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      No More Heroes: Battle Royale (May Contain Mature Content)

      The United Assassins Association is an organization of prominent assassins, members of this strange organization are ranked one through fifty one. The organization holds prize fights in which two assassins face off against one another in hopes of moving up through the ranks, new bloods enter into the UAA by killing one of the assassins and taking their rank. There is a story about a man who entered into the organization and made his way to the rank of number one and then he simply walked away, an extraordinary feat no one else has ever been able to accomplish earning him the nickname "The Crownless King" or "No More Hero". Three years later, an assassin by the name Skelter Helter wished to avenge his brother's death and was finally able to track him down but was shortly killed afterwards, the man who killed these two brothers was "The Crownless King" himself Travis Touchdown; After killing Skelter he was ranked in the UAA again and after many battles he finally rose to the top once more.

      Twenty years have passed since then with the legend of Travis Touchdown bringing the UAA to everyone's attention with the constant deaths of their ranked members the organization has reluctantly decided to hold a battle royale to weed out all of the weaklings before they call the fifty one top assassins into the battlefield. Over the course of four months the UAA created a town to house the battle, the city is comprised of a series of large warehouses,labeled one through thirteen they house shipping containers and crates that are filled with explosives and the sort. Two high schools are housed in the north and south of the city respectively, the rooms are fully furnished even though there are no students attending but plenty of janitors to clean up your little "accidents". Three hospitals are placed to the North East, East, and South East, there are no patients hospitalized and no doctors or nurses on call, the morgue however will soon house many new faces. A network of underground bomb shelters stretch across the length of the city with fifteen different entrances and exits. A shipyard is located in the South West right next to the ocean and a beach lines the West North, Western borders of the town. Finally in the middle of it all lies a hotel, precauriously named No More Heros Hotel, with twenty five vacants rooms and a bar filled with the largest collection of alcohol on the West Coast; Upon completion of the city which they named New Santa Destroy a message was sent to all known assassins.

      Dear possible future employee,

      Due to the many deaths of our ranked assassins we have decided to hold a Battle Royale to test the mettle of all the prospective assassins hoping to join our ranks. The Royale will be held at a disclosed location we have been working on for quite some time, don't worry about arriving on a specific date just make sure you don't move anytime soon.

      The UAA

      The No More Heroes universe is home to a large variety of weapons and sociopaths, here are the files for some of our former assassins.

      Margaret Moonlight
      Dr. Peace
      Death Metal
      Alice Twilight
      Nathan Copeland
      Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii
      Bad Girl


      History: (Preferably about when they first realized they had a niche for killing or developed an addiction for death)

      Name: Nick Derringer

      Age: 23

      Appearence: Nick weighs 118 lbs. and stands at 5'11, his hair is blue, long and straight, and his eyes are a dark green. His clothing consists of a blue t-shirt with a white outline of a tiger face under a black trench coat, worn light blue jeans with the hem threaded, and black and white athletic shoes.

      Personality: Nick is a cold tactical killing machine who suffers from lapses of extreme insanity in which he blacks out only to reawaken in a pile of dead bodies. He is not provoked easily, stays to himself unless he is drunk if that is the case he can't shut up and keep his hands to himself, even though he is a ruthless killer he believes in remembering the names of everyone he kills which is why he hates blacking out and tries to stay conscious as long as possible after his lapse is triggered.

      History: Nick was 14 when he performed his first kill, he was sitting in class sleeping off a study session when one of the football players decided to wake him up with science book to the back of the head. At first, everyone thought the blow killed him when it actually knocked him unconscious the jock picked up his limp body and began to carry it to the nurses office to try and save Nick and himself in the process, he woke up with pulsing headache and a warm stream of blood dripping off head. Nick elbowed the jock in the base of his skull, the blow knocked the kid to the ground and him to the ground and after picking himself up the anger took over and he snapped his attackers neck; Soon after he was admitted into a psychiatric ward where he stayed for the next two years before he was moved to a maximum security prison after killing several of the wackjobs that plagued the ward. Upon him transfer to the maximum security prison he began to experience blackouts and awaken in the cells of other prisoners whose necks have been broken, slit, their hearts ripped from their chest, lungs tore out of their back, and their spinal columns hung on the wall like hunting trophies.

      At the age of 21 Nick was sentenced to death by electric chair, his final words were quick and to the point "Kill me...I'll just come back even more fucked up." After being strapped into the chair the switch was thrown and 10,000 volts of electricity raced through body frying his brain and stopping his heart; His body was moved to the morgue and when the mortician started the autopsy a hand shot up and ripped the man's windpipe out. Nick swapped clothing with the now dead mortician and scraped the charred skin from view before sneaking out back into the free world. He headed towards Santa Destroy after hearing rumors of it being the home of killers and assassins, where he has lived for the past two years.

      Weapon: Beam Daggers Mirosuchi & Lindzei - Two beam weapons taken off the body of one of Nick's many kills, Mirosuchi is crimson red in color while Lindzei is navy blue.
      Thank you for the awesome set Alu! :3

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      Re: No More Heroes: Battle Royale (May Contain Mature Content)

      Name: Kyle Green

      Age: 22

      Appearance: Kyle Green

      Personality: Kyle is strong willed and sarcastic. He has a tactical mind and a natural gift of combat. He is practically a ghost, and if you do manage to see him it is already too late. He has a code of honor, though from the number of kills he has one would think him heartless.

      History: Kyle is a Mercenary, killing for whoever pays the most. He was 18 when he got his first kill, having been abducted and forced into an underground fighting club. Kyle had been killing ever since, eventually winning his freedom from all the kills he amassed in the club. When he was discharged from the club, they gave him a armored suit of the latest design as well as dual laser blades and a pulse pistol. The suit is cyberneticaly linked to his nervous system, though the armor can come off him, only if he wants it to come off. The total number of kills he is responsible for is unknown and no one really wants to ask him, mostly because if you lay eyes on him, you are as good as dead

      Weapon: dual laser blades, pulse pistol

      shout out to Kitty for Avatar and Siggy set

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      Re: No More Heroes: Battle Royale (May Contain Mature Content)

      Name: Lane Strangeblood
      Age: 28
      Appearance: Lane's appearance is somewhat deceptive. He seems to have carefully disheveled hair cut very short, a "healthy" complection and brown eyes covered by clear square framed glasses. This however is simply one of his default disguises. He is actually quite pale, has red eyes and no hair. Through the use of wigs, colored contacts lenses and make up he is a master of disguise and relies on that ability during his non UAA related hits. He usually wears a Black sport coat (which has hustlers for his pistols sewn into it's lining) over dress shirts of varying colors (depending upon the day and his mood) and a black slacks. His footwear varies from from loafers and boots to steel toed dress shoes, depending upon the occasion. He always had an undone tie around his neck, dangling from beneath the collar of his shirt as though it were a scarf.
      Personality: Lane always seems to be smiling. He is cool, amicable, and quick with a joke. Even while trying to kill someone or avoid being killed himself. While he seems suprisingly sane for someone willingly competing in a killer's battle royale it is simply one of Lane's many decetions, much like his name and appearance. He is actually hallow. Devoid of any trace of emotion, for all the good, or bad that could come of it.

      History: Untill the age of 23 Lane lead a somewhat dull existance. Boring enough to make him want to die at times. Family and friends are what kept him going, Though a combination of responsibilies and bad luck usually kept him from spending as much time with those he cared about as he would have liked.

      His life reached a new low point when his work required him to move away from his loved ones. Just far enough from them that visits to and from those he cared for were few a far between. Loneliness caused him to reach out to those he worked with for companionship. He was turned away by all but one. A girl who was barely able to hang on to her job for reasons known to all but lane. For a time the two were happy together.

      On the surface their relationship seemed normal. However she'd pulled Lane into word of danger and addicion. She was a barely functioning drug addict and not wanting to be without her Lane became one too. This couldn't last however. When finding another fix ment escalating levels of criminal activity Lane took and stand and attempted to forciably rehabilitate his would be lover. When she came to their appartment and found every last ounce of coke, meth and assorted other hard drugs gone she came at lane with a knife and nearly killed him.

      Lane awoke in a hospital surrounded by the circle of friends and family he'd longed for while away. However they weren't the same kind and loving group that he remembered. Rather than ceoncern each expressed anger, dissapointment and in some extreme cases outright disgust with his actions. He thought this might change after a failed suicide attempt. Unfortunately he was wrong. While they now expressed worry and concern for his well being it was though gritted teeth and with hints of distain. At least that's how it appeared to Lane. The few that did express genuine concern appeared almost as psychologically damaged by it all as he was. Any attempt at confiding in them honestly only worsened that. And so lane appologized, and lied, and told them all what the wanted to hear him say in regards to what was without question the worst time in his entire life. However each false apology, forced smile and bit of withheald anger wore away at the young mans soul. By the time he'd reached about where his life seemed to return to normal he was anything but...Stressed had caused much of his hair to fall out. Time spend locked away from the outside world and sleeping during day light hours produced a light sensitivey in his eyes, to the degree that they changed color. He was underweight due to loss of appitite and disturbingly devoid of any emotion. So much so that he didn't hesitate to kill a man that had attempted to mug him in the middle of the night.

      He knew that as he was there could be no place for him in conventional society. He wandered the various back ally's and and darkend streets. killing and looting any who saw fit to cross him. Or those he would have deemed evil in his past life. A poor and perhaps futile attempt at holding to the hope that he'd one day return the the person he used to be.

      Weapon: The Twins - A pair of walther P38's with extended ammo clips.

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