The Immortals

The Immortals is a roleplaying Clan. All skill levels of roleplayers are welcomed to join The Immortals.


Immortals are Legendary beings of unknown origins gathered together from all over crossing the threads of existence and time. Their common trait of immortality has drawn them together.


We the Immortals have many different natures. While our building blocks share common traits we are both shunned and feared for very different reasons. There are people who are in awe of our various powers because they are both destructive and beautiful and so much more. There is not a power an immortal does not possess. Even though that is true, none of us are all powerful, instead, our power is our collective as a team.

The Immortals have fought many battles, some domestic and foreign but that's where their similarities end. Not every battle requires a sword or flashy bolt of raw power. No, there are many battles that require careful words, as not to ruin a relationship and let us not forget ensuring food is on the table, whatever that may be for you.

Every manner of species makes their home among the Immortals, Angels, Machines, Fairys, Devils, Aliens, and many other sentient beings.


The Immortals is a clan that has been on AL off on for over ten years. Our goal is to have a good time roleplaying.

We will probably sponsor at least one RPG in RPN, mostly we will roleplay in the clan though.

While the Immortals is a group for roleplayers it is also a group for roleplayers to gather together and get to know each and build the Immortals' world again.

We will forge bonds together once more, and show everyone why the Immortals will always be back.

Want to join?

Just post in this thread you want to join.

That's it, we'll get into the roleplay stuff in the forum.

Thanks for joining, let's have a good time.

Just so you know, Forever gets lonely quick.

Chibi Vampire, Ryuuko