"No! Let me go!" a scream erupted in the dark hallway, the sound of someone being drug across the metal floor echoing after it. Two bulky figures seemed to struggled with a the screaming man; why they needed to struggle with one so scrawny and small no body knows. Tired and annoyed one of the thugs raised a club, and with it his pride. There was no way one man so small was going to make him look weak! Reaching behind him, his hand followed his belt, looking for the strap that housed his billy-club. I was an older club, more akin the a small base ball bat then the police batons that one sees now, but was getting it's job done.

With a loud crack the club was brought down on the shoulder of the detainee. Another crack, matched with the howl of pain that seem to drown the rest of the world out, forced the man docile. His less injured arm flew to console his shoulder, now dropping three inches below where it should be. A small grunt was the only response given from either of the henchmen, satisfied the struggle was over.

The small sense of satisfaction didn't last long for the one withering in pain and now stopped screeching like a banshee, but now was laughing like a jackal. A great maniacal laugh emitted from his lips as he drew to his feet. His eyes met with that of the henchmen before him.

"You fools. Your secret base is out! I know we're in an abandoned ICBM launch pad. I even know what particular base. I can tell we are in New Me..." a bright light flashed past blinding the thugs, their arms shot up to shield their perspective faces, leaving them confused and vulnerable. When their arms finally lowered to their sides, hovering nervously over their guns, they saw or rather didn't see the man's head.

The henchman's head quickly darted in the direction that the light had originated from only to find director of the establishment stood there holding a smoldering gun. "Worthless garbage," his eyes flared into scowl as he tossed the gun to the side. "Now I was wondering how a measly test subject just escaped the labyrinths we have turned this silo into?" his faced seemed stuck in the state it was earlier, the scowl piercing the guards facade of courage. They knew in the next few moments they were either going to die or worse, be turned into test subjects.

A screen popped up showing a man called Samuel Drake laboring away in the labs. The director's scowl turned into a curious gaze. "How indeed," the more screens appeared before the director, some showing Sam and others showing the creature that had tried to escape. Two of these floating images flashed red, signifying a point where they could intersect.
"There seems to be more to this then meets the eye. " his gaze not stirring as the new clip showed then talking, plotting if you will. "Increase Subject xx540f03SAMxx to security level 15 and revoke his research privileges and access to any firearms. He has some explaining to do." The security guards, happy they both survived the ordeal hustled out of the room eager to complete their new task.