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Gankutsuou episode 13-14
Your Lie in April episode 12-14

Admittedly, Gankutsuou isn't nearly the epic masterpiece I set out to watch. I felt that as a revenge story, its pacing could have picked up a lot more to make it more dramatic and larger than life. Therefore, I feel it would've been better off as a big-budget Hollywood movie. As it happens, there was a Hollywood adaptation of the novel back in 2002. Though I haven't watched it, it's received mixed reviews, as do most movie adaptations of works that are considered masterpieces.

Your Lie, on the other hand, is doing a lot better with my expectations. It's turned out to be a lot more depressing than I initially expected with its first 11 episodes. I initially thought it might be one of those sappy anime that try to show how joyful life still is in spite of all the tragedies, but it's harder to believe that is the case with every episode. Looking forward towards the ending.

Edit: And episode 15 of Gankutsuou blew me away. Phew. Everything built up to this moment, so I guess the pacing was necessary. The inevitability of revenge, the bitterness of choosing vengeance over everything else. Very poetic stuff.
Yeah Shigatsu is known for being heavy.
One reason I haven't seen it yet.