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      [USA] The Senator

      It was a brisk seventy degrees; colder where the ground darkened beneath the innumerable shadows of the puffy sky beasts in their never-ending migration. They never stopped moving, not even to talk. Perhaps because they were so distant and intent on their journey. After all, they had only a short amount of time to eat, mate, and play, and Robbie the Squirrel knew that the faster and more active something was the shorter it tended to live.

      He never saw the same one twice.

      Sometimes he saw them being torn apart before his very eyes, but their deaths seemed tranquil.

      Birds lived longer lives, but they fluttered around too much in their search for bugs and twigs. He would outlive any silly bird, he was sure. However, he knew, his lifespan was nothing compared to that of the trees. They were so still, he could hardly imagine the stillness, even when he gazed at them in awe until his eyes dried out and he was forced to blink. Never had he seen a tree die, although there were legends of such; especially those with branches, which swayed gracefully in the wind. Still, one tree in particular had very few branches, was very thick, and did not sway with the wind as far as he could tell. In fact, neither he, nor any of the squirrels that had come before him, had ever seen it move.

      That tree was the Senator. It had outlived everything around it many times over. Nobody knew how old it was, not even the other trees. Not that the Senator hadnít told them, but they simply could not grasp its ageónor the wisdom that went with it.

      Robbie the Squirrel and his family were fortunate to have their home inside the Senatorís massive trunk. It was hollow inside, warm, dry, and there were a thousand places to store food during the long winters. It was also a safe place to hide when the Floridians came to point, laugh, leave their garbage, flash their lights, puff their smoke, and disrupt the balance of nature. Some would even deposit their fluid and mass in the nearby bushes, which was normal for animals, but theirs reeked unnaturally and poisoned the soil. On one rare and frightening occasion, he even saw three of the pale creatures mating in a variety of unnatural and unthinkable ways. It was a wonder to him that they managed to reproduced, so wrought in confusion the act seemed.

      With his morning play over, Robbie the Squirrel decided it was time for a nap. Before the Floridians came. With a happy hop and a leap, he bounced through the hole into his home inside the Senator, curled up in his nest, and fell asleep.

      He awoke with a start. His eyes were dry, his mouth was dry, and his ears and nose itched. He could not see, but it was very hot. Smoke, he thought, as he remembered the smell of the stuff the Floridians would puff out of their mouths. It was also very hot. He wasnít sure why it was so hot, but he was afraid, and he knew he needed to get out. Easy enough, he thought. Even with his eyes closed, he could make his way to the hole and escape. Yet when he went there, the way was blocked. Something blocked the path!

      Very well, he thought, Iíll try anotheróthere were a dozen paths in and out of the Senator. So he tried another, and that way was blocked, too. He tried a third, and that way was also blocked!

      When he sat down, it was very hot. It hurt. His eyes watered but somehow felt dry. His home had changed around him, and now he was lost, with no way out.

      The Senator burned to the ground around him.

      Robbie the Squirrel died.

      The End.

      /yes, they did - ooc feedback welcome in-thread

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      Re: The Senator

      OOC: Why did you kill Robbie? He was the best character in the show!

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      Re: The Senator

      Quote Originally Posted by Retox View Post
      OOC: Why did you kill Robbie? He was the best character in the show!
      The best characters live their life like a candle in the wind. Being burnt at both ends. By lightning.

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