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      [Guyana / Conclave] 'Dactyl Wranglin'

      The flight in the helicopter was impressively smooth, and oddly quiet. It was nothing like the whirring monstrosities used in segments of Vietnam War movies. The Conclave's investigative team was an even further departure from tradition. A dwarf, a ninja and a warrior monk all sat quietly on the ride over, studying their loaned communications equipment, SW meters, ID/tracking tags and grappling cables.

      "If'n ya ask me this whole world is goin' to shit right now. We got flyin' dinosaurs comin' out of buttfuck, nowhere and we gotta send a collection of fantasy characters to investigate. No offense, fellas, but y'are pretty out of the ordinary." The warrant officer barked out from the cockpit, in spite of no one asking him.

      "Please, Officer, save your cro magnon analysis for your friends at the barracks." Agent J34 exited his chair beside the pilot and walked back to address the team, seemingly unaware of the obscene gesture the warrant officer shot up behind his back. "I know you three have been briefed, but I'll run through this with you one more time. The first objective is to tag at least three of the Pterodactyls...each of you is outfitted with three tags so we expect to received some extras. Second, you must capture a live specimen. Your grappling hooks feature a small red button adjacent to the trigger which can deliver an electrical charge to stun the dinosaur. Of course, you three are also welcome to use your own means to subdue them. Finally, try to find the source of this sudden spike in the prehistoric population. Check your SW meters, its likely to be somewhere near the base of the waterfall."

      At the conclusion of his speech the helicopter set down at the top of Angel Falls. When the doors opened a rush of misty air greeted the faces of the investigative team. One by one they exited and let their ears come to grips with the roaring of millions of gallons of water spilling over the precipice onto tonnes of jagged rock down below. Several Pterodactyls circled near the falls, looking for unsuspecting prey. Their body types were similar to what one would see in a museum, but instead of a leathery skin exterior they are adorned with bright blue and white feathers.

      Agent J34 bid you farewell and said they would be back for extraction as soon as the mission is completed. With that, the helicopter once again took to the sky.

      9/11 Never Forget

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      Re: 'Dactyl Wranglin' [Conclave, Guiana Highlands]

      Some say there's no such thing as a silver lining. When the going gets tough, life turns to hell. When you need a break, you get broken. When all you want is an escape, you're locked away. It seemed fate knew no boundaries. Everyone was at risk. The greatest of men to the poorest of scabs. Misfortune found them all.

      Yet Hideo found himself gambling with fate which relentlessly threw them all in the gutter. Not as if he cared much about the circumstances he'd walked into or the task he was given, but somehow he felt that despite the odds he needed direction. Caught by an inescapable mist of obscurity there was tons of fragments flowin' around in that head of his that didn't make sense and even more that he'd been told that didn't quite piece together. He reflected silently to himself as they descended via helicopter to their objective where he happily departed and watched the Agent take off into the dim skies. T'ch, the debriefing had provided him with the information that he'd forgotten moments earlier, but he just couldn't get over the face of that guy. Too ugly.

      Crrrrrrkkk, he popped his neck grossly and started off aimlessly, though coincidentally in the direction of the pouring water where their first objective seemingly lay. He didn't say anything to his comrades or the people he was expected to cooperate with, all that mattered was that their deaths were imminent if they crossed him. An obvious award had been offered to him upon completion, something that he needed, and so without a doubt he was gonna get the job done. Even if it was stupid as shit. His knuckles were popped soon thereafter by mere flex as he disappeared on his wandering trail.

      Wouldn't be hard to find him though. Already he was nearing their first objective and his soul was brewing with impatience and resolve. His very form was encircled by miscellaneous currents that engulfed him, audibly twirling about until they were commanded to do anything else. The blades of wind were hardly anything special, and the only way they were seen was in the distorted vision of the actual shinobi himself. They did however possess the very special attribute of graceful rededication, and at a moment's notice he'd certainly shift them to their true purpose.

      His right hand buried itself in his black slim jeans and pulled out one of the many tags he'd received. It was time to get this over with.

      "Uggnn," he groaned.

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      Ready all Weapons.
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      Re: 'Dactyl Wranglin' [Conclave, Guiana Highlands]

      Ordlan slowly brought his thumb down upon the edge of his axe, feeling the sharpness without cutting himself. Even his gnarled and leathery hands would easily be sliced cleanly from one of his crafted axes, considering that was his thing to do in the downtime between harassing debtors, seducing customers and generally killing those who displeased him. When the agent first came up to him with the task, Ordlan at first thought he was being mislead, A random person promising him goods and in return all he had to do was a menial labor job that one of his clansmen could do?

      Ordlan had agreed right away, those grenades would easily be a fine addition to his forces weaponry, and if he took his time he could easily reverse engineer them and start creating copies to sell to the general public. As much as the classification of 'sell' was to Ordlan many things, generally when it came to weaponry he attempted to sell things at decent prices, his real profits were from drug smuggling, slave trafficking and general mayhem. Ordlan put his axe back in its holder and observed the tags that were given. Obviously this meant that this would be done with as little bloodshed as possible. Ordlan had an idea to get this done and over with, he would first complete his end of the bargain, and then radio for pick-up... hopefully disposing of his other party members along the way...He had no need for a competition...Ordlan always won.

      " Aye... So I have to tag three of them flying reptiles and catch a live one...would either of you fella take a bet to see who gets done first?"
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      Re: 'Dactyl Wranglin' [Conclave, Guiana Highlands]

      [If my post is approved, if not then well this post is null and void]

      Tendo had his eyes closed for most of the trip, the sights weren't something he cared for and he had a lot to think about. He surely wasn't sleeping he didn't trust any of these men nearly enough to let his guard down for a nap, this was a new team and for all he knew the only time he would be working with these individuals, he needed to play nice and hope that there wasn't a psycho among them who was quick to anger or needed to control things, those kinds of people always got in the way and made things harder. Still he tended to work with different teams on different things so he was used to keeping his guard up around his team. Some spies have teams or at least access to them, people they can trust and count on, they know how to act as if one, to communicate beyond words and to be as sharp and precise as a surgeons knife. Sadly he was always busy or had bad luck with team mates, either they were unlucky and got killed, took different jobs elsewhere, betrayed him or an employer, or just general didn't have what it takes to last in the business. He was a problem solver and tended to move around where the resources were, where the work was. He took care of peoples problems and in return he got something he wanted, resources, information, favors, whatever it is he wanted for commission.

      This was just another job and it was an interesting one at that, having always been interested in the past it was a bit of surprise to hear that these things actually existed. He wasn't sure if they were real dinosaurs or not, it smelled a bit fishy but the pay was good and that was all he cared about. It wasn't a big job but then again that's why he took it, everything he did was for his future goals even if the job wasn't big it had a big impact. Having recently acquired the Gae Assail he hadn't tested it in combat condition against the enemy, further more he hadn't tested it against anything supernatural. Having always buried his nose researching the past and its artifacts he hadn't really taken notice about today, he had begun realizing that things were changing, things were happening and that the world was taking notice.

      The chopper eventually set down and with a small sigh and a clearing of his throat he drove the errant thoughts away, anything that didn't have to do with the mission or with his spear embedded within his jacket was thrust from his train of thought. He was hear to test his spear and get the job done, he was going to poach him one and tag a few others, even without the spear the equipment he was given and had on him was good enough to complete this job without to much hassle. He looked at the sky and wondered exactly how powerful they could be, how resistant to damage and how well they could dish it back out. He had for a moment overestimated his abilities and underestimated his opponent, he realized he was being arrogant and that it would get him killed if left unchecked. Closing his eyes he meditated for a few seconds, clearing the thoughts that this was an easy job from his mind, this was an untested foe, this wasn't a human, this wasn't a job he had done before. Finally clear of his mental road blocks he stretched as he stepped forward. Ready to work he held his equipment tightly in hand and started to head towards the mission objective. In his mind he prepared himself, stoked his spirit, he knew that without a properly forged spirit his spear wouldn't grow, that it wouldn't expand into the impressive Gae Assail, so as he made his way he picked up his step and his spirit and let his fiery spirit take control and temper his resolve. He said nothing but if you watched him you could tell he meant business as he stepped quickly, confidently, heading off to a better point, he needed to get up close and personal with one of these flying-bird-rats and that's exactly what he was going to do.
      ~Observer of Time~

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      Re: 'Dactyl Wranglin' [Conclave, Guiana Highlands]

      OOC: @Gadien , @Supersolider, @Laement I'm gonna be on vacation for the next few days so feel free to continue posting about your characters completing the tagging portion of the mission and I'll give you something cool for the next stage. Laement and Supersoldier, I still need to know whether you want a critique following each round of posts.

      9/11 Never Forget

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      Re: 'Dactyl Wranglin' [Conclave, Guiana Highlands]

      As the gracious guest Hideo arrived, presumably the ones the flying ants had been waiting for given that no one so much as addressed him until then, the young man lifted his head up. His one good right eye, the only one unsealed, elevated its soft aquamarine hue to meet the first Pterodactyl that swooped in from above and lunged with great ferocity at him. There were a few moments that followed in which he probably would've considered himself in trouble having underestimated the speed of the airborne dinosaurs. The maw of the dinosaur almost firmly bit down on the shinobi, and probably would've had he not been there when it chomped down.

      Walking some few feet away behind the Pterodactyl there was a visible red tag on its back and a smile on Hideo's face. The graceful winds hadn't been this kind to him in a minute. After viewing the display of agility and speed he'd exuded several more swooped in from above, and they were all effortlessly tagged. Hideo weaved around them, tagging them all individually. After five'd been tagged he navigated himself away from flesh hungry jaws and bone splitting wings, not wasting any time in fading into the distance in search of his second objective.

      However, he was facing a problem, something that he found perpetually creepin' over his shoulder everytime he had any assignment to do. It had been the same in the trials of Heaven and Earth, the same in the merciless assassination of his entire family, and even moreso the same in everything that he was forced to do: it was all too boring. Life never through any curveballs that dramatically threw him off course -- everything that ever happened was predictable and in the end was never too hard to overcome. There'd only be one time in life where that hadn't been the case.

      And he couldn't even remember what the hell it was. Hence his journey of aimlessly wandering thus far. His memories were slowly coming together but it was still hard to remember the many things that made him the person he once was. It was pretty annoying even thinking about it as he left his 'comrades' behind caused the aggravated currents of wind circulating around him to spiral somewhat chaotically. He'd expected more of a challenge from the first objective -- well not really -- but he had been open to surprises.

      Now for the next part. Disappearing in the canopy of trees and dew covered nature itself, the winds cutting a path for himself, he looked for any live specimen that wasn't a weak ass Pterodactyl. Hopefully there was still some fun to be had on this assignment, even if the likelihood was dramatically low.

      Either way, better safe than sorry for the asshole who trekked onward, his soul brewed with a bright charge of lightning. He flashed for a moment, moreso his chest, as he presumably neared his next objective.

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      Turbo Revvin Young Punk
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      Re: 'Dactyl Wranglin' [Conclave, Guiana Highlands]

      OOC: Ask and ye shall receive, here's your curveball.

      IC: The Dwarf and the Irishman stood on the precipice watching Hideo accomplish the first stage of the mission entirely on his own. However, there were kin of the Pterodactyls waiting in the forest at the top of Angel Falls. The agitated cries of their brethren alerted them to an intruder. Six more took to the skies and spotted the pair, believing them to be the source of aggravation. Two broke off from the flock and swooped in, grabbing them by the shoulders with their talons. The weight strained the prehistoric beasts, but they needn't carry their prey far. With a screech they released and the dwarf and the Irishman found themselves plummeting down the rock face of the water fall.

      Meanwhile, down at the base of the falls Hideo's wish for something more interesting was just about to be granted. The earth shuddered. Birds took flight from their perches and the ground shook once more. Two more were heard, closer now, it sounded like a giant stomping its feet. In a sense it was, though much scalier than a traditional giant. Trees cracked and fell as stomping came closer to Hideo. Several trees, bent, broke and crashed with their tops landing right at the feet of the ninja. Emerging from the forest was one of the mightiest beasts of the prehistoric era. The Tyrannosaurus Rex eyed his prey and let loose a deafening roar.

      OOC: You could probably capture this guy too if you don't want to deal with the Pterodactyls.

      9/11 Never Forget

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