "Give me an old fashioned, barman."

      The man swung his leg over a bar stool and sat, ignoring the noise an commotion on the other side of the semi-circular bar. He grabbed a napkin, a pen suddenly appearing in his right hand, a he began to scribble out something that looked like research notes or perhaps even memoirs, whatever they were it certain that they began with the words:

      "My name is Marcus Hamilton, I have made the biggest discovery of my life..."

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      The sound of clashing swords and bloody screams surrounded the large field of grass and rock as Abby tried in vein to escape the battle she had stumbled upon. One minuted she had been running in the forest with her forest friends and the next she was here on a battlefield in a place she'd never seen before. Either someone was playing tricks with her or this was the worst nightmare she had ever had or maybe a movie of some sort gone bad. Horses snorted and thrashed and people yelled to "surrender or "never" and screamed other things until finally she'd had enough and ran from the giant boulder that she had been hiding behind. She headed toward the forest line that seemed a rather safe place then on a battlefield when suddenly a door appeared before. Frowning she opened the door and found herself in a bar. Oh good a LARGE drink would help. Walking in she headed toward the bar.

      Suddenly moving from inside her coat was a larger then normal rat.

      "Oh hey beezle now be nice or no food for you." She said

      Beezle only snorted and smirked.

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      "Boss, where are dese people coming from?" Buttons asked as first a strange man with a bunch of watches on his arms enters, then a young woman with a pet rat - or was it a rat with a pet woman?
      "I told you," Toothpick scowled, wondering what sort of service they called this? "Dere's dis magical door dat moves from place ta place, an' people just walk in. It's da perfect speak-easy, ain't no way no how can da coppers raid it, cause it ain't anywhere dey can touch. It's what we walked in ta get here, remember?"
      "Yeah, but I didn't see any of dem around."
      "Lots of doors."

      Buttons frowned for a few moments, then asked, "Boss, if dere's lots of doors, how do dey get home at da end of da night?"
      "How ignoramous can ya be? Dey just walk out da door...."

      Toothpick frowned worriedly.

      "....I don't know," he said faintly. "Meybe da door remembers where dey came from?"
      "Oh, okay Boss."

      The capo stared at Buttons, then raised his hand. "Hey, bartender, when ya gets a moment from yer busy social schedule, I gots some questions fer ya, and not just about dat job."

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      ((OOC: Dammit Mike, tagging me then running off....*shuffles to dust myself off and gets ready to drop a post...after dinner*))

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      Door Knobs...
      Doors come in many shapes and sizes. Exist in many places and times. Some have knobs, some have latches, some, just a hook. And others, nothing. Some lead into mansions, others, into outhouses. Or elevators, if you're moving up. Or down.......
      Well, yes, doors come in many forms. But they always lead from somewhere to somewhere. Whether you're going in or out.
      So, another door opened, and The Bar Between Worlds found itself treated to a very brief view of a very wild forest, filled with very loud and quite horrendous... noise, to put it simply. Wild, primal-animal noise. Which quite possibly explained why the quite animalish figure who rushed through the door, fur ruffled and messy, scales dulled, clothes dirty and ragged, backpack, caked in dried mud, half-slung over shoulders... yes, quite possibly explained the wide eyes, laid-back ears, stiff tail and heavy breathing. And why the door slammed behind him. Quite suddenly.
      No words...
      Too tired and frazzled for words. Though he did make some growly huffs, his eyes roving till they landed on the couch. At which point, his body moved. Backpack shifted in his grip as he divested himself of pants and vest, as he headed straight for where he looked. Flung himself on the couch, backpack held in a "death-grip" as he gave one final huff...
      ... and passed out.
      Perhaps someone present would not only have some idea what this poor critter had gone through, if they'd recognized that primal-animal sound as the call of a very angry sasquatch (perhaps even more than one)... well, by the half-grown nature of this individual's shroudruff feathers, and the shimmer of his forehead badge...
      ... they would have identified this newest arrival to be a teenaged Nism. Quite obviously male.
      Last edited by Roose Hurro; 03-31-2018 at 12:29 AM.

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      "Boss!" Mongo said, tugging on Toothpick's jacket as a third person arrived.
      "Uh oh," Toothpick scowled, eyeing the young thing that had stripped down on entry and was now taking up prime real estate on one of the bar's couches. "We better get dis bartender ta show us to da manager, quick!"

      Turning back, Toothpick put two fingers in his mouth and whistled, loudly. "Hey, Buddy! How about you find us da manager! We were here furst, he should see us furst!"

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      What the actual fuck... I was summoned back for this?
      *boops your snoot*

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      ... taps thread gently to see if it squeaks...

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      The central pillar holding up the roof shudders, then collapses.

      The Badger Gang looks up as the roof begins to bow inward.

      "Guys, I thin we should scram!" Toothpick yells, diving for the nearest door.
      "Right behind ya boss! Mongo yells, Buttons and The Shark holding on for dear life as they go barreling through the doorway.

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      Re: The Bar Between Worlds - [Casual Topic - Jump Right In]

      Whistle Run...

      The "unconscious" Nism on the couch winced at Toothpick's whistle. And twitched when the building started to "act up". A huge sigh...
      ... right hand dropped to floor, traced a quick pattern. The roof stopped bowing inward, but he got up anyway. Looked like this place wouldn't provide the restful environment he needed, so, yes, before Toothpick and his gang hit the doorway, this very tired, ruffled Nism shouldered his backpack, snatched up his clothes...
      ... and followed the "Badger Gang" out the door...
      ... "Hey! Wait up!"
      No, not many words. And yes, hopefully others in the bar would be following! Because a whole new world to explore existed just outside the door.......

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