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      Re: It Came From Hell

      Tiffany remained near the entrance of the classroom as she watched the interaction between the head security officer and those in class.

      All of this just because of some papers and cans? I understand if there was a mouse or something in here…or maybe someone got killed or whatever. But papers?” Tiffany rolled her eyes as she listened, her impatience growing with every word that the girl, who lacked any sense of fashion and clearly did not understand the meaning of getting hair and make-up done, stuttered her words out. She was still scrutinizing the girl when she realized that Mr. C was on his way out of the classroom.

      Without another look towards the students, or the teacher in the classroom (she will see more than enough of her later in the day), Tiffany hurried out of the nearest door, catching up to the security office.

      “Mr. C!” She called out as she got right before him. “Mr. C, would you give me a late slip? With all this like screaming and everything, I got so caught up that I’m going to be like really late now!”

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      Re: It Came From Hell

      As Eli finished closing the curtains, Elaine thanked him, and motioned for everyone to return to their desks. Once Mr. Maxwell had left the room, the majority of Elaine's class settled down. A quelling look silenced the few who still whispered excitedly. She turned her back on the class and made her way over to behind her desk. The scratching of chalk on black board fills the room as she begins to write on the board. Once finished, she sets the chalk down and dusts her hands off before taking a sip of her now lukewarm tea. Then her attention shifts back to her students, and she gestures towards the writing behind her.

      "Okay, if you all did your assigned reading you should know all about this week's subject."

      All thoughts about what had happened just five or ten minutes ago fade away, as her lesson plan comes to the front of her mind.

      "The War of 1812, also known as the Anglo-American War of 1812, was a military conflict fought between the United States of America, and the British Empire. Can anyone tell me some of the reasons the Americans declared war on the British?"

      The rhythm of teaching and learning takes over the classroom, as questions are asked and answered. Elaine does her best to impress the basics about their subject into the mostly uninterested minds of her pupils, using interesting stories to peak their interest. She'd always loved history, and American history most of all, and that love had put her on the path to her current career. But then she'd met the harsh reality of modern life. Kids these days get everything they want from the various electronic devices they own, making books and history seem uninteresting because of their lack of instant and effortless excitement. This generation seems to always lose interest if they have to make any sort of real effort to pay attention. Most of her fellow history teachers had given up hope, and started just making a bare minimum of effort to teach their students. Elaine can't deny that's she's tired of trying to get these kids to understand that history is not only important but interesting, but she hasn't completely given up hope yet.

      Class continues right until the bell rings, because of the delayed start. As the students all rise from their seats, Elaine gestures at the board again and raises her voice above the din.

      "For your next class I expect you to all know how the war effected Canada, there will be a quiz."

      Overall she just gets looks of annoyance as the students slowly file out of the room in response, but a few kids nod in understanding without looking like they hate her. Which is better then nothing, she supposes.

      -->Need help or questions answered in regards to RPing? PM me! I'm more then glad to help!<--

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