It was the start of another day for the small coastal village of Sycreah. As the sun began to rise into the sky, villagers began to rouse themselves from bed to do what needed to be done, whether it be plowing fields or simply opening shop for the day. The only sounds that could be heard were the crashing of waves upon the piers and the clanging of metal on metal as the local smith began his morning work. Sailors and merchants readied their ships to set out for the next town along the coast, double checking to make sure they had counted their wares correctly. A short distance from the piers, which would be bustling in only a matter of minutes, a young man of fifteen years quietly exited his home and closing the door behind himself. Garbed in commonplace clothing, he wasn't any different from the rest of the village. His torso was covered by a short-sleeved tunic the color of coal, and his legs by a pair of soft, tan colored cloth. Dark leather boots covered his feet and reached partly up his shins. Upon the youth's shoulders sat a deep blue cape that reached down to about his waist, which concealed his body from sight. The youth's short, light brown hair stirred slightly as a brief gust blew through the village. Gazing towards the piers, his teal eyes were filled with a sense of wonder and awe.

After taking a deep breath, the young man immediately began to run towards the shore. His blue cape flowing behind him as if he were running against the wind, the young man smiled slightly as he ran on. Passing one of the many traders that lived in Sycreah, The youth glanced over and waved before facing his destination once more. As he did, a young woman looked at him with a smile. Her hair was pulled intoa half-ponytail and she wore a dark green dress that reached to the ground. Waving back, she yelled after the young man who had passed her.

"Going to see the ships moore in today, Loriel?"

The boy, Loriel Ahdae, turned his head and gave the woman a thumbs up before rounding a corner and darting down the street. Loriel had lived in the small village for his entire life. It had been a peaceful, but also lonely one. When he was only six years of age, his mother died due to a disease that had infected her when Loriel was born. It took a long time to manifest itself, but it eventually took her life. This left Loriel's father, a traveling merchant, to raise his son by himself. Refusing to remarry, Loriel's father took full responisbility for seeing that Loriel had everything he needed. An education, food, clothing, the basic needs of every child. Life for Loriel and his father would only last a short while, sadly. Seven years after the death of his wife, Loriel's father went on one of his many trips to other towns. It was his job to do so, and it was how he provided Loriel with ahy luxuries he could.

This time was different from the rest. Loriel's father did not return. Not a single person knows why, but many thought bandits had claimed his life. This left Loriel alone without any family that he knew of. This left Loriel in an unstable position at best. But he was far from helpless. Loriel was a special child, one gifted with something that would allow him to lead an eventful and fulfilling life. Loriel was a special individual known as a Lorekeeper. He was not the only one, however. Lorekeepers were born practically everywhere. Their numbers were sizable but not to the degree that each town or city had them. The odds of a Lorekeeper being born were quite slim, but they still appeared. Lorekeepers are like the bards of Illustria. They keep the old legends and stories of the past alive through word of mouth and their unique abilities.

Lorekeepers each are gifted with a special type of magic that many call Arcana. This name comes from the word arcane, inn reference to the root of their magic power. Lorekeepers are able to invoke the power of people, creatures, and even acient artifacts of the past. Each Lorekeeper has his or her own special Arcana magic. Loriel's focuses primarily on legendary artifacts and some of the lesser creatures that existed. Upon being dubbed a Lorekeeper, Loriel's father brought many tomes and scrolls home from his travels so that Loriel's knowledge could flourish. But even with a small library of legends to himself, Loriel can not invoke very many powers as of yet.

Loriel ran and ran until he finally came to the shore where two large merchant ships were arriving. Loriel's eyes were filled with awe as he watch the ships sail across the sparkling ocean towards his home. Such a beautiful sight it was, even in the early hours of the morning. Taking a long breath, Loriel looked around until he saw a large crate. Walking over to it, he jumped on top of the wooden box and sat down. Reaching into his tunic, he pulled a small apple out and rubbed it on his cape. With a satisfied nod, he took a bite and continued to watch the ships make their approach.