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VG Moderators:
@GraceMellody - Hmod of VG
@Nishizono Shinji


@Meep Meep

What we are about

The VG Brotherhood are a team of AL members who wish to improve the Video Gaming section of AnimeLeague. All walks of gamers and those who frequent the Video Gaming Section are encouraged to join this scheme!

If you love Video Games as much as we do and want to help the community out then this is the scheme for you !

Expected Roles:

~Discussion, News and Updates~

Talking about Video Games can be almost as much fun as playing them, so we encourage assistants to take part in discussions by helping to keep them flowing
As the Video Games industry is constantly growing, we can't always keep up with every bit of information, so we need help getting updates on all the latest news and rumours, and creating new topics based on them.
Regular posting is the only non-optional contribution we expect from assistants

~Games and Events~

Everyone who hangs around these parts loves to play games, and we need help to organise events to get people more involved.
This includes helping to plan our forum based events, helping to set up tournaments, or even run some if you feel confident with that.
Assistants are encouraged to volunteer to assist in some way, even if it's just to help brainstorm.

~User created content~

We welcome original user created content, such as reviews, let's plays, and streaming, but ask that you keep spoilers to a minimum and state at the beginning of the thread if there will be any kind of spoilers. If you want to go into heavy detail please remember to use the spoiler tags (This is done by using [ SPOILER ] and [ /SPOILER ] without the spaces)

~Section Monitoring~

We can't be everywhere so we need you to act as our eyes when we aren't around to see any trouble. If you see anyone committing any rule breaking, do not confront them. Contact one of the section mods if we are online. If not contact another Head Moderator or Administrator and then once things have been dealt with pm one of the VG mods.


Assistants are encouraged to help promote the section. This can involve promoting events, or simply bringing in new members to join the fun!


Each assistant gets 250 AL points per month, providing they are active and helpful in the section. These points can be spent in the AL Shop


It is also possible to gain bonus points for helping out and going beyond the normal duties of an assistant, such as:
~ Helping to create or run events
~ Helping to advertise events
~ Bringing new members into the section
~ Creating new threads
~ Creating original content
~ Creating good discussion
~ Calming heated situations

The maximum number of bonus points an assistant can earn is limited to 250AP. If you believe that you have done something worth extra points that is not on this list then send me a message.

Like what you see and want to join?

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in this thread!