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      [Non-Earth] Whispers of a bullet

      KazeCarrendar: -A group of dark cloaked figures moves silently , not speaking nor looking at the rest as they gathered in a small crowd. More then twenty had gathered to the centre of the town as each one, lost in their trail of thought had over taken their minds. A simple calling to their needs and wants. The power of the lust had been their own down fall. the voices had entered the minds of the weak, telling them what they want, they could have if they offered to fight for one side. They agreed, their soul taken for the price. As the bank blew up, a attack of some sort, those around would have fallen down wards to the ground and panic , but the twenty forms did not. They ignored the blast as they slowly all face towards the direction of the mountains. The calling to move there, to meet their new god, had enslaved their minds and souls as they slowly shuffles towards it. Each street they passed, more forms, all cloaked ,had entered the group. They grew slowly in size as they hit the city limit. Their boots kicked up the snow, creating a trail of feet that would soon be covered by the harsh slowly lands once more as they moved out. Chants of worship to the new gods was low and silent Some even had the first sign of taint , their skin distorted as the large group moves outwards . Around the planet, groups of cloaked forms also had began their way towards the north mountains as a hand full of unknown armoured forms lined the path, they would tease and torment them. Breaking them down even more, making sure that they was broken, that they would not resist towards the new god they was to follow. The army had made a move to the east part, trying to stop a group but was met with blood shed and fighting, under heavy attack by the new forms. The moral of the east armed base gave in. not knowing what happened to the forms that was stationed there. The base was looted as weapons was taken, a few tanks burst into life as they began to move forwards to the north with the group. From a birds eye view, a stream of moving bodies, machines, was cutting through the lands. A few villages was raided for stock and weapons. The army that was stationed there was also killed and the bodies was missing. Reports had arrived to the west, the commanders trying to restore order to the east as well as the other sides, struggled. It would take four months for the newly created grand cannon to be running as the armed forces went around planning for a clash, they ordered scouts to locate the base to the north. None had came back, none had sent a message back as the commanders raced to loyal members of the army. Weapons was re deployed to each city, troops was sent to re enforce more of the north as the west rush to turn out more weapons and trained troops. Ships , hawks, and heavy auto tanks , was sped up to make sure that they was enough. A few attacks had hit the west itself. Suicide bombers was hitting the main power that fed the west as the army retaliated back to them. Bodies littered the ground to the out post to the west as three out posts fell to the attacks, again, no bodies of the defenders was found. .. At the north mountains, a dark form watched the first wave of the new followers come, it smirks as they entered in a hidden base with in the mountain it self. Heavy checkpoints , guards, was near the main entrance as the form suddenly vanish.-

      Guest_ChrisBennettSephy: -a portal of darkness forms above, as a silver haired man apears from it and floats slowly to the floor below. his silver hair and black coat flap slightly. the man, who is named Sephiroth, the Jenova Witness, the One Winged Angel, the legendary hero of his prime, coolly looks about the small inn that he has trasported himself to, in order to have a bit of rest from his long travals. Sephiroth tales a seat at a emtiy table, and closes his eyes, to meditate-

      CharlotteCarrendar: - Raziel had gone to speak with the Innkeeper about the offer of work for Nami in the Moose and Squirrel Inn, leaving Charlotte and Baldrick to talk about Charlotte's night at her manor. (Baldrick)"I knew it...I just knew it. Right place, right time and BOOM...You and Raziel were made for each other."- Charlotte looked a bit sheepish at the attention being bestowed on her, taking fleeting glances at Raziel, before nodding to Baldrick- (Charlotte)"Oh he's something."- Baldrick laughed loudly, and then ushered Charlotte for the door. Since both had an appointment in the town office, where the plans for the Hydro Electric scheme and Super Train were going to be displayed to representatives of the unions and main workforce of Nixagris. Both would head out onto the snow covered path, as the logging trucks were rolling through town, heading out to Altease Way which was to the west of the Frozen Sea. It was a fairly cool morning, snow fall was about average, as Charlotte's onyx locks would be dotted with tiny snow flakes. The grand Town hall was just a short walk up ahead, and as Charlotte passed the town people they would speak kindly, and offer welcomes, with Baldrick stopping to chat to one old dear from the original Fleets, who was wheelchair bound. Charlotte reached the stairs, and looked back at Baldrick, as suddenly one of the staffers came running down the stairs, and almost bowled Charlotte over. (Miss Griggs)"Prime Minister, bad news reports just in about the power supply to the Western highlands. Please, there are also talks of some sort of movement, heading here, but no one knows what is going on. Please hurry."- Charlotte spun on the ball of her right foot and sung out to Baldrick- (Charlotte)"Balders!....Quick...we are needed in the Hall now!"- Baldrick finished talking to the woman in the chair, and hurriedly walked towards Charlotte, taking two steps at a time till he reached her. (Baldrick)"You look like you have seen a ghost. Lets get inside."

      KazeCarrendar: -each form had made its way from the North villages and cities as they enter the caves it self. Demonic shapes lined the walls as the chants grew louder with each passing. The forms was slightly scared. They felt a force rip into their soul as if it was pulling it out. A few staggered backwards as they breathed heavy. This alerted the guards as two dark forms went behind one of them. The hood falls off to reveil a males face, under its eyes was a line of bags, the dark rims set under his eyes as he looks at the forms. With out a moment thinking, the form brings down a axe type weapon, aiming at the mouth of the male as the male blinks watching. He didnt have time to move before the axe connects, cutting the mouth in a line as the axe blade carried out. The males mouth rips open as a jet of blood flows outwards, in the wave of the axe as the males tongue wiggles around in the newly ripped open mouth, the axe carries on as it hits the stem as it hacks the top part of the mouth off. The bottom set of teeth shown as the top half of the males head bounces away. The eyes locked in a stage of terror. The body slumps forwards as the jet of blood shoots upwards . The body didnt know what happened as the hands moves to where the face was as it grabs onto the tongue before falling down backwards. The form begins to slowly hack the skin off, letting the muscles freed from the casing as the sicken sound of ripping was heard. It slowly butchers the muscles off, throwing the parts around the cave entrance as it uses it to strike fear back into others, the rest hurried into the cave itself as a evil, insane laughter echoed around the west commander struggled to use the coms, something was effecting it as strange noises was heard back. The orders was to not use it, only for the use of the barge as the channel was more safe. Sighing to himself as he slumps back into the chair, the commander looks around. There had not been a word from the lord in weeks, it seems that hit and runs was preformed to the east , reports of a unknown force from the south was soon piling up, but they did not attack. They acted like ghosts? Who were they? He shakes his head as he tries to get his mind into place. The current level of the army., he laughs. It was more a nervous laughter as he looks to the others in the command centre. The orders was to hold the west and lore wall at all costs. If the west fell, most of the forces would be wiped out. Reports of deamons had been also filed.. They was killed by the tank commanders and heavy support . What was going off?. The commander of the north base had struggled to get in contact with the west, he had seen forms move, making their way towards the caves as he looks out the window. Damn snow, more and more had fallen. Moving his cup to his lips, the commander stops. A high pitch scream was heard as the sound of in coming mortar hits the landing bay to the hawks, a violent blast rips through a few buildings as rubble and body parts fly. The commander was shocked as more started to rain down. He hits the red button as the auto weapons fires up, troops stream out as they take a defensive shield as the hawks, that had not been attacked, was loaded and about to take off. A un holy scream was heard as the commander blinks.. He needed to report and get aid. Grabbing the mic , he shouts down it- defend the base, kill them all- he didnt know what and how many attackers there was, the snow was hiding them as he races to the coms, patching it to the north hall, to lady charlotte as he board casts a mayday.. He repeats the call, before the coms suddenly dies out -

      CharlotteCarrendar: - "May day May day!..North's under attack..*radio static*...May day may day!.*radio static*. Charlotte and Baldrick burst through the town halls doors, only to see the staff all huddled around the communications room, where the switch lady had pissed herself, a yellow trickle running under her chair, (Mrs Merryweather)"Prime Minister....the West...they are under attack. Now the North!"- Charlotte pushed her way through the crowd, that were cranning their necks to hear what was going on. (Baldrick)"Let her through, for gods sake!"- He shoved a few of the office workers back, but when Charlotte reaches the mic, that she tears off the staffers head, the radio finally goes to nothing but static. (Charlotte)"Commander...give us details on casualities. COMMANDER , DO YOU COPY?! *radio static follows*. Baldrick reaches Charlotte's side, looking back at the crowd of onlookers. (Baldrick)'Get communications up to Lorewall..NOW...don't just stand there...MOVE!"- Charlotte threw down the headset and turned to Baldrick, who was now trying to get in touch with the West. But the phone lines seemed down. (Baldrick)"You think its Ariko?"-his voice was strained as the tensions were running high. Charlotte's first thoughts was Nixagris's front line defences. She grabbed at Baldrick's sleeve and urged him to follow. As she ran through the office she called out to the workers- (Charlotte)"GET THE FIRE AND RESCUE TEAMS READY!....HAVE GROUND CREWS READY AT THE AIR BASE TO GET THE INJURED TO LOREWALL!"- Both Charlotte and Baldrick would run out into the main street, where in the distance you could hear the sounds of explosions, great yellow and orange balls in the sky.

      KazeCarrendar: -The commander , covered in blood from wounds from each he had got from the fire fight, fired the last three shots from his hell pistol. They had massed against the weakest point of the base as scores of un known forces moved into the south side of the base. They had taken the re fuel tanks as larger clouds of burning metal flew into the air. Bodies of his own forces, riddled with las fire, bled on the ground around him as the tanks came into view. He smirks to himself as he points his weapon at the closet target, breathing hard inwards. He held his breath as he exhales, his warm breath hits the coldness of the air as he emptied his lungs . Aiming just a inch down from the targets nose to compensate for the wind pattern. The bullet hits the targets fore head as it lurches forwards, a jet of blood leaves the fore head as the form staggers forwards and falls.- defend the main command centre, re deploy the weapons - he screams at the top of his voice as the auto cannons on the tank fires up. Slowly mowing down the ones that had entered the hole from the south part of the base. Jets of blood shot from the bodies as the commander fires his last two rounds from the mag, as he calmly un loads and reloads the weapon with a fresh clip. How long had it been? How long has this fight gone off? Was this the fourth or five wave? The commander didnt pay too much attention as his eyes open wide. A long black object hits a tank to the far right of him, the tank stood there, still firing as if the weapon didnt damage it, three more rockets flew at the tank as the round detonate along the armour. It gave way as the tank exploded, killing or wounding the troops around as the metal shell burns wildly around the tank itself, the smell of burning metal , fuel andflesh. The commander growls as he tries to reach the command centre. The hawks was in the air, un leashing their weapons as bullets and energy weapons, rippled through the air. A stream of explosions rang from where they hit as the army slowly forms up around the commander centre, medics raced to either patch who they could that would be able to fight first. They broke the rules, but, they needed the men that could fight to defend whilst they work on the more injured ones. Damn it , damn it all where did they get the weapons from? The commander growls as he hopes the mayday went out. Spotting an other target, he opens fire, ripping into the body with the bullets as it falls down. A large crackle was heard as one of the troops to his left side was shot in the head. Covering the commander with his grey matter as the commander growls more- fall back now_ he barks again. The tanks forms up in front of the retreating troops , opening fire as they suddenly get met with mortar and rocket attacks. The northern base was about to fall, he could tell.. Even with the training, it was no match for a over zealous group. Here ,and there, screams of the shot was heard, the dying on both side ..the final breath of those.. The commander looks around, it was like a nightmare. Like a dream he knew he couldnt awaken from. One hawk raced towards the south part of the hole, blasting at the attackers as it hits scores of them. The bodies that the weapons hit made it look like they was dancing the dance of death before they fell to the ground. In answer to the hawk, five rockets was fired at it, aiming at the cockpit, and wings. The hawk buckles under the weapon attack, rocket after rocket was hitting it as the poilet gets killed as the rocket head pieces the glass, a large boom as the hawk blows up. Showering both sides with shrapnel as the commander tries to dodge, a large piece hits his right top leg, pinning him to the ground as he cries out in pain. Still holding his weapon, he fires at the south side. Hitting a few .. The south side of the base was now in flames, twisted bodies and metal dashed around as , if they lost heart, the attackers retreated.. But before lootings what they could . The army tried to charge after them, only to be met by the guards themselves as they got pushed back to the main base once more. The crackle of weapons here and there, the sounds of the dying was only heard as the winter snow blow down onto the bodies of both sides. The commander coughs slightly, bringing up blood as he sighs. What a way to die, what a way. The troops move slowly around, as the medics raced to the commander, trying to stop the damage, they had to remove the piece as the commander grunts in pure pain, the metal piece rips part of his leg muscles as a jet of blood shot up.. They raced to stop it as the commander lays on the ground, drifting in and out of life. Two troops raced into the command centre, one on guard as the other used a wide cast, trying to get all forces to hear as the coms to the north became slightly better, heavy static only was on the air as they cried for help.. The attack left scores dead , the north base had just manage to hold but at a cost . Their command net work was missing, the only commander was almost dying . Weapons, ammo was low, they would be able to hold out just a bit longer but then, it would have to be hand to hand. A smaller group of troops began to strip the dead of weapons and ammo, they was sorely needed, the bodies was be buried when they had repaired but.. They still lost too much men. Two hawks flew over heard as they did, scanning the area for any more attacks as they looked down, the landing pad, all but five, was gone, only a hole was left where they was. Each weapon , scanning , loaded just in case as the grounds of the base became nothing more then creators from the mortar attacks. The mountain of bodies where the hawk attacked, became visual, the twisted looks of the faces before death took them. They reported back to the ground units as ten troops move to the hole. Searching and taking ammo from them, any ones that was near death or badly wounded was shot, they couldnt keep them there, nor offer aid. The grim order to kill them was carried out with a stone face look-'

      CharlotteCarrendar- From the main street of Nixagris to the outer command post would be a good five to ten miles, and though that may be fairly close if one was to travel by shuttle, if one was to leg it, it would take a considerable amount of time. Time was something they could ill afford, as the warning attack sirens were blaring across Nixagris. The Northern Command post was under a full scale attack, and something that honestly it had been prepared for back in the days of Lord Az, however, since he abandoned the North, it left a large hole in the military defences. On the otherside of town was the main international airbase and Seal launch site, along with the entire Seal fleet from 1 to 11, all parked in a row, and these craft were simply too big to be used in manourves to fight the kind of war that was attacking the Command centre. People flooded from their homes, men women and children, the populace on a panic as in the distance not only were there the blackened mushroom clouds from mulitiple explosions, but the smell of death itself, was now in the chilly morning air. The sun in the sky was bathed in a red hue, reflecting the fires that were burning from the fuel explosions, that were from tank fire. The constant whistling sound as each bomb was launched, then the defeaning explosions that followed. Charlotte stopped in the street as out from one of the hair saloons ran none other than Captain Antilles, the head of the AV-8B Harrier II fleet and who was also sporting a white foam beard, as the barber chased him out, waving his blade like a looney. Another explosion, and Captain Antilles was near knocked back in shock. (Captain Antilles)"Mother fuck...the Command post!!" -he cried out, as he knew the direction the explosive fireballs were coming from. (Captain Antilles)"Who the hell did we upset this time?" -he blurted as he moved up his sleeve to tap in a numbered sequence, alerting the airbase of the war now raging at the Command post. Baldrick was wide eyed, for long ago the North was hit by the Lords war, now this? (Baldrick)"We think we know who is behind this....the bastard." -he growled under his breath, but Charlotte's mind was racing, what to do what to do. The police chief came out as people were now running about the street, dazed and panicking. (Seargeant Crick)"The People, Prime Minister, we need to get them to the shelters, we can't have them scattered around town, its too dangerous. Charlotte placed her hand on the Seargeant's shoulder and said loudly but firmly- (Charlotte)"Get on the PA in the town hall, get everyone to their bunkers." -she then shouted at Antilles- (Charlotte)"Quick, if we get to the AV-8B Harrier II's, we can try to take out enemy tanks and what is destroying the damn Command post."- Baldrick would stay behind with the Police Seargeant to help get the people underground, as Charlotte and Antilles climbed into a shuttle and raced for the Airbase. On the tarmac the squadrons of the AV-8B Harrier II's, were fueled and ready for take off, and when the shuttle pulled up, Charlotte met with the acting Commander, General Vasue,. (Charlotte):"We don't have time, get the planes up and back up the Command post, and stop the oncoming of the unknown armies."- Charlotte would be handed a helmet and Antilles and Charlotte would clambour aboard their respective crafts. The AV-8B Harrier II's were able to lift off vertically, much like a helicpoter, and one after another, they would take off into the sky, and carried onboard Harpoon and AGM-65 Maverick missiles , along with other heavy weapons, making their way to the Command post. Baldrick on the otherhand, watched as Charlotte took off down to the airbase, and with the police force taking care of getting many to the underground bunkers, he noticed a flaming red snow mobile just outside the Moose and Squirrel. He looked around, and saw that no one was watching, well mainly cause they were all heading to the bunkers, and he ran over and stradled the snow mobile, taking off, in the direction of the Command base itself. The old man was tired of being left behind, as the Carrendar women went off to war....now, he would stake his claim, in the history books. A cloud of fluffy white snow would fly up behind the snow mobile, as he raced along, his whispy silver hair being blown about, as he came in one mile of the Command post. It was clear from the rising plumes and the crackle of gunfire, that many had already lost their lives to the cause. Baldrick parked his vehicle, not far from the eastern entrance, just peeking over a snow covered embankment.

      KazeCarrendar: -The walking wounded lined up. The Medics worked hard to stop the endless supply of the injured as the head medic sighs to himself. What the hell happened? He was having a nice shower, then watching T.V before the attacks hit. Now, he was patching up troops after troops. The beds around was filled fast with the screaming troops that had been injured , some wouldnt live to see the night. It was a grim task to pick who would been seen first as he gets to work.. His apron, coved in blood, moves slightly as the old man had requested more supplies. They had not came, blast them- he shouts over the noise as he hung his head down, his hands moved faster then his eye would catch up to, trying to stop the bleeding of the commander that was brought in. a slight dark look had set in the commander eyes, the sign on death from the heavy bleeding. The medic raced to get his interns to sort the others out. It was a race against time as the old medic pressed hard on the open wound- give him 50 cc of morphine NOW- he looks to the one that was helping. The male shakes his head as he looks down- sir we ran out a hour ago. We have limited stock as it is, most has been used, stolen or burnt- the old medic throws down the clamps as he growls- gawd damn it. That would have been enough- the commander coughs as he leaps up slightly. In shock of pain as he coughs more and more blood. The medic holds him down, they was losing him fast as the old medic grunts , trying to work on the wound.. He knew it was a matter of time before.. No he had to do this, it was his job.. Out side of the medic tent. Guards moved towards the walls, they had been re stocked with ammo to last them for a while as the cells from the weapons was set to charge. Each ammo cell, each spare parts , was moved, wretched tanks was stripped from the auto cannons as they placed them in logical parts of the base as the men moved around. The sounds of air craft was over head as two troops, still in the coms, kept sending the same signal out to the bases, they changed the messages, North base has been secured but, heavy loses and weapons are limited. Need re enforcement and medical and re stock as soon as possible- they hold the planes above would hear the coms chat, the radio had picked them up to be theirs.. The AV-8B Harrier II',, class was read ,the ground radar picks up a single object move to one of the side of the base..east side as the two troops send the location to the nearest team. They move towards it as their weapons pulls to their sight. They wasnt going to be caught out of it again . Nervously, their fingers dance around the trigger as the breathing was hard and fast. Bringing their chest up more in the armour. A dark figure runs out as they fire three shots at it, missing the target as it burns in the snow behind it. It was only a cat. They let out a nervous sign as they laugh. Only way to hide their fear. The hawks move closer to the south side after the re arming and fueling , making sure that the south had been defended since the attack as the weapons was locked , it had been fed the movements of The AV-8B Harrier II' from the command centre, not to fire as scouts scanned around the outer walls .. Three scouts slowly move to the eastern part of the base. A object was seen just seen as they raises their weapons up.- come out with your hands up. Or we will open fire- they couldnt take the chance, ally or foe. They didnt know, only to give a chance Just in case it was a member of the army that got lost after the charge.-

      CharlotteCarrendar: - Baldrick would emerge from behind the snow embankment, his arms up high over his head, wearing the official military suit of the office of Lorewall, and he sung out- (Baldrick)"Hold your fire, I work for the Prime Minister....I am Lord Fitzgibbon of Harsten's, here to assist, and the Prime Minister is up.."- just as he says up the squadron of AV-8B Harrier II's come bursting out of the clouds at blistering speeds, getting missle lock on the invading tanks that had been firing on the southern end of the command post. The sonic boom combined of all the jets, is earth shattering, as radio feed between the command centre and the aircraft is patched through. Meanwhile the medical truck convoy has left the town of Nixagris, loaded with enough supplies, hopefully for the sick and wounded that would be awaiting them. Up in the air, Charlotte is flying Striker 1, wearing her helmet and mask, she has her right hand on the throtte stick, glancing down at the large cathode-ray tube multi-purpose display, checking the radar warning information and weapon delivery outputs, as she has lock. (Charlotte)"Fire it!"- The missle drops from under the wing, and then the burners are activated as the AGM-65 Maverick missile zips through the air, going straight through the tank, and ripping it apart, a massive explosion ensues, as she pulls back hard on the throttle, the plane going straight up in a diagonal as Captain Antilles flys in behind her, his rapid gunfire, following along the snow to take out the enemy troops that were marching on the command post. The planes were like fireflys in the skies above the command post, letting go more missles, with the dizzying sound as they whistled through the air, making impact with target after target. Baldrick would wait to be taken in to see the Commander, who unbeknowns to him, was fighting for his life-

      KazeCarrendar: -the three tanks that was hidden, about to push forwards to the south base to begin a slight attack again, was met by un seen objects. It pieces the side of the tanks as the warhead tips burst through the metal armoured vehicles as the metal caves inwards. The tank crew looks at the weapons tip as sparks of the electric fizzed around, lose wires shook like angry snakes as they watched the weapons with open eyes and wide mouths. Fear was still with in the troops as a small amount of forms moved to the side of the tanks. They looked into the hole as the stumbled away, turning to race off before the weapons explode. The tank crews screams for help, trying to get out of the hatch. Sadly for them, the hack was too damaged to move as the first tank blows up, the burning metal wreck of the tank flips over the left side as it hits the second warhead that was embedded. A lucky shot was given from the attackers in the sky. Before the second one blew up, the last tank heavily damaged, manage to turn its auto weapons towards the sky as it unleashes a volley of large rounds hit, it was aiming to hit them as it travelled in its flight path. Guessing where it was to go before the weapon stops, running out of ammo as the tank blew up, the groaning of the burning metal again was heard by the ones of the ground. The smaller group that was about to hit the base again, was met by the air attacks. Dodging shrapnel that rained from the tanks, they had a new threat. The air. Unlucky that they did not bring enough anti air, the group slowly fled in different directions, trying to dodge the oncoming hail of death. Many failed as the bullets ripped and made parts explode under the bullets, throwing chunks of flesh, organs and bones into the air. Less then half manage to even reach the covers from the air. They moved back into the caves as the marines hide in the darkness, waiting for any that came close, a loud screeching was behind them. The grunts of humans being whipped , followed. They had brought some thing to make sure the air was to be safe the bodies of both sides still laid on the ground, in a orgy of death and burning flesh. As if some god threw them onto the ground and watched what would happen if they was left there. The stench , with some luck, would be taken down wind from the town and base.. They needed to still search. More teams from the bases forces, edged out, looking like Meer cats, each head bobbing up and down, just in case a sniper was near by. None found their heads to be shot in . they raced towards the only few air pads that was working. They had to clear the other two, giving the order to send the hawks back to the main air base near by. They would be used to restock on what they needed. The hawks burst off into the distance, their weapons still scanning for threat that was near by as they slowly reach the zone.. The snipers slowly lower their weapons down as they sigh- thank hell milord. We been having a slight disagreement with a movement but never seen some like - he stutters - t-t--this before.. I mean a fullout for a while_ the lead sniper nods for him to come with them as the two lower scout, went first, making sure they was covered from any attacks as the main sniper hurries the old man to the base it self. There, they step through the fallen defences of the south gate.. Making their way towards the Medic tent as the sounds of shout and the wounded was heard.. The two troops gave them time to prepare themselves for what they was to see.. Five minutes later, the scouts enter, the sounds became louder as the main Medic was working hard on the commander- come on sir, dont you die- he screams as he tries to press on the middle of the top half of the chest, trying to jumpstart him once more- come on you fag- he screams again, the commander had not regain since he was brought in.-sir.sir its too late- the two younger medics spoke as the head medic kept trying. It had to take three guards to stop him, to hold him away as the ,once proud, commander just be came an other stasis on the death roll-

      CharlotteCarrendar: As Captain Antilles flew in behind Charlotte in Striker II, one of the targets below turned its auto cannon to the sky, a series of large rounds released, and Charlotte had already pulled up hard in front of Captain Antille's jet, causing a vaccum in the airstreams...(Captain Antilles)"Engine one is out......CHAR....Engine two is out!" Charlotte is reaching higher into the sky, but looking back as Captain Antille's AV-8B Harrier II starts to spin. A flat spin. This causes the aircraft to autorotate (yaw) towards the deeper-stalled wing due to its higher drag. (Charlotte)"Eject eject!" -she cries into her mic, as far below the targeted tanks are exploding. The AV-8B Harrier II of Captain Antille's continues it's spin, as he takes his hands off the throttle and tries to reach for the ejection ties that are behind his seat. The dials are spinning out of control and the rate of descent is so rapid, the snow is fast approaching. (Captain Antilles)"Muuusssttt.....reaccchhh." Charlotte turns her throttle on a hard right and her plane goes on a full tilt, reaching speeds of up to 736mph (Charlotte)*thinking that Antille's could not escape, she screamed- "FULL RIGHT RUDDER!" But just as she said this, the plane suddenly exploded on the ground, in amongst the enemy tanks, a great fire ball raging up into the sky, as Charlotte screamed- (Charlotte)"NO!" The rest of the squadron went on the attack, firing at anything that looked to be enemy craft, and with the medical back up snow trucks, rolling across the snow, help was on the way. In the medic tent on the ground, Baldrick could feel and hear the massive explosion of the AV-8B Harrier II and his heart near stopped, as radio chatter was coming in from the cockpits in the jets high above. He heard Charlotte scream, and the whole of the medic crew would have as well. Death, had come to the north once again, and Baldrick watched on as the chief medic was pumping the chest of the Commander, whose lifeless body refused to respond. It was hopeless. What could one say, to see the Commander at death, but in truth, tis how we want to die, side by side those that fight for what is right. (Baldrick)"He died with his boots on. And we honour him by fighting those that caused this." - The medical trucks finally arrived, hearing their horns blaring to alert those within the compound of their presence. Baldrick looked around who was left, and then barked at them. (Baldrick)"WE HOLD THE NORTH!..Get to your positions, we take them head on!!"- He would head out to where the remaining men were gathering weapons from the fallen and picked up a Bazooka. Also referred to as the "Stovepipe", the innovative bazooka was amongst the first-generation of rocket propelled anti-tank weapons used in infantry combat. Featuring a solid rocket motor for propulsion, it allowed for high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warheads to be delivered against armored vehicles, machine gun nests, and fortified bunkers at ranges beyond that of a standard thrown grenade or mine. (Baldrick)"We fight or we die!"- he roared-

      KazeCarrendar: THE FUCK IS GOING OFF-Kaze screams down the coms unit as he mutters. The north had not been reached. He couldnt go him self . The east was still down , more attacks was hitting hard on the west lands . But only the south and Lorewall itself was this time safe. Kaze races towards the main commanders post as he flicks the coms signal. Using the barge to replay the signal to the command post in the north. It was faint but it had to do. Kaze grumbles, the west was under too much stress . He knew what the plan was now, it was to make the games fun but, trapping him in the west to make sure the east and what ever was in the south , was checked. command base north.. This is Kaze, I repeat command base north..COME IN-the faint sound of chatter on the unit slowly faded out as the barge tried to counter against it. Kaze knew he had a small moment to get a detailed plan on what was going off.. One low voice came over as it replies- Lord lord, you contacted..- the coms cut off as kaze moves his right fist, punching it twice as it slowly fades back in to the correct channel. Fuck the repair man. As again the voice came back, Kaze tries to speak- what is going off up there and where is your commander?- again, the faint voice came back, fading in and out of the static as kaze mutters. Who let the monkey use the coms- STOP PLAYING WITH THE DAMN CHANNEL AND GET ME THE COMMANDER THERE, OR FOR HELL SAKE, I WOULD BE UP THERE FEEDING YOU TO GRASSHOPPERS-The voice whimpers. Replying only Aye as the troop took the portal coms unit to the one that was now going to be in charge.. The troop, replies what happened, about the air forces coming to aid. Kaze ponders as he sighs. He knew who would be there being a idiot once more. And he knew this time he would have to knock her out for a bit. Kaze mutters as he rolls his right eye, damn you lore. You left me as a damn baby sitter , now if I go to hell your going to be waiting there to kick my ass, well try to. He smirks as he remembers the times of the bug spray, thinking on how to use it on charlotte if she lives. She was too dumb to die. The sudden name came into his mind as he screams at the coms troop- lad where is your commander?-there was a short screaming as the channels cut, kaze heard the faint voice of charlotte as he growls. That bastard. He didnt know that it wasnt Antille that had crash, he didnt know that the crash killed the wounded of the attacking force in a hot fire storm that licked the remaining out side the cave to a cooked meat bag. Kaze knew that some thing was going off. He remembers the aid as he ponders. The channel switch back to the unit of the troop that was carrying it as the reply came through-our commander has died lord. The medics could not save him, but we have some old fart calling the shots-kaze looks back at the unit, some one fart..who was ..he stops as he grins..perfect.. Least it was in good hands-Okay, from now on you will all obey that old fart tell him lord kaze has given the young one command of the North base until he dies. That is his final stand until he chooses to come with me for the final battle.- the young one, the one that he called once lunch box. Good, the young one needed this more then kaze. And kaze was allowing it- follow his command or die by my hand- the vox coms cut out as another terrorist attack the west lands once more. Kaze looks towards the window as he smirks. The fire of hell, the smell of war. He walks towards the main door as he steps out. The army had been readied as he looks to the right hand side. Giving the command to move out and take the streets back. the ones that heard the final screams [more like the craft itself ]of the fallen air craft . Looks at the coms unit. The sounds of their lady screaming after stork fear in their souls. They rather die by the foe then her in this rage. They watched as they tried to com her to land, to land and get in the bunker for a moment.. The coms troops, that was speaking to kaze, raced towards the old man as he breaths out of breath. Standing to attention as he coughs- Si..r.. message from Lord kaze, he said that the -he narrows his eyes as he speak with a twisted look of confusion- young one is now in control of the base here. That you are to command the base till you die or if you -he stops, forgetting the whole of it. It had been a hard day for them all as he shakes his head- to be honest sir, I think its about acharge he spoke once about?_ the coms unit watches the rest all around. Watching each one collect weapons etc that they needed, placing them where they was ordered. The sounds of gun fire was now stopped, only the burning crackle of fire. Already three teams was out, using the snow to put the fire out, as the others tried to get the badly hurt to the medic centre-

      CharlotteCarrendar: - Tis been a long long time, since Baldrick had felt the urge to join the call to arms, let alone lead it. All his life, he had been the one that followed along behind the Carrendar Women, but this time, he would have to be out front. Lunchbox, as he was known to Lord Kaze, or Young one, a term of endearment for certain, though he was only young at heart not in body. But when one is pumped with adrenilan, they are able to reach superhuman feats, or show no fear to stare death in the face. His whispy grey hair was blown back by the heated blast as the downed plane of Captain Antilles more or less covered a two mile radius from the impact zone. So...the North was losing valuable men, and for what and against who? The coms trooper comes out as Baldrick has the bazooka on his right shoulder, ready to lead the men out to take down the last of the enemy that had not been burnt alive by the plane wreckage. (Coms)- young one is now in control of the base here. That you are to command the base till you die or if you he said, and Baldrick knew who he meant- (Baldrick)"Lord Kaze has spoken.....Alright! Men, those who are armed, follow me!"- If they did obey the orders, they would race out to where the last sounds of the crackling of gun fire would be heard. Meanwhile, Charlotte was landing her plane, back in the air base, for it was simply too dangerous to land it in amongst the fiery battle scene that was going on on the far side of the city. She ripped off her mask, breathing sharply, eyes watering, and then she pushed open the hatch, throwing her helmet over the side, as a pained scream came from her lips. Antilles....was dead, sacrificing his life for the North. Communication chatter coming from the fight zone, made it clear that the casualties list and death toll would be considerable. She clamboured down the stair of her jet, and jumped the last step to hit the tarmac with both boots, her hair flying about her wildly as the snow was falling harder, but the hue of the ground was now....red. The other jets had gone on second attack runs, like fireflys in the sky. Charlotte ran for a shuttle only to be face with the Colonel, who bared her from getting in. (Colonel Drex)"Prime Minister, you have been ordered to get to the bunker....Please, do as I say...for the sake of Nixagris."- She clawed at his jacket, as two MP's came along side, and pulled her off, as she growled. (Charlotte)"I must go fight....I must!...Let me go!"- The Colonel and his MP's would more or less carry the enraged Bebilith to the bunkers, and earnt a wrath of swear words and profanity that would make a wharfie blush scarlet. :: The arrival of the medical teams and extra supplies seemed to arrive a little too late for the Commander and many of the piles of dead bodies that had been stacked up. One Doctor actually threw up at the sight....Such an atrocity, and in the name of Chaos.

      ------Whispers of a bullet-------

      - The propellers of the hawk made an incredible noise. Sweeping sounds , louder and louder, and faster and faster. The hawk was shaking as it got lift of the ground, taken up in the dark grey sky. They literally had to find Maylion, the woman was nowhere near the scene, nor even prepared. The pilot had stayed in his Hawk while one guard had ran towards her calling for her name, and that it was urgent. (Guard) Were under attack, you need to come with us Maam, Right now. Details will be given in the hawk. Maylion had turned around then with serious look in her eyes, the only serious look she had. Maylion finally understood what the guard was talking about when she saw the disaster scene which was created in the west. Maylion worn a headphone to keep in contact with the pilot, receiving the message when they were going to land, and when. She had changed her clothes in the hawk itself while flying, and even though Maylion hated flying, and always got nausea, this time it was different. The wind probably made it easier for her to breath, to not get Nausea. Maylion worn a combat outfit, the standard one for the Army. The chain sword was standing vertical against the hawk next to the door, waiting to be used, she had one hand on top of it near the handle to make sure it wouldnt fall down. She got nervous, slightly excited, she sat next to the guard that had picked her up. His face was normal, no signs of nervousness, good for him. a cracking sound came through the headset followed by the voice of the pilot (Pilot) Ready? Were going to land here Maylion nodded, threw her headphones off, got her self out of the seatbelts, and was prepared to jump out as soon as they came closer to the ground. They landed on a pretty safe spot, once she jumped out the hawk, grabbing her Chain sword to take it with her the sounds of men screaming got near with every second. Maylion turned her head around to the guard that went with her and yelled to overpower all the sounds. (Maylion) WE NEED TO GET TO THE HQ NOW The guard nodded and both at the same time they made a run for it. Maylion held the Chain sword in her left hand and with her right hand she gave support to her left hand to get ready and wipe anyone that want them death off the map. In front of them an army of men were fighting, creating disasters, dead bodys everywhere. Blood flew through the air as if it was simple water. Body parts followed having absolutely no life at all in them anymore. Men screaming, growling Maylion eyes narrowed, bloody fantastic. Maylion placed her right foot on the ground bending her knee slightly to make a fast jump forwards. While she jumped through the air she swung the chain sword from the left way through the right, cutting in those their bodys trying to reach her before she reached them. She had no time to kill them all, or at least join it completely. The first thing she needed to do was going to the HQ. She Ran through the fighting men while keeping her eye on the guard that came along. Dodging Weapons to puncture her, dodging fists to punch her. A few times she swung her Chain sword against those that almost tried to hit or kill her. Blinded by the chaos around her she just ran and ran, the base was pretty big though, enormous weapons on the wings, disaster everywhere, but things were still impact somehow. She noticed the HQ not far away, and as she finally reached the door all out of breath, huffing and puffing, she felt a trusted scent within the HQ. The guards had let her through and she opened the door walking In, blood stains everywhere. The chain sword got dragged along while small pieces of meat were still attached to it. Maylion stared around noticing Kaze. She didnt feel like giving them all a big hiya!. She placed the chain sword against the wall and crossed her arms. (Maylion) Im here..

      -How long had it been? The time did not matter to kaze as he smirks, his right power fist crushes another head as the magnetic force around the glove distorts the atomic compound of the head before the fist even touched. The muscles slowly disintegrate as the fist punches , crushing what was left of the forms head as a few streams of las beams answered back, it burns the left side of kazes face, adding more cuts and seeping blood. He raised his left hand as he runs his finger on the wound. Rolling around the blood he had in them as he sighs. He needed a challenge, this was just bees stinging him as kaze turns around. The army had attacked in force, line after line of dark armoured troops, firing their las weapons at the charging forces. He was glad that the wards was still in place. It only meant that they could field these rather then some thing more larger. The team of chaos space marines, that he had brought out, raced to meet the charging ones. Their bolt pistols smoked as they fired single shots, bodies ripping under the power of the weapon like a fresh water melon getting hit by a sledge hammer. The bodies stayed upwards as they brought down their chains swords, humming as it cuts through the lightly armoured rebels that attacked.. The marines was enjoying the killing. They raced into the group as a sound of heavy fire from a auto cannon was heard. Two on the far right flew back, three large holes was in their chest as kaze knew what had happen. He smirks ,pressing his attack in the group in front of him as he barks a order- press them against the buildings, hack them to death. - kaze charges to the far right hand side. His power fist, ripping through the soft targets as he left them bleeding on the floor with large holes from his attack. Using the cover from the army fire, he tilts his head around the corner as he spots the weapon. What they didnt use a tank? Kaze smirks even more, fools. Setting up sand bags and mounting the weapon on there in a make safe bunker. A grenade was thrown as it bounces off the bunker, blowing up in front of it . Casting dirt and rubble in to the air as a group of troops charged forwards to it. Kaze tries to call off the attack , the sounds of the weapon over ruling his voice as he watches the troops met by the rounds. Ripping the armour and skin as the bodies jolt from the power of the bullets at the speed. Kaze had sent most of his tanks to the north, to offer support. The rest was trapped by another group , not able to move out. He moves back wards. Hiding behind the building as the weapon started to shoot at where he was looking. Parts of the building cracked off as he growls. He needed a sniper to take the men at the bunker out. Giving the army more chance to advance as three went behind kaze, a large crack was heard as two used farmers scythe against it. It failed to even damage the armour as kaze brings his left elbow backwards. Breaking one of the attackers nose as it falls to the floor holding it. Kaze wasnt allowing them another shot, bringing his right armoured knee upwards. It hits the chin as it sends the attacker backwards into the other two. He smirks as he licks his lips. A dark red light slowly shone from the suits mid section as he laughs. He was going to absorbs their soul as it dances around from the orb . The light shot out as it grabs hold of the three, making them hold their throats as if it was chocking them. Their struggle was brief. Falling dead on the ground as the light slowly stops , vanishing from sight as he looks around. Kaze charges back towards the lines. Punching any that was around as he spots a sniper from his command- you, go to the west part of here,he points to a black broken building as he carries on. The sounds of the war was still loud as he looks at the uniform- I need you to take a damn, auto nest down, they made a out post there , more like sand bags and some cheap ass building parts, you should be able to hit them through the firing slot they give you. Just dont die, hard enough to replace your kind- as soon as he speaks a voice was heard as he looks back. Three las shots hits his armour as he growls,-fuck off geeez, cant a guy have time to speak- in response the army opens fires with a auto cannon that was on the main mid post. Killing a few as the rest retreats- well, why you smiling..? You seen what they done to my lands?I bloody kill them all. -He smirks coldly as he moves towards Maylion- I need you to move to the east part of here. I got the snipers to move to the west. In three hours, we are going to advance.. The rebels have taken and held some tanks of mine and I want them back.- he turns away from her as he walks to the coms unit- all coms are down, I dont know whats happened in the north, but there was a large attack there.. When this shit is over, you and me will be heading to the east. I heard the forces there have gone missing. I know the north be fine.. I have a skilled commander there that has yet to give in so the snipers will be sent after this whole shit finished

      - Hearing the barking orders of the Lord Kaze, Sargeant Avaera Relisaia and her crew of snipers, three other men, were armed with their long-las rifles, that had been taking out enemy troops, one after the other in rapid succesion. The Sargeant, a Neamuen soldier brought in from Lorewall had practically had to fight her way to earn a place on the sniper teams, the only female assassin and weapons specialist in all the outfit, she was used to getting no special treatment, or even her name being called, let alone Sargeant. She was dressed in all black, with forage cap and a camo cloak made from Cameleloline. On her back she carried a long, double-edged bayonet/combat blade the Tanith call Straight Silver. The hell snipers as they were called, were also known to use flame throwers and portable missle launchers, that the tanith called "tread fethers" On her cap was the badge which was the wreath-surrounded skull with three daggers behind it. Her face was marked with camoflage striping down her cheeks, She turned her head and then made the hand signal, for her men to follow her, their long-las rifles held out in front, instead of hoisted upon their backs. The long-las sniper rifles used highly charged powder packs known as "Hot shots" and had been known to take off the head of the enemy with a well placed shot. The operation Kaze instructed was in your face warfare, and the likelyhood of death was a certainty if one of her crew made the wrong move. Pulling in behind a bullet ridden building, with the crackle of gunfire going off, Avaera stared down the scope of her long-las sniper rifle, and she had the sandbag hill marked, as the air had become filled with choking smoke and ash, from the many explosions and crumbling debris from the buildings struck. (Avaera)"Spread out, boys.."- the three in behind her all ran in different directions, blurs of black that would have them fired upon, as they all made it to better vantage points to access hitting them from side on as Avaera found a break in the line. A grenade would be thrown, giving the distraction needed, as Avaera locked on a target's head, and she commenced firing as the red dot laser was at the man's temple. His head would explode on impact, grey brain matter showering the men behind him, as from the left and right more las gun fire at the remaining nest of the enemy. Avaera was silent as she fired round after round, as bodies were being riddled, holes appearing, blood spurting up and raining down on the sandbags. Would it give the Lord Kaze time to finish this, and move on to the North, where they too were suffering at the hands of the unknown agents of Chaos-

      - Maylion held her right arm above her head to watch kaze moving towards her speaking on a tone she was used to hear from him. He seemed to be pretty calm under these circumstances, at least.. thats what she saw. (Maylion) Roger that, sir Thats all she needed to say, no form of greeting after the years that had passed, nothing. There was no time. Maylion grabbed her Chain sword turned around and right after she gestured to one of jeeps the vehicle stopped right in front of her. The east post was 5 miles downwards from where they were now, running would waste time. With her left hand she grabbed the rod of the jeep above her head and pushed the chain sword on the backseat. She then pulled her bolt gun from her waste and stepped into the open jeep. In her eye corner something moved closer. A few seconds later a single las shot hit the front glass of the jeep, breaking the glass. Glass scattered, jumping through the air. Maylion stretched her arm towards the one firing the Las shot, pressed her finger on the trigger, the bolt gun made a roaring sound caused by the propeller in the bolt gun itself. A few shots were released ripping through the bastards body. Blood flew through the air along with pieces of his insides. Maylion then pulled the bolt gun close to her body leaning forwards to tab the Driver on his shoulder letting him know to step on the gas and hurry. She looked over her shoulder back to Kaze and the small group of snipers. One of them was a female, and Maylion felt a small very small feeling of jealousy towards her, Maylion wasnt gay, but she wouldnt kicked that one out of her bed. The Jeep pulled up leaving a cloud of dust behind. Maylions eyes focused on everything within her eye field pointing her Bolt gun on everything and anything that was a threat. While driving she repeatedly aimed the bolt gun on each one that tried to fire Las shots. The roaring sound of her Bolt gun was heard multiply times as she fired shots at each and one of them in her way. The jeep with a speed of 74.56 mph sometimes bounced over the grounds making stones and dust fly upwards making the jeep sometimes hard to see, but most important hard to shoot for. The East command outpost was reached in a decent fast time. As the driver hit the brake and steered the wheel to the right they turned sideways leaving a wall of dust on spot. Maylion jumped out holding her bolt gun on guard, ready to kill everyone that came near her or any other person she had to lead. With her other hand she grabbed her chain sword pulling it with her. She moved towards the post. Holding her body close to the ground as Las shots were fired she grabbed a vox com to let Kaze know she arrived all well, and it was a bloody mess. The vox com seemed to be death, it wasnt working. Maylion cursed on the inside of her mouth while looking backwards to gesture two men who were hidden behind wall taking cover. They moved towards her once the coast seemed clear for a split second. To overpower the noises with her voice she almost screamed. (Maylion) Go to lord kaze, tell him ive arrived, She held her words for a moment while looking around. (maylion) But its a big mess. Might need re-inforcements, or some sort. The men looked at each other, this woman clearly never had lead troops in time of war. But they followed the order and made their way to Lord kaze. While maylion moved her butt towards the scene she re-loaded her bolt gun and was ready to fight along. -

      -the group that was attacking the east part slowly moved forwards.. They had been planning to wait for some one of importance as the distance sound of engine rumbling was flowing them from behind them as one large shadow was behind. The sounds of turning gears followed as a dark smog flows around the attacking forces. They had manage to get the tanks from the base that they had held. It lurches forwards as it lays its fire down. The cases of the large rounds fired off, bouncing away as the hot lead flies towards the command centre. It had aimed at the two that was meant to be giving the orders, firing at their feet as it aims more at the bodies, a inch in front of them. If it hits, they would be killed, ripped apart by the tanks main weapon . The rebels moved forwards still, the sounds of the dreaded clicking of pins being thrown out as they threw grenades at the defending army. The las weapons from the army hitting scores of them, but.. Sudden booms down the line as men was ripped a part by the grenades. Kaze had not told her that she was to defend the east power station. He needed that to be done or the secondly main gun would not be ready to fire. He didnt care much for the city any way, means more jobs to build the housing up as the second main weapon slowly was brought to life. Only two hours left for it to be fully charged. It would be faster if the power stations was all working or not taken but, he was limited to what he had at the current moment. The battle in the east power station was about to begin. Scores of rebels raced towards the bunker. Met by the weapons of the army as the tank open fires once more. It fires a short burt of rounds into the army, killing and wounding troops as three rocket troopers [M1 rockets] tried to lock onto the target. A large bang as two was hit by the auto cannon, their weapons ,flew out of their hands. The third one was thrown the ground as he shook his head. He felt the pain on his left side of his face. Moving his left hand to it as he touches. The look of shock on the troopers face as he feels the inside of his left mouth. The auto cannon had ripped the muscles and some of his jaw. Lucky to be alive , he looks back towards the tank as a las bolt rips into his fore head. He topples backwards as he lays dead. The tank moves forwards with the rebels using it as cover as it fires more and more busts of round at the army. One low rank troop races towards Mayloin , his body had small non life threatening wounds, as he speaks back to her- Sir. We cant advance and they got heavy armour. Orders?- he ducks as an other grenade went off, this time into the crowd of the rebels. He looks at the group as he flips them off.. [Centre part]Kaze looks towards where he had sent the snipers. A runner came back to tell that the out post was down, he smirks as he looks to the battered army. Most was fighting hand to hand as he walks to the main gates. The walls was covered with round fires, burnt marks as screams of the dying and hit echoed.- you know, it be nice for a cup of tea and watch this- he muses as he turns back around, facing the on coming horde. A second runner came up behind kaze as he tilts his head- we manage to get the tanks, but one is missing and the rest is down. Orders sir- kaze shakes his head as he sighs- orders, seek the tank and sadly , take it out. Try get the commander of the hawks to take this one out and for the love of it repair the remaining tanks.- the runner nods as kaze moves his left hand out upwards to the left eye patch. It seemed to have enough power to do this as he smirks. Ripping off the eye patch, he shouts for them to pull back. The troops , hearing this, raced backwards as kaze looks around with his right eye. Soon, he would thin the ranks down,-keep me covered and some one send a small force to the east power station, re enforce it or we are going to lose the secondly cannon.. A dark figure appears behind kaze out of no where as it knees down, an other form with a red orb in the middle of its chest, covered in blood- report- the figure nods its head as it speaks- location of a mass part is seven miles out of the main town. I have already gave the firing team the location sir_ kaze smirks as he shakes his head, he knew that this one was a good keep- glad to know you didnt die unlike your family. Go to the snipers I sent to head up north, but make sure you keep out of their way- the figure nods as it seemly vanishes with out a trace.. [North part] there they are, SNIPER-an other round was fired at the army. This time hitting a medic that was trying to save some one as he falls forwards. They had been attacked by a small group of snipers for a while. With out command, they was lost. One of the high commanders fired his hell pistol into the groups of the attacking forces, damn it, they was using this charge to cover the snipers in the third building to the left of them. It was luck that they didnt use the right one, that would have gave them more view into the lines. He looks to the right as he narrows his eyes, just making out of a group coming as he ducks and dashes towards them.. Looking still at them, he noticed the uniform. The best of the best in snipers and scouts. Their weapons and armour was known. The people that wore it was feared as he waves to them. Moving his hands to his lips , he cups them, trying to shout over to them as the fire of weapons screamed over head- hellooo, yes you, mind doing me a fave? There some snipers held up in the left third building. Cant get a damn unit to counter as they have us pinned down.- he had hoped they heard. He knew that if they wasnt moving in that way, rumours travel, then they was on a mission. It was heard enough to keep his view on them , hoping that they heard. The commander sighs as a las round shot over his head- For the love of.._ he swings around as he pulls the trigger, aiming at the attackers heart as the round pieces it, the body fell downwards. In the snipers building [ the left one that the rebels have] three snipers, using parts of the damage building to hide in, slowly picks off troops after troop. They breath slowly, letting their lungs become empty as they fired. Breathing only once again after five seconds before picking their next target-

      - Their marks in the sandbag hill nest taken out, with their heads exploding from the rapid gun fire of the long-las guns, each of Avaera's team fell back, reloading their weapons, but the fight was far from over. Avaera pulled in behind the bullet ridden wall of the building that had shielded her from initial rifle fire. One of the field runners would go and inform Lord Kaze that the first request mission had been sucessful, and Avaera had to wait for the messenger to return with the next set of instructions, since they were not using coms (as wierd as that sounds) Avaera kept an eagle eye on her other three men in her squad, all had been through the same training as she, but she had topped the class, her determination and hunger to be part of this man's army her driving force. No one had given out out medals for courage nor valour, unless it was earnt, and the bars on her lapel were gained with blood sweat and few tears. Trying to gauge the oncoming forces through the thick haze of smoke and ash, the deafening roar of cannon fire from the tanks, and the overhead shrill scream of the hawks, meant they were putting up a damn good fight. But the pivotal role of the sniper units was not to be underestimated. The messenger would race back, dodging bullet fire, dancing and then rushing, crawling along the ground till he reached Avaera. Gasping for breath after his hair raising run across the lines, but thankfully not coming under fire. Avaera and her men picked up the Commander yelling at them from across the lines, of snipers being in the left third building up ahead, and that they were picking off troops from their secured positions. Each of the four looked at the other, giving hand signals, and then all were on the move, taking advantage of the terrain, and the damaged vehicles and burning twisted wreckages of tanks, they would perform rush movements. Basically, starting from in the lying position but with their elbows and knees supporting, they would push off in a burst of speed, before coming to stop, both feet planted, knees bent, in particular the left, with the long-las rifles pointed straight and true. Then they would fall forward, gaining marked position on their targets. Landing by rolling but not on the firing side, so they may adjust the holding of the long -las sniper rifle to be so that the butt of the gun is resting on their right shoulder, knees pressed into the earth, to give leverage in case they must rise again in a trice. Moving in on north, east and south of the targeted building, the marksman like abilities of these well trained dogs of war, would come into effect. The snipers within were well caught up in the taking out of the Nemauen troops, and this then gave them the opportunity to capitalize. Sniper versus sniper. Avaera looked down the scope breathing slowly, then allowing her heart rate to drop thus helping her to still her body. When she was ready, she takes one breath in and then one breath out, so her lungs would be empty as she would commence firing. Her trigger finger poised, she presses it back so the trigger locks, they press and hold the trigger as the target's head and back are in sight, then releasing the trigger, the long-las gun firing, as this is repeated. The sniper shot by Avaera would see a great hole open up in the back of his head/helmet, his body swaying still spraying bullets from his gun though now off aim, as he crumples to the ground. Her other squad members open fire on the last two remaining snipers and soon there was silence within the burnt and blackened abandoned building-

      Maylion had taken cover while she had re-loaded her bolt gun she peeked over the wall. Next to her one of the lead was sitting on one of his knee. Maylion cursed softly while observing the whole scene carefully. The attacking group came closer and closer. The ground was shaking slightly making Maylion her eyebrows furrow. Tanks?.. She re-called the words of Lord kaze that rebels had taken over some tanks. But why was the east part so special to use tanks?. Just as she confirmed for herself that there were damn tanks moving in on them, a moment of silent appeared, but soon got disrupted by the sound of a blast. Maylion saw how the tank had fired in her direct. (Maylion) Fuck .. FUCK FUCK She quickly placed her foot on the ground, turned her body and made a run to get away on time. The man that was sitting next to her had made a dash to the side. As the rounds got fired Maylion took a huge jump to get herself save. The sound of the bullets ripping the ground bringing up clouds of dust stones and blood as some of the men around were hit were just behind her. It had missed her this time. She was laying on the ground protecting her head. as soon as she felt she was unharmed she got up turning around taking cover again hold the bolt gun in a fire ready position. She noticed how rebels pulled the pinches from grenades and threw them towards the troops. The small wall Maylion had take cover behind shook, everything started to shake as grenades were going off around her. Half of the wall broke of by the pressure the grenades had caused. A few bricks had hit her head leaving a few not terrible big open wounds in her face. A beep entered her ears after the few hits. She looked around to see if the troops were okay. A few men were hit, they were death. Laying on the ground in weird positions. She felt how blood dripped off her face, it felt warm and nice, the pain wasnt entering her bains yet, as they were working their butts of the get it all figured. Maylion aimed her bolt gun over the half broken wall, and fired rounds at the rebels who threw the grenades. As their bodies got ripped by the bullets she released a big grunt. (Maylion) WE NEED TO WIN THAT TANK BACK.. She yelled towards the man who was sitting next to her before they got attacked by the tank. The main raised his thumb to give of a sign that he had heard it. The tank was heavy armoured. The only thing that perhaps had a chance was a bunch of rocket launchers. They could be strong enough to destroy the tanks if they all would hit the tank. She glanced to the right while one of the troop men rushed into her. Saying sir to her,. She shook her head at his words. (Maylion) Rockets, we need the Rocket launchers, Where the fuck are they?! She looked around spotting one of them death on the ground, The other two were also hit by the auto cannon. She stared at the man while barking. (Maylion) Let a group back us up, you me and another one will grab the launchers, and on my mark well darn get that tank down. Maylion and the man moved closer towards the rocket launchers, while she yelled the orders. She pointed to a few men. (Maylion) BACK US UP! DONT LET THEM GET A CLEAR HIT ON US. AND I NEED YOU TO HANDLE THE THIRD LAUNCHER. NOW! As the three persons moved closer to the M1 rocket launchers the assigned troops made sure no rebels were able to shot Maylion or the other two down while they prepared the attack. Maylion took a good hold of the Rocket, having it lean on her shoulder. She had her knee moved up to let her elbow lean on it. She had her finger ready on the trigger, her body was ready to be slammed backwards when the rocket would be launched. The other two were ready. Maylion held the aim on the tank and exhaled. (Maylion) READY?! The other two screamed some sort of confirmation. Maylion counted in herself from three to one, waiting for the perfect moment. There it was. Maylion barked. (Maylion) FIRE NOW The three pressed the trigger on the same moment. It wasnt the original plan probably to fire the three rockets at the same time, but they simply had no time to do things the way it was planned. The pressure of the Rocket that was launched slammed Maylions body backwards. The launcher got moved upwards after the rocket was launched. Maylion Held it all stable and stared at the rockets now rushing for the tank. If they would hit, the tank would or be heavily damaged, or be completely destroyed. She dropped the rocket Launcher to take a good cover for the explosion that would follow. As she took the cover she immediately pulled the bolt gun back into position to continue firing at the Rebels that would come out of it all alive. Maylion glanced sideways with a big awful grin on her face thinking she did a pretty good job so far. In the distance between the clouds of dust she noticed a small group of troops coming their way. Maylion knew they were send by Kaze. He did get the message then she hoped. But the troops werent blending in with the other troops. They moved forward towards the East power station. Maylion got up and rushed forwards keeping her bolt gun aimed at every rebel or men who were attacking the base, firing bullets to rip them apart. As she reached one of the men who got send down to the east power station she briefly heard that it needed to be defended. She threw her right hand up in the air and gestured that the first priority they had was to defend it. Troops were now focused on defending the power station. Maylion pulled one low rank closer to her and gave orders. (Maylion) Go to the centre. Tell Lord kaze about the Tank, also tell him weve got the east power station covered. NOW she released the men while taking cover again. The men rushed towards the centre to bring the message to kaze.

      - KazeCarrendar: -The tank fires its twin auto cannon at the army. Its barrel ,heating up , as the increased amount of spent rounds, flew around the tank itself. The rebels, moved forwards, using the tank as a form of shield and a way to counter the attacks towards them. A dark feeling seeps from them more, as they get closer. The lust of the kill was in their eyes, set on killing those that was in their way. Slipping over the battle scarred lands. The once proud city, slowly becoming a make shift grave yard for those that attacked and defended. The buildings burn under the flames of the war that had hit them. The smell of death and metallic ting, that hidden smell of war, hung in to the air. The tank moved forwards still, crushing the rumble under its great treads, as its fumes, infect the air. A team of four rebels, charged towards the lines as they bring out their scythe, a suicide rush towards the army as it catches a few off guard. Their scythe, cuts through the necks, ripping apart the main archeries as the blood splash against them. They was greeted , in return, by the army’s las weapons, burning their flesh as their bodies fell down to the ground. The tank spots the rocket troops, slowly turning its turret towards it as it slowly locks on to them. A low “clicking” echoed as it feeds another belt into the main chamber. Before it could fire, the hawk flew towards high in the sky, hitting it with it pay load as a line of exploitation from where it hits, lined down the tank itself. The rockets that was fired from the army itself, hits as well. Under the power of both attacks, the tank blows up. Its fuel tanks catch fire as it blows its parts along the battle field. The other gang of rebels near it, was ripped apart by the tanks armour, they scream in pain as the heated metal rips into their body, flinging them like rag dolls into the buildings and the army. A head rolls towards Maylion. Its mouth open as parts of the skin was badly burnt. But still the rebels from behind did not stop. Using the smoke from the tanks again, they planned to use it as a screen shield, blindingly firing at the army in wild bursts as they charge from the smoke. They needed that power station down. At all costs. They moved in a spear head, aiming to charge down a single point as a team of three tried to get the auto cannon from the tank. The insanity of the rebels was coming through more and more. Three more grenades’ was thrown into the mass of bodies, not caring if they hit their own side.. [North]
      As the snipers hid from the army for a while, they forgot one simple task. To post a look out, basic mistake from them was going to cost them dearly. The first sniper did not see the female until it was too late. Only last thing he felt , was the bullet entering as he slumps forwards, his blood leaking out as it trickles down the rubble like a stream. The other two was met in the same fate. Their bodies left to rot . The commander that was posted near by waited. He got a helmet as he puts it on a stick, using it, he moves to a outer wall of a building near by as he stuck it out. He waited for the “bang” of the weapon but it never came. He smirks, they had done what they did as he moves his right hand to a whistle he had attached around his neck. Blowing hard , he gives the signal for the army to move. A large war cry from the defending forces boomed through out the air as he waves, hoping to catch the attention of the snipers that helped once more as a thank you. The commander races towards with the army . But, as they did, they did not check for traps. As soon as the first wave hits ten feet, the first trap was set off. More bombs was attached to the other buildings as strings was placed around, making a trip wire. The bombs goes off as the buildings coughed out smoke . The ground suddenly shakes as the army looks around, stunned. Getting caught off guard, the advancing force was caught under the falling buildings, crushing them under like the wrath of a god.. The screams of pain was cut off. As soon as the dust cleared, only known tell tale signs of the army there was a hand sticking out of the rubble. The commander stops as he watches it happened. Damn it, he didn’t plan this.. He signals the retreat as a bullet hits him in the back of his head, exiting just under his nose as the commander falls down into the ground. The rebels suddenly started to charge once again towards them, leaping over the rubble as they fired shots at the army. The army stationed there, was now in a state of panic, running the chances of a bloody rout. They needed some one to lead them …. [centre] kaze sighs as he mutters to himself, he didn’t know what was happening as he looks to the east side of him then the north wards. No coms meant no reports, no reports meant a bloody headache that he didn’t want . He still had to plan his next moves. If he could clear the central part, he could reinforce the others as his left hand became slowly more hazed. The army was giving him covering fire for him to begin his offensive attack to the rebels. The large cannons bursting now and again, firing high amount of rounds into the rebel forces had almost ran out of ammo. He had reports that one hawk was in the air as he smirks but, he couldn’t allow it to be hit, if that went down, the rebels could loot it and use the weapons on there to deal more damage against the army. Kaze began to mutter to himself as he looks back towards the rebels.-”oh fuck this, OH PISS OF YOU LOT AND LET ME HAVE SOME TIME”- His shout was met by las fire as more wounds appears on his left side of his face, the sting was becoming annoying . Clenching his left hand suddenly, kaze brings the fist towards his face slightly , bending his elbow as he tilts his body-” tards the lot of you”- he shouts again as he flicks his left arm towards the attacking force. A dark line appears from his hand as it , at first became a mist, rushing towards the bulk of the rebels, it grow in thickness and size as it races around them. Wrapping itself around the bodies they start to scream and drop to the ground. The fire was not burning them , oh no,it was slowly draining them of their souls. Kaze smirks watching the show as he lowers his left hand to his side-” fools”_ he mutters as he turns his back to them. He rushes towards a small team as he points to the east power station-” get your ass down there now and defend you gits.”_ they nod slowly as they turn to face the east, rushing towards it at full speed. Kaze sighs as he looks to the bodies that was slowly being drained-” wiggy”-
      - xXSirenofMidnightXx: Maharet heard Kaze’s voice and his urgency and realised she needed to get down there asap. Following the rest of the men she kept an eye up ahead ready for anything that may cross her path. The rebels seem to be everywhere and the power station seemed to be there next stop. Maharet started to run faster than the others she began to leave them behind. Unsheathing her only weapon her sword Maharet began to behead and slice her way through the rebels to get to the east. She didn’t care she was needed. Many cries of men dying seemed to fill the air all around. As she was getting closer Maharet began to look for the one who was calling the shots there was no point in her just going in sword first and be somewhere she wasn’t needed. Taking a look around she grabs a wounded soldier and kills the rebel who was wounding him (Maharet) “Who’s in charge? … Where are we needed??”

      - oMERCYo: - In the frenzy of a large scale battle such as this a lot hinges on the preparation and leadership of the Commander. Nothing should be left to chance, or have caution thrown to the wind. The battle can turn against you in the blink of an eye, all because you get cocky, thinking you have the upper hand. The snipers that were attacked by Avaera and her men were foolish enough not to have their backs covered against the chance of similar style of attack happening to them. Avaera's shot was true, the sniper she aimed for shot dead, his companions meeting the same fate, their blood pooling together in amongst the rubble and stone, brain matter splattered across the walls, a blooded hand print marking the end of a life. Here is where many would meet their maker, no chance for prayers, no chance to say goodbye. This is where you die. A sudden burst of a whistle was sounded, the Commander had given the right to go forward, the troops roaring in unison as they began their big push. But as the enemy snipers had failed to post a lookout, so to the army had failed to send out scouts to test for...~KABOOM!~ Avaera peeked out from her position, seeing the rise of dust and debris, the horrified cries of many a soldier, their bodies crushed beneath walls of the exploding buildings, all caused by trip wires, booby traps. Avaera looked back at her men, each one on the east and west of the building (third on the left) They had survived the slaughter, and each moved with speed, crawling, then rushing, falling and getting in behind broken parts of walls, trying to keep hidden, as the Commander was killed like a sitting duck, sounding the retreat. A bullet entering the back of his skull and ripping out the front of his face. Who would lead them now, the men needed direction...guidance. Avaera crawled over to the Commander, and snapped the whistle string from around his neck, as she gave the order- (Avaera)"Retreat!"- she blows the whistle and then in a mad dash of a rush movement, she runs, as bullets whizz around her form, one just skimming her left shoulder, opening up her uniform, crimson blood flowing down her arm, as she throws herself over a wall. The constant ping ping ping, of bullet fire herald that the rebels are not far behind. Many of the men who survived have made it with her, all are still armed. Panting hard, she uses her hand to signal to get ready, for when the rebels move in on them....they are going to jump the wall...and show the rebels what Nemauens are made of. (Avaera)"On...my....mark.."
      - ShioriSayaka: - As Maylion stared at the back of the low rank soldier now running away in the direction of the centre to give the report of the destroyed tank and the East power station now being defensed to Lord Kaze. The flames burning from the buildings, the screams of death, and pleasure rang in her ears over and over. The blood dripping from the wounds in her face had dried up and were more likely a sticky mess now. Her eyes did show a little fear, it was finally getting to her at a certain level. She enjoyed the killing, it was the fear for her own death and that it wouldn’t be such a beautiful one that was hitting her. She turned around while everything seemed to be in slow-motion. A rebel ran towards her with his las weapon aimed for her body. She sat on the floor against a building with her legs spread keeping the bolt gun pointed at the ground. Her grip tightened around it while her hair moved along with the wind. It was a sort of cliché scene, a movie scene almost if you looked closely at it. Maylion raised her both hands with the Bolt gun. She aimed between his eyes and pressed the trigger with her index finger. As she exhaled the shot was done. The bullet flying through the air ripping the skin of the rebel right between his eyes. The bone got scattered, his brain got punctured, destroyed after the bullet would left his head his brain would more likely to look like mashed potatoes that had been dyed pink. His body fell lifeless on the ground with a expression drawn on his face that would snap Maylion back in reality again. War. Maylion looked around quickly raising from her sitting position remembering that they had to defend that damn east power station. Rebels were moving in closer. As she looked to her left a head rolled next to her. His mouth wide open, his skin burned and ripped. Maylion shivered for a moment showing surprisingly human emotions. Maylion winked a few times with her eyes staring at it. She spoke to herself in her mind softly. ‘ don’t lose yourself right now missy.. ‘’ She stared around looking at the troops fighting the rebels back. One by one grenades with their pinch pulled out thrown by the rebels landed between the fighting man. Explosions here and there. Flying body parts flew through the air, blood covered certain walls and objects, even certain men standing nearby. Maylion covered her face with her right arm. (Maylion) ‘’ Mother. Fu.. ‘’ Left from where she was the rebels near the tank used the smoke to create a shield. A wall of smoke was visible, it lingered in the air making all that was standing behind it invisible for herself and the army. Shots were fired, round by round, bullet by bullet crashed into men, into objects. Maylion kept her body low on the ground now. She was laying on her tummy covering her head while overthinking possibilities. The tank.. the tank was down.. but it had something that was important enough to make the defense of smoke.. powerful enough to take down the east power station.. Canon.. As the shooting continued from the army and rebels. Maylion crawled over to a near cover place. They needed to get behind that smoke shield quickly and damn get those rebels down before they could take a hold of the auto canon. Maylion raised her arm to give a hand signal towards one of the men, she didn’t care who it was.. she just needed one right now for god sake. Meanwhile the guy who got approached by the female was laying on the ground covered in blood but still alive. With some trouble he got the words out of his mouth (soldier) ‘’ Maylion .. female.. Black short hair.. ‘’ That’s all he said. He rested his head back on the ground staring at the clouds. Maylion had gathered a small group under the bullet rain she quickly discussed her plan trying to get that tank even though it was destroyed in their hands. -
      - KazeCarrendar: -Two main battles had happen, if the north fell then the centre would be fighting for their lives. If the east fell, then the power to the main cannon would be taken down., making the battle more of a everyone for themselves. Kaze had other problems to that as well, the wards, that was keeping upwards to stop any formation of summons or teleportation’s skill, would also loose their power. It wasn’t about one thing, it was about lore wall. The west had been under attack for days as kaze only wanted to clean out the rebel force as he mutters low in his breath. He turns to the cannon that was slowly aiming to the target zone of the high amount of traffic as he tilts his head to the right hand side. An other volley of that damn las weapons, hit him as he growls. Hell will burn soon, he rather level the lands and rebuild then let the west be over ran as he steps forwards. The ones that he had attacked, had fallen dead their souls drained as the fires slowly grew into a darken cloud. He sniffs the air as he waits,. Yes the winds was moving towards the rebels . He laughs, the sound of that what lived for the kill, as he slowly walks forwards to the main battle lines. Kaze hated rifles or guns it self, he rather butcher with his hands as he loosens himself up more. Still no coms was up, they had done well to block it but the time for the counter was now. The dark figure had returned behind him as it knees down, kaze looks forwards, waiting for the report-” well?”- kaze asks as he scans the battle field, the rebels attacking here , had slowly stopped, giving the defenders time to re arm.-” my lord, the North commander has been killed, your sniper has taken command. Orders for this one?”- the voice speaks back as kaze tilts his head slightly back, looking at the form with his left warped eye. It gleams with the madness that was the terror of those that fell with in the lust of battle. The call for the souls had awaken his soul more and he enjoyed the moment.-” Order a full movement three miles into the part of the city from the north, I need to make sure that I can be sent to the east power station and re enforce. You will guild them. But, any forms of attacks here are just going to be met with that”- he moves his left hand as he tilts his head, the fine mist slowly appears on his hand as kaze sighs. He hated to waste this but, to make sure that he had enough time to move to the east and fire that damn cannon, it had to do. The fine mist was slowly moving towards the main “cloud” as kaze kept watch-”go”- the form simply seems to have vanish before kaze could say it as he laughs…[north] the army almost was gone, created by the on coming attack if it wasn’t for some one else that had taken the place. Troops racing to give her a chance to return to the bunker as they fired shot after shot into the attackers as they rebuked their attacks. The rebels answered back with the screams of each hit, each one fallen to the ground . But still, they did not retreat, pressing, climbing over their dead, the rebels kept their attacks up . One had locked on to the female sniper as it licks its lips. Seeing some form of power, the rebel aims and.. A shock of pain raced down its face as it slowly looks back, only seeing a clocked form. He looks down as he spots a black weapon stuck out of his left chest before falling down. The form kicks the body off as it locates the female sniper. Still masking its form from view as it seeps across the battle field.-” orders from our lord, advance, send a recon team and hold the pass a few miles forwards. There are mines located”- as soon as the form spoke it suddenly vanishes . It self had the same cloak as the other female sniper. … [east[.. “ SURRENDER”-A voice booms over as a dark armoured form slowly walks forwards. the rebels moved out of the way, scared of what was coming as it kicks the hulk of the tank from its path. Its armour was covered in a skin of the faces that was killed by its hand as it brings its bolt pistol up in its right hand, firing one single shot at a troop near by,. In its left hand, it held a purple/ red gore power sword. Humming with its energies as the form was covered in thick terminator armour. The army fires more and more at it as the form stops , watching them as the weapons failed to even hit him. The form laughs as it brings its weapon upward. Pointing the tip of the sword towards the commander.-” you will face me in battle or I will kill you all now”_ he laughs once more as the smog of the tank moved more from its form. On the backs of the armour, spikes with freshly killed guards, hung, their faces still in the horror . The rebels chant for the new form to kill and help them. Each one was begging for his aid. One thing stood out on his armour.. The number “3”-
      - xXSirenofMidnightXx: The dust and smoke began to pick up, making it hard to determine who is who. Many bullets flew around the air. Maharet deflected many with her swords until she reached the woman the guy had described. She knew he used his last breath to tell her what she needed to know and she silently thanked the man. More rebels seemed to come out of the work and destroyed a tank. This was bad and all she could hope for was that she was the force that was needed. Reaching the woman she had no time to explain who she was she just shouted her name (Maharet) Maylion???? Seeing the woman with black short hair turn and keep looking around while describing her plan Maharet Listened intently, she knew that if she herself could get to the doors of the power station she could at least offer some defense. Maybe it was time to unleash the demon within her, She hated doing this for she hardely had control over it. But at least it was a weapon she had and she knew that her demon power could at least defend the station. Her eyes began to glow and her demon form began to show, Her black wings sprouting from the back, her small tail growing slowly her horns slowly showing themselves and curling to the back of her head. Her eyes glowed neon pink as she held her sword tightly. In her demon form her senses grew, she could see as far as power station. She waited for her command on what to do…. (Maharet’s demon Voice) Tell me where you need me but stay out of my way….

      - oMERCYo: Avaera was bunkered down behind the blackened and bullet riddled wall. With the rebels approaching, she licked her cracked and dry lips, though her tongue was rough, as she swallowed hard. She had to show no fear to her troops, her eyes dilated and focused, as her finger curled round the trigger ring, ready.....ready for what was coming. With nothing but a whistle, and no coms, the only way to communicate was a flurry of hand signals that would be sent to each and everyone that had survived the inital onslaught. For a moment the whole world seemed to slow, perhaps it was her soldier instinct, slowing her heartrate, as she was suppost to, as she had been trained. Each blooded, dirty face....was to her a brother at arms, and just as she was about to give the signal to go over the top, a cloaked figure appeared before her, stunning her. What on earth? She did not make noise, perhaps this was the Angel of death, about to guide her to the final hoorah. Her shoulder bleeding down her arm, soaking her uniform was now no longer of consequence, the pain masked by the knowledge that the sweetest pain was to come. But the dark cloaked figure bore a message to the female sniper. (Cloaked figure).-” orders from our lord, advance, send a recon team and hold the pass a few miles forwards. There are mines located”- The figure would no sooner speak these words, then vanish from view. Avaera did not wait for another messenger, Lord Kaze himself had sent the message to do the recon. Avaera held up four fingers and then gestured for that many men to go and hold the the pass a few miles forward, and then she made signals that the area was known for mines. One of the soldier's that had survived the intial attack had with him a sniffer dog. These men and the dog, spirited away to hold the pass, the dog would be used to sniff out the vapour that is released from freshly dug mines. It is plausible that dogs use more than one substance to identify the smell, and they tend to notice substances with a higher vapor pressure and with a vapour like DNT as opposed to TNT. The complex smell of mines inclued softner, waxes, oils and other chemicals. With this team away, Avaera knows the rebels are upon them. She makes the signal, and then all as one, they rise from behind the wall, some having a certain amount of wall covering, others in the open, Avaera and her men commencing firing round after round of their long-las shot guns, Avaera screaming on the top of her lungs, trying to take out as many as she could and grant the recon team a chance to allow Lord Kaze to do what he must to save the power station....and win the war.

      - ShioriSayaka: - Maylion turned around by the one calling her name. she noticed the woman almost out of breath, she must have had a hard run to make it over here. Maylion stopped in the middle of explaining her plan while the bullets kept racing near their heads. She turned her head over to the girl who seemed to be a demon. She noticed the appearance change and the low voice that came from her throat. Two neon pink eyes staring into Maylions. Maylions mouth corners started to pull up a bit. This lady could help in so many ways. Maylion nodded at her once while opening her mouth to speak. (Maylion) ‘’ The troops can hold the defense on the East power station not much longer. But there’s a thing that worries me more at the moment. The rebels have used this shield of smoke for a purpose.. The tank was armed with a Cannon,. It would be powerful enough to get the east power station down. We need to get that Tank back in our hands.. and you seem to be perfect for it. Go now and make sure those damn rebe… ‘’ She stopped as the atmosphere started to change. Something was coming, something bigger than the rebels all together. Something that scared her somewhere. She could hear bullets stop racing through the air. Suddenly a voice echoed through the area. The words Surrender rang in her eyes just as the screams of death and horror did just not that long ago. Maylion stood up from her sitting position feeling something behind her was moving in closer and closer with every second that passed. Troops around her started to fire rounds uncontrolled. But they all didn’t seem to do the necessary damage to the form. As she turned around with eyes that were furious she stared to the form in his horrible armor. The smell of the death lingered around his form entering her nose. She noticed the rebels behind him, they all seemed to be nothing compared to him. It all seemed so easy to kill them right now. Maylion raised her bolt gun quickly before he even raised the sword in his hand. She pointed at his form, knowing that it wouldn’t matter anyway. If the bullets in her bolt gun would have any effect he already would be dead since the troops had opened fire on him earlier. As the worlds rolled out of his mouth with a certain tone of pleasure she narrowed her eyes. She took a glance at the number on his armor. Number 3.. Maylion remembered the words of Charlotte that day in the hall after the messenger had left. "I am to go to the North, for there will be a series of messengers, each numbered, and each to fight. But if I kill the wrong one, they will just pop up again. And the threat is to the water supply, with a virus, that I know nothing about or how to stop. So I must play this game, even though its Kaze he really wants. Lord Kaze has said the battle is his to play, but I am a pawn in this game.’’ Maylion mumbled softly with a hissing sound in her voice. (Maylion) ‘’ The game.. ‘’ Before she even answered him she raised her free hand in the air and made some hand signals that the troops had to defend the east power station right away, and all of them. The troops moved in position. Maylion made another hand signal towards only one of the soldiers, he had to move to the centre warning kaze. If the soldier wouldn’t get killed on the way he would have made it to the centre running towards kaze to tell him that the east was having a problem with a form that had the number 3 on his armor. It now became clear how many men had found death. Between the clouds of dust and the soft burning objects bodies were laying on top of each other with blown off faces, body parts. It was a disaster,. This whole war was simply one big bloody mess . And just as she had a plan to finish it off.. This form HAD to enter… he had to show up with that terrific number on his chest to damnly make it harder for her and the troops?! He had to damn crash the party and challenge her?! HER?! .. MAYLION?! . Maylion tightened the grip around her bolt gun. Her nose started to wrinkle as she pulled it up because of the anger that was boiling inside of her. She almost bared her teeth’s. With a growling voice full of anger she almost screamed it out. (Maylion) ‘’ Fuck you. Why would you want to fight me?! What’s the fun you get from it? You’ll leave my troops alone, understand? ‘’ Where was Kaze? .. where was he? .. wasn't he looking at her this moment?.. wasn’t he observing her?! .. why wasn’t he talking in her head like he did before?!. She couldn't t surrender, she couldn't let the troops die.. She took one step backwards to create a bit more playing space between them. She held her head high while keeping her bolt gun pointed at his face. -

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      Re: Whispers of a bullet [Ongoing RP on another site]

      Thread will be locked for now until character registration and format issues are resolved. Sent a PM to Kaze about it and am currently awaiting a response.

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