{Ancient Greece, early 7th century BC}

Verette saw all black as the world around her came to a standstill. The gods and goddess, at war with the mortals for conspiracy against the heavens, froze in place with their thick armour and magical weapons ready to kill. As her sight waned she felt a grasping sensation on her mind. It caused her head to throb and body to shudder as an icy blast struck her spine.

Colour flooded back into her eyes in an over-saturated sort of vision. Everything looked supernatural and false to her as she walked through the frozen fields, apparently a timeskip. The gods and goddess she once knew lay slain at her feet with thousands of mortal humans, and her hatred for humans grew even more intense. Her sabatons were soaked in red from the blood of her allies. Zeus, the god of gods, lay on his stomach with one of his own bolts through his back. Athena, one of the few goddess' Verette looked up to, slumped with a spear she handed out through her abdomen.

Even Ares, the god whom inducted Verette into her status as a goddess, lay on a pile of humans with a trail of blood seeping from his crushed skull. His open eyes gave her hope that he remained alive, but she knew that was too much hope. They were all dead. Every person Verette ever knew was dead. She felt heat radiate through her body as the sun flickered through the clouds. She fell to a knee, splashing the puddle of blood beneath her feet, and stuck her blade, Helga, through the moist, blood-soaked mud.

With her head down low, she prayed. Even as a goddess, she felt sorrow. She felt hatred. She felt pain. She didn't deserve this. None of the gods did. It was the human's fault. They betray their gods and goddess, turned to other sources for worship. 'Science' they called it. 'Research' the knowledge and be free from the gods, they thought. Betray thousands of years of tradition.

“There is still one alive!” She heard and quickly stood up. Scornful eyes stared at the humans rushing towards her and the clouds split the sky. Bright rays of light flooded the battle-field as a golden aura surrounded the goddess.

“Damned mortals!” She screamed, pulling Helga from the mud. She ran with the xiphos behind her back, her arm tensed to swing. Her feet slammed against the ground, stepping on human bodies without remorse as she charged the mortals that slew those she had come to know.

“I am Verette! I am the goddess of the sun! I bring you the light you need to survive, but I also summon the war that kills you all!” As she came into range, spears slid against her plate armour, barely missing the overlays where the plates connected. Helga was swung in an arc, the long blade slashing three humans at once, who's wounds erupted in a brilliant explosion of light.

Abandoning their spears, the humans withdrew their own blades. Outnumbered five to one, Verette considered this an easy challenge. They charged again and Verette easily parried the blows, sending Helga deep into the chest of one of the mortals.

Her left hand reached up and grasped the blade of another of the human who swung it vertically. Closing her hands, she crushed the metal blade into pieces before sliding her foot beneath his legs, sweep him off the ground. In an elegant circle, Verette pulled her blade from it's fleshy sheath and slashed at another human, who hardly managed to block it.

As she pulled Helga above her head, ready to impale the fallen human, her sight went black. Her body froze. And then she felt cold, a shiver running up her spine.

::More to come when it's not nearly dinner time, and I have time.::