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      Welcome To Roleplay Nation (INFO,RULES AND ASSISTANT SIGNUP)

      What is Roleplaying?

      Definition copied directly from the Urban Dictionary

      " (v.) To act and speak as if you are the character you're portraying. To roleplay is as much about what not to say as what TO say. It means to keep your speech in the context of the setting in which your character (or avatar) exists. Context can be defined as both time and place.

      Most roleplaying that occurs is in an online setting, such as an online game, a chat room, or a message board. "

      The types of Roleplaying:

      • Casual: These kind of roleplays is where anyone can just take part in.These usual don't need a signup.So if you see a roleplay that you are interested in that has "Casual" in the title feel free to post in it.
      • Advanced/Serious: These are the more complicated roleplays.Sentence structure and grammar is highly needed and these are usually in no less then one paragraph in length.Usually signups and approval is needed in order to take part in them.
      • Mature: As the name says these are mature content roleplays.Mature content is sexual or graphic violence in nature.If you are underage I recommend for you not to take part in these.
      • One liners: These roleplays are usually one sentence in length and are not very detailed.Sometimes they have more then one sentence but still less then one paragraph.They are great for Beginners or if you are in the mood for light roleplaying.
      • Closed: These require signups and approval before you are allowed to join.

      There is also more but these tend to be the most common.

      Roleplay Nation's Staff


      @Naughty Kitty




      • All Anime League's rules must be followed at all times.
      • Mature content is allowed but must be put in spoiler alerts and a warning of Mature content must be above the spoiler. The code for the spoiler alert is [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] Just remove the spaces for it to work.
      • Unless otherwise indicated in the thread title, all threads are considered in-character
      • The Host's rules must be followed in the roleplay that you take part in.
      • Be respectful.This is especially towards Staff.It is fine if you don't like someone but you must atleast be respectful.
      • If a thread hasn't been posted in for 90 days the Host will be contacted in order to see if the thread is going to be continued or closed and put into the archives.After 6 months of no activity in a thread it will automatically be closed and archived.

      If a rule is broken a member of Staff will contact you and let you know.
      If you have problems with a member of the RPN Staff please contact the section's Head Moderator as soon as possible.This way we can get the issue resolved.

      Terms and Abbreviations

      • RPN: Roleplay Nation
      • IC: In Character
      • OOC: Out of Character
      • GM: Game Master or Game Moderator
      • HOST: Person that is hosting or started the roleplay.
      • SPONSORED: These are either hosted by Anime League's Clans or by a member of Roleplay Nation's Staff.
      • OPEN: Usually open to all.The same as Casual.
      • CLOSED: Requires signup or approval mostly.Some Closed Roleplays are only for certain members.Roleplays like these need to say so in the opening post.


      Assistants help the section's Moderators to come up with ideas to help better the section as a whole,help increase the section's overall activity,and help pin point infractions to the Moderators.Assistants are just as important as the Moderators but without all the responsibilities.Our Assistants are required to post atleast 5 times in the section each week and to help present some fresh ideas and to give their input.If they are active throughout the month then they receive 250 AL Points on the 1st.

      If you are interested in becoming an Assistant you can post your interest in this thread or message @Tanya .

      Roleplay Nation's Events/Roleplays

      SIGN-UPS: Beach Party (Casual, All Welcome) - https://www.animeleague.net/forum/sh...l-All-Welcome)
      Beach Party (Casual, All Welcome) [SIGNUPS REQUIRED] - https://www.animeleague.net/forum/sh...GNUPS-REQUIRED

      Coming Soon

      • Revised Multiverse
      • Mentor Program
      • Clan Wars
      • Sparring Events


      • Increased overall activity
      • Family type of feel
      • More interesting activities and roleplays to entertain everyone
      • Bring in new members and also bring back old members

      If you have any questions,concerns or ideas feel free to post them here or contact a member of the Staff.We will happily help you and your opinions/ideas matter to us.
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      Re: Welcome To Roleplay Nation (INFO,RULES AND ASSISTANT SIGNUP)

      Sirena when you get back and have the chance could you update the post to show our current team? Thank you *hugs*

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      Re: Welcome To Roleplay Nation (INFO,RULES AND ASSISTANT SIGNUP)

      Current staff has been updated.

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      Re: Welcome To Roleplay Nation (INFO,RULES AND ASSISTANT SIGNUP)

      Thank you Ran Kami for the updated list.

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