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      A&M Section Guidebook & Assistant Scheme

      Welcome To The Anime & Manga Section!

      Here you can find information about our rules and assistant team. If you have any questions, you can PM any of our section's staff listed at the bottom of this post.

      Rules and guidelines:

      -All content must be appropriate for all ages. No hentai or sexually suggestive content of ANY kind. Not even links.

      -Be nice to each other. We will not tolerate bullying or mistreating of anyone. Action will be taken against anyone doing so. It can lead to banning.

      -No double posting. I am a bit lenient about this as long as there are 24 hours between each post. But don't do it simply to boost your post count or anything like that.

      -No bumping threads. If a thread is dead for more than 3 months and you want to post in it, remake the thread.

      -No spoilers. Not everyone has seen what you have. If you are talking about a show, put "SPOILER" in the thread title or use
      [ s p o i l e r ]content here[ / s p o i l e r ] tags (remove the spaces whithin the brackets).

      -No Spamming. Stay on topic. If the conversation strays from the topic of discussion, staff may step in.

      -Last rule and the most important of them, HAVE FUN!!!! We want you to enjoy yourselves.

      Section Tags

      These let you know what type of thread you are about to view. These are not required unless it's a spoiler as mentioned above.

      [R]=Review, [G]=game, [A]=Anime, [M]=Manga, [D]=Discussion

      Staff Members
      Expendable (hmod)


      Angelic Neko

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      R.I.P. Beex cat :(
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      Re: A&M Section Guidebook & Assistant Scheme

      Scheme Facts:

      Anime and Manga is a section that strives to provide a welcoming and friendly environment and where fans of anime and manga alike are welcome to join in discussion, reccommend titles to others, and even participate in games. Those part of the A&M staff work together as a team to produce new ideas for events and keep activity alive in the section.

      In this scheme, it is the duty of the A&M moderators to monitor and record assistant activity through a system called WAAR (Weekly Assistant Activity Report), so assistants are not required to report on their own activity.

      Why should I join?

      There's no better reason to assist A&M than...

      Becoming more involved ~ It feels great to go the extra mile for an AL section you love!
      Teamwork ~ Collaborating with other like-minded members who share that same enthusiasm.
      Rewards ~ Earn points, gain recognition, achieve a sense of accomplishment all by supporting A&M.

      What is expected?
      The only non-optional contribution which ranges from creating threads and keeping them active, to sharing ideas/feedback in our staff discussion subforum. Failure to post AT LEAST 10 times in a week lands you on probation. If inactivity continues, you will be removed from the scheme the following week.

      Event participation:

      When the Anime & Manga section hosts events and activities, although it's not required, we ask that the assistants cooperate or volunteer to help somehow.

      Reporting rule breaks:
      Familiarize yourselves with A&M's rules. If you spot infractions of any kind, even questionably problematic behavior, please notify an A&M moderater ASAP!

      Don't go disappearing on us! If you're planning a trip or real life is getting in the way, be sure to notify a mod so we can put you 'on leave' from the scheme. Assistants who leave without any word will eventually be removed from the scheme. *Also* please report any name changes here to avoid potential mix ups!

      Whether it's our events, activities, or the section as a whole, assistants are encouraged to spread the word and rep A&M. There are several ways to do this. Be creative.

      Earning Points:

      Weekly Assistant Activity Report ~ Salary will be paid by the Admins. Regular posting will earn 250 points monthly.
      You are required to post 5 - 10 times in the reporting period. You DO NOT have to do a report on General Activity. Additional points for abundant posting will be awarded at the discretion of the HMOD. This report covers ALL mandatory assistant duties monitored.

      Inviting Members ~
      This is done by actively reporting new members told about the section or pointed to the Otaku Lounge. If they are around for at least a month, a Scheme Leader may reward you for keeping them actively around.

      Promoting & Advertising ~
      Reporting what you did to promote or advertise A&M is essential for earning these points. This is the same amount earned for the members who promote with an A&M Banner.

      Running Events ~
      Pretty self explanatory. Run an event, get rewarded.

      Please note that you can only earn a max of 250 points per month outside of the salary the admins give. The amount of additional points you earn will be based on how much extra you do. If you feel you have helped out in a way not mentioned here, let me know. I'm always willing to reward creativity that helps the scheme grow.

      How can I sign up?

      It's simple! Just fill out and post the form below!


      Name you would like to go by:
      What strength(s) will you offer to the section?:
      Position(s) you would like to apply to:
      Favourite Genre:
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