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      [USA] A Pound Of Flesh. OPEN

      The small butcher shop was tucked neatly into the corner of a building, its glass from showing of the fine roasts and cuts of prime steak that one would expect to see in a stores window. Inside it wasn't crowded but no space was waisted and two cashiers sat behind aging tills one chewing a wad of gum in a manner that made her appear to be even more the bottle blond that her attire type set her as. The glass displays and small racks where stocked with the common trappings of a Butcher shop and aside the few Russian labeled products and the over sized meat cleaver in the center of the cutting area there was little to take away from the image of a family butcher shop that enjoyed a decent customer base in the old Russian neighbourhood of upper Toronto.

      Happy voices called greetings to friends as customers passed in and out of the shop on their daily routines and thought the owner and butcher in the back was the target of many a cheery hello he would only wave in response as he looked up from his cutting. There was little time in the day when the store was quiet and even less when it was empty but still the two cashiers where more than enough to keep the crowd moving only bother their boss when a special cut came in or there was an order for something that wasn't in the display. To everyone who saw it the place as never more than a Butch shop owned by a man with an ironic name

      Ivan Defoxa was a butcher by trade like his father before him and thought some people laughed at the idea of Ivan the butcher making meatloaf and sausages it was how things had worked out. Most people got over the comments after a few cold unamused glares from Ivan but one customer never did.

      “Hey Ivan the Butcher” the police officer called back to him as he walked in pushing past customers to lean on the glass display deliberately on the polite little sine that asked people not to “Come here talk to important man”

      The officer commonly mocked Ivan’s speach and thought the other customers would never dare think to copy him, he didn’t care. Ivan hearing the voice rolled his grey eyes in distaste and placing aside the cleaver and roast he had been working on whipped his hand on a cloth and walk up to the man. The cold glare he offered the officer would have sent smarter men running but this cop only noticed the look when the blond cashier passed behind Ivan to get something.
      “What does officer want, Ivan is busy man” Ivan’s accent carried none of the mocking tone the office had used but was still a heavy Russian one that almost hid the disgust for the officer behind it “and get off counter you can read”
      “what ever Ivan, Listen I hear your the man to talk to about some fine rump” The officer exclaimed thought his eyes where no where near looking at the roasts as he watched the blond serve one of the regulars “so how much for it”
      “Roast on left and sign above them say price” Ivan growled a response “No specials this week”
      “Oh come on Ivan you know what I’m after” The office hinted standing up and trying to make himself look bigger that he was “you know a member of the force could be persuaded to increase he patrols in the area for the right deal”
      “Ivan think it time you leave my store” Ivan growled crossing his arms and glaring at the man with a look that made other customers move away from them “Ivan think you need remember that you have duty not to take bribes and leave before someone thinks you trying to shake Ivan down”

      The officer only glared back at Ivan but seeing the two girls quickly get clear of the two men made his proud stance falter. Ivan was a big man and thought the office was sure he could take Ivan thanks to his pistol he didn’t need the problems. Turning he flipped Ivan off and left pushing past a older lady nearly knocking the bags from her arms. Ivan sighed and shook his head this area used to stand for something now with it changed everyone was out for their own good.


      The shop was dark as Ivan finished cleaning the last knife and place it into the cutting block, his store was closed and though both the girls had gone home, the blond one being reminded that this was a business not a brothel the door was unlocked and the tills likely still had some money in they. Ivan was busy putting the last of the cleaning away when the tiny bell over the door jiggled, alerting Ivan to his visitor. It was late and though he hadn’t yet locked the door the majority of the lites where off and the sign was clearly turned making it clear to Ivan this wasn’t some last minute shopper. Placing a hand on the handle of the large novelty Cleave that sat in the middle of the cutting area Ivan slowly turned to face his visitor.

      “Ivan, Ivan, Ivan you should really lock up at night” the officer for earlier exclaimed leaning again against the display this time not in his uniform “ some one might wander in a try to rob you”
      “Ivan not think anyone stupid enough to try” The reply held none of the controlled politeness of earlier and not a spot of the attempt to hide the threat in the comment “Ivan think you leave now”
      “ you know Ivan I don't think I leave now no” The man exclaimed tapping the top of the glass display with his pistol “ I think we make that deal now”
      “ Ivan not deal with corrupt cop” Ivan growled and lifted the novelty cleaver easily resting the sword sized meat cleaver on his shoulder
      “ oh that where I think Ivan is wrong” There was a hint of fear at the sight of Ivan rounding the counter the huge blade on his shoulder in the officers voice but he didn’t waiver for where he stood “see Ivan in this part of town guys like me and my friends run the place and if we want something we take it.”

      The officer raised the pistol and pointed it at Ivan half cocked and on an angle like the man was some rapper. For moment the two men stood silent till Ivan shifted the bade to res it at his side the officer smiling lower his Pistol

      “Good you get the point you dumb Russian” the officer smiled lowering “so tomorrow the lovely blond is going to be closing up shop alone right”
      “No tomorrow we have special on ground pig”


      Ivan sat in his office as the customers flowed in and out of the store none the wiser to the fact that the giant cleaver was a few feet off from where it was the day before. The two girls worked happily the blond waring something more proper but in Ivan's option too suggestive, his thoughts of that even more solidified as his brother leaned on the door frame to his office watching her get something from below the till. The two of them could not have looked any different from each other if they had actually been trying. Ivan dressed in faded jeans and a white button down shirt his butchers smock hanging on a hook beside the door and His brother dressed in a fancy three piece suit with shiny shoes. But attire wasn’t all that put them apart, the way they talked and walked added more distance between the brother and all that before anyone added the fact that Detrick, Ivan’s eldest brother was the local Mob Boss paying a visit to his brother.

      “So Ivan” He finally said sounding more like a cowboy that the Russian he really was “ This officer is going to where”
      “Ivan not care some where warm for few minutes a pound” Ivan exclaimed shoving a black badge holder and wallet across the table to his brother “Ivan do know he said his friends run this town, make Ivan wonder when you step down brother”
      “Oh I haven’t little brother but I’ll make sure his friends are reminded what family runs this town” His bother replied looking at the badge “ By the way a little bird told me there might be a big order coming in for you later today, what do have to say to that”
      “Ivan think it be good idea avoid ground Chuck for little while”

      Detrick gave a shudder and smiled walking out with a salute over his shoulder and a smack on the blonds rear. She Giggled at it knowing all too well who he was, and more over what he did. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew Detrick was the Local Don but no one carried he ran a good racket and kept them safe. Ivan returned the wave and pulling on his smock returned to work in the back sharpening his Knives and waiting for the Special order, a job for his other Family.
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