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      I've worked so hard on this day.
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      Star Wars: Sith or Jedi You Decide


      Set somewhere in a galaxy far far away, the battle between the Sith who control the Dark Side of the Fource and the Jedi who try to bring peace to the universe you must decide which side you are on. Do you dare step into the shoes of those that have come before you like those of Darth Vader or Darth Maul or how about those of Yoda or Mace Windew. It's your decision. You can be from any planet in the Star Wars world and human or any non human Star Wars creature, or maybe even a robot.

      Game Master: PharaohAtem
      No bio needed just pm @PharaohAtem which side you wanna join.

      Upon a planet of towering skyscrapers and other buildings the world that was once underneath the hands of Palpatines tyranny as Emperor now glittered more then it has since that defeat so many centuries ago. With it's many bars and underworld like area's why couldn't you love this world. The world like the galaxy till had it's underhanded bounty hunters so in case you needed to capture someone or something there was place on Coruscant in the underworld area that you could hire one. Then again what if you were looking for some type of item or items to be smuggled into a place wehre your not wanted, then why not hire a smuggler to do your work? Of course in the mix there could a few Jedi's running around, they weren't as big as they used to, but a small band was trying to rebuild what had been destroyed. Of course where there were Jedi there was bound to be someone from the Dark Side of the Force. Whatever matter you are, human or humanoid, bounty hunter or Jedi it's your decision and may start here or you may start on some other planet in the galaxy.

      In the bright sunshine of the market a figure walked slowly through the mingling crowds looking for something, something that wouldn't stand out, but still look good to were. In reality she was really looking for someone she was supposed to meet and so far she had been coming up empty and wondered if they were acually going to show up. There were times where others didn't show up and some for good reasons and most of the it was because of death. Not that it would bother her too much, there were others who would either work for her or her work for them. Either way she would make the money after all as her trade often did....

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      I've worked so hard on this day.
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      Re: Star Wars: Sith or Jedi You Decide

      Quote Originally Posted by Lord Myne View Post
      OOC: I’ll be a Sith
      OOC: alright cool feel free to start anywhere in the starwars world's. I should say Galaxy's

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