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      CNís Mafia Game

      ClanNation's Mafia Game

      What The Game Is:
      The Mafia Game takes place in a small town where a small group of mafia members are secretly posing as innocent town citizens. During the night, this ban of mafias guns down a poor innocent town citizen. During the day, the town citizens are horror ridden with what has happened and quickly become suspicious of one another. Each citizen is allowed to vote who they think who is a mafia member. Whoever has the highest number of votes against them is then "lynched" and killed off by the town citizens. The kicker is, because mafia members are blending as innocent town citizens in the day, they too are allowed to vote. Watching how town citizens vote could offer clues as to their identities! Day and Night phases continue to alternate in this manner until all the mafia members are killed by the villagers, or the mafia members either outnumber or have the same number of members as the town citizens in a way which is obvious that the town citizens cannot win. Depending on special roles used, a tie can occur.

      When Are We Playing?

      Signups close on October 1st or when we have 24 players. After that the game starts immediately.

      The game will end when all the mafia members are lynched, or when the mafia population is the same as the citizens to include the special role citizens.

      Rules & How To Play:
      • There is 1 Mafia member per 4 Town Citizens. That means if there are 8 Players 2 are mafia members and 6 are town citizens.
      • There is 1 mason member per 4 Town Citizens. That means if there are 12 Players there are 3 mason members who are of the 9 town citizens.
      • Mafia members will know who one another are and thus communicate via PM or Skype which (1) Town Citizen they chose to murder in the night phase.
      • Once the Mafia Members decide, they will PM the Game Host their chosen victim, which will be revealed in the game by the host.
      • There is 1 mason member per 6 Town Citizens. That means if there are 12 Players there are 2 mason members who are of the 9 town citizens.
      • Mason members are town citizens that know who each other are, but they will have no other special roles.
      • Town Citizens will not know who the mafia members are. Town Citizens must vote in the game thread ONLY. Outside collaboration is not allowed.
      • Once an innocent Town Citizen or a Mafia member is killed they can no longer vote in the game, but they are allowed to interact as "ghosts".
      • Insta-Lynched: In a day phase, if a Town Citizen receives at least 51% of the votes (eg: there's 11 players and 6 vote against the same person) Insta-lynch is invoked and that person is automatically lynched.
      • You may change your vote as many times as you like until day phase concludes or insta-lynch is invoked.
      • If a player misses/does not vote in 2 consecutive day phases, he/she is insta-lynched for inactivity by the game host. This is in addition to votes made.
      • Each game phase will end in 48 hours whether the mafia member picks a victim or not, or the town citizens fail to vote to lynch someone. Failure means the mafia did not murder anyone or town citizens chose not to lynch anyone.
      • As long as at least (1) Mafia member communicates the kill to the game host, the mafia members will not forfeit their night phase if not all the mafia members are present to agree on the victim within the time allotted (eg: if only 2 of the 3 mafia members have agreed and time is almost up, those 2 can go ahead and PM the game host the mafia's murder..or which ever mafia members are active at the time).

      Game Players:
      Every person who signs up to play is PM'd a role by the game host. The roles are assigned randomly. Those roles are as follows:

      Town Citizens:
      Every new "day" in the game, the Town Citizens vote to hang the person they think is a mafia member. The mafia members also participate in the voting process of the game, and are treated as Town Citizens during the day. The person who is lynched may not participate in any further voting.

      Mafia Members:
      Every "night" in the game, the Mafia Members choose someone to murder in secret by PM’ing the victim’s name to the game host. There are usually more than one mafia member in a game so it is the job of the team to come to a consensus and choose one town citizen to murder per night phase.

      God Father
      Head of the Mafia and a mafia member. Whenever investigated always appears to be innocent.

      Town Citizen. The traitor is not so innocent. PM Game Host the player you wish to investigate every night phase except the first one. Game host will respond they are a mafia member or not a mafia member. A traitor's goal is to get town citizens to vote in the favor of the mafia. The traitor does not know who mafia members are and mafia members do not know who the traitor is. A traitor is immune to being murdered by the mafia. If the mafia wins, the traitor wins, otherwise the traitor loses. The Traitor will not be confirmed by the Game Host. The knowledge they gain must be used for themselves but they are welcome to try and claim they are the Undercover Detective to sway votes.

      Undercover Detective
      Every night the undercover detective may try to investigate whether another player is a mafia member or not by sending the game host a PM with the players name. The game host will confirm or deny the investigation. The undercover detective may reveal his/her role to the town citizens in hopes of lynching a mafia member, but it turn risks their own life as the mafia members are sure to murder the detective the next night phase. If the detective wishes to remain anonymous, he or she may try to get other town citizens to go along with who they are voting for. This too can be deceptive as anyone can try this trick. If the mafia members murder the detective, the detective can no longer investigate members. The Undercover Detective cannot share what he or she discovered once lynched and cannot pass what they learned to the Retired Detective. The Retired Detective takes over the Undercover's Detective Role the next night phase after the Detective is lynched if the Retired Detective has not already been lynched.

      Every night the doctor may PM the game host a member’s name to save from the clutches of the mafia. Only will a doctor successfully save a town citizen if the member chosen to save was also targeted that same night by the mafia members. The doctor does not know who the mafia members are. The doctor cannot choose to save himself. Once a Doctor is lynched, the Nurse will take over the Doctor's role in the next night phase if the Nurse has not already been lynched.

      Town Citizen. PM Game Host the player you believe is a mafia member during the night phase. That player will be shot and will be indistinguishable from the Mafia's choice to murder. This ability can only be used once per game.

      Town Citizen. A group of town citizens who knows that they are town citizens and not part of the Mafia. There is one Mason per 6 players. A minimum of 2 Masons is required to have this role.

      Town Citizen. PM Game Host during the night phase if you are going to commute or not that night, Commuter's choice. If a commuter is commuting they cannot be targeted by any abilities, so they cannot be shot. A commuter may only commute once during a game.

      Town Citizen. Takes on the doctor's role if he or she dies, otherwise she or he is a normal town citizen.

      Retired Detective
      Town Citizen. Takes on the undercover detective's role if he or she dies, otherwise she or he is a normal town citizen.

      HOW TO VOTE:
      • For a vote to count, town citizens must put their vote in the following tag: [ vote ] Name Here [ /vote ] (do not include the spaces).
      • The name will appear like this: Name Here and will be counted by the game host.
      Last edited by Lord Myne; 10-01-2019 at 01:21 AM. Reason: Signups are closed

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      Signups are Closed

      The game will end when all the mafia members are lynched, or when the mafia population is the same as the citizens to include the special role citizens.

      The game has started. Next Game will start November 1st. Signups will open on Oct 15th.

      Host: Tanya

      Players 15

      12 to 24

      @Master of Vvardenfel
      @Pirate TimeLord
      Last edited by Lord Myne; 10-20-2019 at 03:08 PM. Reason: Signups are closed

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups


      @_mj_ @_TozZz_
      @a negan main
      @a spooky ghost
      @Academy girl
      @Agnus Dei
      @AL Report Robot
      @Altair Namikaze
      @Angelic Neko
      @Angelic Prime
      @Animated Corpse
      @Ari Akino
      @Ash 'Kaosu' Symonds
      @Atra Signum
      @Auron Zoe
      @Avios Estaria
      @Baroness Fandom
      @Black Wolf Dio
      @Captain Doughnut
      @Carole Wilson
      @Charlie Knill
      @Complete Cynic
      @Connor Atkins
      @Cosmic Unicorn Woman
      @Daili Lama
      @Dark sabre
      @Dermot Kieran
      @Discarded Couch Sandwich
      @Dr PMD
      @Earl Grey
      @Elemental Hero Limey Man
      @Foxy Boxes
      @Georgi D
      @gin in jeans
      @GuildMaster Nicky
      @Happy mark
      @I AM ERROR
      @iron man
      @Jo Woolridge
      @Joe Brookes
      @Just Boo
      @kane williams
      @Katie LuManor
      @Kawaii Alois Trancy
      @Ken kanaki
      @Ken Litratista
      @Kiara rose the fox
      @Kitty Kenny
      @Laika Karou
      @Leo Mark Radomir
      @Letty Whiterock
      @Lina Loaded
      @Lollinya Borisface
      @Mad Dog of Shimano
      @Master of Vvardenfel
      @Matey Mate
      @Matt Nada
      @Mecha Michaelis
      @Milky Rogers
      @Miss Dagger
      @Mohamed kaito
      @Moonlit Memories
      @Morning Rose
      @Mystic Mind
      @new pair of air jordans
      @Nishizono Shinji
      @Noxi Reborn
      @Nugget cosplays
      @Nutty Ginger
      @Ollie -.-
      @Ortaga Malice
      @Otaku princess
      @Overlord Kujo
      @pacquiao fight
      @Papa Jupiter
      @Parallel Worlds
      @paul J rgen
      @Peace Train
      @Pirate TimeLord
      @pretty hate machine
      @PurEvil Little Devil
      @purple dragon
      @Raiji Magiwind
      @Raven ofroses
      @Rebekah Mustang
      @Reno Wingates Hazard
      @Rin kidas5936
      @sacred dragon
      @Sean Alpha
      @Sebastian Michaelis
      @Shadow 23
      @Shadow Fox
      @Shin Fenrir
      @Silver Valentine
      @Skylar Rosewood
      @Spike Spiegel
      @stalolin or something
      @Stalolin V. 3
      @Summer Rose
      @Tales of Erin
      @Teenage Honved Fan
      @That's Our Eric!
      @The bald one
      @the worst
      @Tim Nur
      @Tom Padfoot
      @Tyrannosaurus Bex
      @Uchiha Akanbo
      @Uzumaki Naruto
      @We r the Walrus
      @Xander Vampire
      @Xanthe PandaPops Onu
      @Yellow Magic
      @Zekrom Hyruda

      Please let me know if you wish to be removed from this mentions list or added.
      Last edited by Lord Myne; 09-23-2019 at 06:27 PM.

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      Queen of AL~
      Bad RedWarrior :P
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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      I know this is reserved for the next game, but before I forget.

      Sign me up please

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups


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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      Yeah I’ll return :-)

      Feel Free To Check Out My Journal:
      & My Artwork

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      Yeah I'll be in again

      "Sing your lifeís anthem as if itís in full bloom
      Polish up every single diamond and hold it in your heart
      Because I believe in my music, I shout
      What I wonít compromise on, I wonít give up on
      And for sure will never shake
      Are these feelings Iím proud of
      Passionate Anthem - Roselia

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      Me too please

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      Me too please
      Bleed for me
      Scream for me
      Love and Worship me

      The Era Of Vampires Has Begun

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      Ferefire: Arya probably should have the admin powers to give out admin powers
      Pirate Timelord: I mean, Arya is Arya, but not Arya? :: Bert: Help me make sense of this, Timelord.
      Pirate Timelord: They're both now Schrodinger's Arya's' Both accounts both being and not being Arya.

      Yomi: Then again, who could resist sitting on MoV's lap?

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      if I don't sign up I feel like Arya will skin me so please sign me up.

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      Re: CNís Mafia Game Signups

      I don’t know that might be interesting to see.

      But I like you MoV, alive so I’ll sign you up.

      Wait til tomorrow when I’m on my PC though before you’re added. But your good.

      Names with spaces are challenging to add via mobile. Doesn’t mean you need to change it. In fact I love names with spaces in them.

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