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      Siej v Klwen; The Fight

      ((OOC: So I went ahead and made the thread. If you want to change the scene feel more than welcome! As for rules we'll just follow AL rules and I'll follow traditional Open style posts. If you want Closed style posts I can accomodate.

      Oh btw if you want to make the announcer talk you can.)).

      In a valley of some distant world was a gigantic field of flowers. They varied based on the mood of those who entered. Now they were pink for our gay hero Bing who smiled and thought colorfully about how he should vase one of these precious gems and take it with him. Today he had arrived after standing in one of the four towers that enshrined the valley, and it was there that he could see a small oasis of water in the center.

      Bing stooped five feet to get a sniff of one of the flowers, his canine tail catching pollen as quickly as his nose. He sneezed, his spittle splashing over his blue jacket. He stood up quickly and dusted himsef, seeing it all over his once clean blue cargo pants. After seeing their patterns, he had an idea! He opened the blue jacket and took it off, then tied it around his waist. Immediately it wasa light blue hoodie with white insides and edges,and it conformed to him as if it were less heavy than before--it felt as if it was. As he maneuvered he brushed the jacket turned hoodie against his sword--a Sun Sword according to his cloaked salesman--that he had carried since he was a boy.

      Now that his cloak (the hoodie) was around his waist he gathered pollen in his hands. He drew on his horizonally red & white striped undershirt a large imprint of a smiley face with X's for eyes. At this he gigged, but not for long. His foot wraps shifted as he saw the ground beneath him change, the flowers all around the valley changing in mood color rapidly. He thought he was the only person here, and he swore he'd covered his tracks.


      He'd been running for months, but he surmised his luck had run out. Or, if he could be so lucky, it was just a random person here to collect the precious plants or their pollen, like he was.

      "I don't want to pay." He said loudly. "I haven't got it yet."

      In his pocket was a small book. He put his left hand in to touch it and his right hand on the Sun Sword for peace of mind.

      So why don't we take a closer look at Bing The announcer said. So far, we've seen his orange skin, his black tail, his piratey sense of style! What nobody saw today is his pelt! It's black with white spots, and in a fight he covers himself in it in 5 seconds. Truly amazing! Not as amazing as his speed, but I'm sure we'l get to that when his opponent arrives.
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      All men die but not all truly live.
      All Characters and Works Undersiej

      We should give an execution menu to the convicted. God that would be awesome.

      Can you even imagine?

      You could get a butterfly ballot a week before your execution, and punch out a box next to () Public or () Private and () Electric Chair, () Guillotine, () Hemlock, () Firing Squad, () Fire, () Bears, () Ritual Sacrifice, () Sodium Pentobarbitol, () Gallows, () Wicker Man

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      Re: Siej v Klwen; The Fight

      Crim, a half daemon and half neko lived on a beautiful planet in gigantic valley full of flowers. There were several rolling hills and even hot springs among them. It made the soil rich with minerals and warm and moist. As a result at times a fog over laid the valley. The rolling hills still provided beds of flowers that'd peek above the thicker fog that was still visible, creating a stunning paradise. Crim had claimed this valley has her own. She dislike anyone intruding her domain, especially plucking the beautiful flowers, they were hers.

      Crim being a Neko, had fur all over her female human shaped body. Only her feet and hands slightly differed, as they were much like a great cat's paws, but her claws were quite long when protruding, since she was also a daemon. Still she could hold weapons and objects with both her feet and hands, as she was ambidextrous with all four. Further as a daemon she had wings which she excelled at using, and her wings were truly marvelous as they were incredibly durable. She could use them as a shield to protect her from all manner of attacks, and so she did. Her facial features were less human like as it's shape was similar to a Mau, along with her fur color, a mix of light grays to dark grays, and even a little pitch black. Her eyes were cat like, and being a daemon she had one protruding horn which was a foot in length, and proved to be quite the spear or lance in battle if she desired to use it. However, her horn more so than her wings was a sign of her daemon heritage and the dark powers she was granted as a daemon. Despite being half, maybe it was her parent, her powers was on par with a strong daemon.

      Like any other day Crim woke and gave a mighty yawn, which naturally came out just like a cat after a nice cat nap and stretched to her limits with both arms and legs which her back feel quite nicely. It was important to be battle ready at all time, so doing stretches first thing after a nice nap was important. After which she went out to check on her lovely garden of flowers, her valley. That's when Crim spotted a man defiling her flowers and immediately became enraged.

      "Impure, impure, impure, must eliminate," the daemon screamed. Her eyes and horn glowed a light purple which caused the sky above to twist into dark angry clouds, and lightning bolts forms which started racing towards the ground. Perhaps it was her anger, or how many that come racing down, but the bolts weren't particularly accurate, but their were quite a few of them. Crim of course was just hovering out of one of the towers and was quite high up. It was questionable if the man below was even aware of Crim just yet or had her scream, even though it was valley, words did not echo in it, instead word traveled the same as other areas.


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      Re: Siej v Klwen; The Fight

      Bing heard no scream and, even with his canine senses, could smell nothing over the flowers of the valley that could tell him of the daemon's presence. The bolts of lightning were another story.

      "The hell?!"

      He grabbed his sword and started striding towards one of the towers of the valley with haste. Nearly passing the oasis in half a minute, in the direction of Crim to his chagrin, he was shocked by an explosion to his side and thrown from his feet. No stranger to heights, he aerial'd in the air and managed to land on one knee and in one piece.

      Lightning? But why?

      He got up as quickly as he could, and started running right before another bolt nearly lit him. That too threw him from his feet and it was closer; he sustained a few burns and was shocked only slightly as most of the lightning had hit the ground and bounced by a strange slight of nature. Maybe those men in that tower weren't alone--maybe there was a guardian of sorts for this valley?

      Maybe it's a wizard he thought, getting up after luckily little injury, his fur soaking up most of the damage. He sped off toward the tower again.
      All men die but not all truly live.
      All Characters and Works Undersiej

      We should give an execution menu to the convicted. God that would be awesome.

      Can you even imagine?

      You could get a butterfly ballot a week before your execution, and punch out a box next to () Public or () Private and () Electric Chair, () Guillotine, () Hemlock, () Firing Squad, () Fire, () Bears, () Ritual Sacrifice, () Sodium Pentobarbitol, () Gallows, () Wicker Man

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