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      Mystic Fairies

      Once upon a time in a world with everything (which they called Farren), there lived in a forest fairies. In the center of the forest lay a mystical shrine where the pure waters of the underground flow. Marble statues and housings lay there, and with some help magic can flow.

      They loved to laugh and play tricks on travelers, until a dragon roosted in a nearby mountain. In exchange for magic (and not telling about the dragon) the fairies were to stop playing tricks on travelers, so the dragon could conduct his business and acquire loot. You see, the dragon did not come alone. With him there were many kobold children who acted as merchant liasons for the dragon to get gold from all over Farren.

      For years the fairies lived peacefully with the kobolds and the dragon, and despite not playing tricks the fairies found fun in magic and playing with their new friends. That is, until the goblins arrived. It seemed that recently the dragon doesn't roar anymore, and the kobolds have become rowdy and mean, even to the fairies.

      Gertrude and Bing, the leaders of the fairies have started to wonder why their peace has been disturbed, and are looking for friends in the forest. Also pressing them is the issue of magic; it stopped flowing in the underground.


      Name: Your name
      Age: No fairies over 1000 years old
      Race: This can be anything
      Gender: M or F
      Zodiac: (Optional You may also have multiple; it can show you were born before.)

      Appearance: You can substitute a picture if you like. 2 to three sentences will be fine.

      Personality: (Optional. It helps others perceive your character though).

      Bio: (Optional.)

      Name: Bing
      Age: 429
      Race: Fairy turned Human turned Fairy
      Gender: M
      Occupation: Co-leader of the Fairies. Also from time to time cook. Also Oaf. Also Clown.
      Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Leo [He was born a few times and they stuck.]

      Appearance: A rough gruff guy at 5'8". A beard. A moustache. Short blue hair with a long ponytail at the back of black hair. Wears a blue bandanna around his head to hide his hair, and another bandanna around the mouth to hide that. He can also be seen to wear a locket around his neck with a flower head in it. Wears a horizontally striped red and whie shirt iwth a blue jackcet. Also wears a vertically striped set of pants.

      Personality: [I'll this in as we go.]

      Bio: [I had a good one where he tuns human and then fairy again, but it was lost when I hit f5 ._.]
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      All men die but not all truly live.
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      We should give an execution menu to the convicted. God that would be awesome.

      Can you even imagine?

      You could get a butterfly ballot a week before your execution, and punch out a box next to () Public or () Private and () Electric Chair, () Guillotine, () Hemlock, () Firing Squad, () Fire, () Bears, () Ritual Sacrifice, () Sodium Pentobarbitol, () Gallows, () Wicker Man

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