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      sneaky business

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      [USA / Yggdrasil Crew] Too Much Monkey Business

      Miniature cyclones of dust blew back and forth across the tarmac. A vehicle, as black as the night sky and bellowing its presence out with unashamed ferocity, approached, with glints of silver appearing; strips of gleaming chrome affixed to its front. The dark, dusted road cut a swathe through the landscape, slicing the vast, yellowed ground in two. Intermittent yellow stripes dotted a line along the middle of the grey pathway, dust, more dust and ever more dust billowing and sailing across, over and all around the single trace of civilisation. Bushes, shades of subtle green and pastel-washed brown, spread patches of more palatable colour across the flat expanse to either side, as towering walls of rock crowded the horizon. The vehicle approached still, its hoarse roar echoing through the tumbling, tumultuous landscape and up off into the dazzling blue skies. A disc of pure light was held high and still in the sheet of unbroken blue, the nuclear furnace beating down its seemingly limitless energy upon the world. Temperatures soared high above that which is comfortable, and a twisting, changing tune could be heard over the orchestra of machinery that was the vehicles engine. Heat waves distorted the view of the vehicle, and it soon disappeared behind a rise in the land. The thrumming, howling noise of the machine grew louder and louder, and without warning it blasted over the crest, leaving the Earth’s surface for a few seconds, before gravity took hold of it and brought it back down onto the searing tarmac.

      A bug took flight across the road, oblivious to the incredibly fast-moving tool of insect genocide, and buzzed happily over the strip of grey rock that never seemed to crack and splinter no matter how many vehicles passed over it. The vehicle sped towards the hapless insect, bearing down on it with unflinching and seeming murderous intent. The bug noticed something was a bit off, then realised with sudden clarity that he -or maybe she, you could never tell at a glance- was about to get hi-

      That was where the bug's cognitive perception ended as it was violently annihilated on the unforgiving surface of a bold, italic and vibrantly red 'R', that was split apart from a 'T', that had similar properties, by a silver forwards slash. A small 'SE' was placed just under the 'R' badge, and in stylised font to the left of the site of insect-murder, a silver badge spelled out 'Charger.'


      [BGM: Wheels of Steel]

      Halinn Taylor loved her car. In fact, she loved it more than she had loved anything else in her life. A beautiful black chunk of American muscle, her 1969 Dodge Charger R/T-SE was one of the few things she had actually bought with 'real' money. Well, that money had been obtained by robbing a bank, but she wasn't particularly feeling herself that day so she just glossed over it. The machine was in pristine condition for a car that was over forty years old, and still felt like new. At least as new as she would expect it to feel, being a couple of decades younger than it, and all that. She may be a woman of many talents, some of which were entirely unnatural, but time-travel was sadly not among them. The soundtrack to her cruise through the middle of nowhere came courtesy of the touch-screen multimedia player she had installed into the centre console, the only part of the car that looked like it belonged in the twenty-first century.

      Classic metal just seemed the right music to play while driving an old muscle car through some backwater part of Arizona, she convinced herself. Her trek was one made entirely on a whim, and she certainly had enough money to accomplish the cross-continent journey. Then again, money was no issue to a person with her particular skill-set. American dollar bills were frequently forged by criminals with enough know-how, however the money she fabricated was altogether more convincing than the other faked bills, due to the fact that to all extents and purposes it was completely indistinguishable from legal tender.

      “Having fun, are we?” A voice echoed through her head slightly, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. “When are you going to let me drive?”

      Frowning disapprovingly, Halinn replied. “The last time you drove a vehicle you nearly caused a twelve car pile up and destroyed at least six sign posts. You understand why I'm not going to let you near any form of drivers seat for a while, Azeris.”

      The voice in her head chuckled heartily, and then continued on, “But you know how much I like driving. Especially near hospitals.” The phantom speaker then broke into a fit of laughter, the morbid joke obviously appealing to their sense of humour.

      Halinn couldn't help but laugh too, ignoring the knowledge that Azeris was being completely serious. Ploughing a bus full of senior citizens into the Accident and Emergency department of a hospital and then setting fire to several parked cars was not her ideal version of a good time, but she couldn't deny it was hilarious. To anyone else in the vicinity who could have overheard this conversation, Halinn would have been talking to what could only be described as absolutely no one. Azeris, being a demonic spirit who was trapped inside Halinn's body, could only speak through a form of mental telepathy which often led to her freaking people out whenever she felt like projecting her voice to anyone other than Halinn. Which she often did, because she hated people and enjoyed seeing them squirm in confusion.

      Glancing down to the instrument panel, Halinn noticed the fuel gauge was nearing empty and made a mental note to stop at the nearest fuel station, lay-by or otherwise flat piece of ground next to the road. She focused her attention back onto the road ahead, and peered into the distance.

      “Perfect.” She said, unaware that she had spoken and not simply thought.

      The petrol station was sparse, from what she could tell from this distance, and there was a police car parked in the forecourt. The police might pose a problem, depending on whether or not Azeris was feeling annoyed. Or bored. The two feelings seemed to be synonymous to the demon.

      “Azeris, we'll be stopping for fuel soon. Try not to make people attack me this time, okay?”
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      Re: Too Much Monkey Business [Yggdrasil Crew]

      No words existed for the situation he found himself in. Hardly able to move, the young wincin' soldier of heaven & earth gave the minimal force and effort he could spare to continue to pull himself away. Each inch was agony as it felt as though his insides burned against him, the poison ate through his flesh with each passin' moment. He was at the end of his rope as he finally forced his body around to his back, to face his encroaching death head on. Drinkin' had taken its toll and it seemed that mentally he'd forced the means of the end on himself.

      But what? When his body collapsed against the cold unwelcoming tile of the convenient store, the ruthless pounding stopped? Though not quite ready to give up, certainly considerin' the damage he'd done to many of the cops present, he'd all but resigned himself to fate as his muscles and limbs approached failure. Just to find that the cops' stopped in a late attempt to value their inherited morals as per the induction of their position as cops? It was pretty funny they'd gotten so angry — and the powerless drunk layed on the floor, passing through the many phases that those that persevered were thrown through. His fingertips struggled, trembled against the cold white surface as the little energy in his muscles tried to literally pull him to safety.

      Then he was gone. He'd exhausted everything he had and fell in the pool of his own drying blood. Bill, who'd been beating him senselessly since he'd entered the fray finally relaxed, popping his joints in recollection of what'd happened. Some random brute took it upon himself to come in and do whatever he liked, from drinking all of the good drinks in the store, to visibly stealing porn videos, and then eating the frozen yogurt stored in the fridge's in the back. Unfortunately some unnatural backlash had come at the manager and the register working their originally, when Hideo was approached originally the lights flickered and lightning cradled around his body, licking him like a moth did a flame much the same.

      That was a pretty good reason to call for help. Three cop cars came, all of which were disabled soon thereafter and now we find the drunken bastard responsible for the commotion after a long fight, resting soundlessly in a state of near death.

      "Son of a bitch was mocking me! Everytime I hit him, he..."

      "You let him get in your head Bill. Sometimes you take things too person—"

      "You don't understand! You weren't the one taking him head on, we were! And look at them now! I should kill this son of a bitch!

      "Then you wouldn't be a cop Bill, you'd be a criminal." Dan finally added, retortin' in the way that finally ended the argument. Bill leaned over and cleared his throat sickeningly before spitting atop Hideo's face. Something he'd probably pay for later. There was one thing about the nature of true assholes, when disrespected by others that didn't fit the bill, they always returned the favor twofold.

      "Our cars are disabled, so we'll have to wait until backup comes, but I hear there's something else going on right now."


      "Yea apparently a mass murderer surfaced. Think these idiots might be linked?"

      "Wouldn't surprise me even a little bro'." Bill responded, turning to look out of one of the shattered window frames to see the approaching car. Their luck was finally turning around for the evening, with three unconscious cops and fucked up cars and products finally shit was turnin' up.

      "There's someone coming, you wanna' ask them to take this bastard to the station while we handle stuff here?"

      "I don't know B', this guy's dangerous, think we can trust'em to get him there safe?"

      "With the beating we just gave this bastard he shouldn't be waking up for awhile."

      There you have it. Thus started the business of people doing shit that they have no business doing and if not for their special talents would probably be dead. This also is a story of people of similar ideals — who tend to lean towards not giving a fuck.

      This is how Hideo's true adventure begins.

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