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      In The Time of Kings

      In The Time Of Kings

      Now, listen, fair child, and I’ll tell you a story. It is of mice, of men, of monsters, of madness.

      It is the tale of the Iron Throne and the Kings of Westeros.

      It is a story of ice and fire.

      Of opposites.

      Of attraction and betrayal.

      But mostly, dear little one.

      It is our story.


      The King has once again, fallen. War, as always, is brewing in the North, in the South, in the East and West, and across the Dorthraki sea. War presses close, threatening to suffocate the life-breath out of the entirety of the seven kingdoms.

      The kingdom is fractured, on the verge of splintering into a thousand razor-sharp shards. Every new house declares itself King and Ruler, and demands that the other Houses bend knee. Old alliances are called upon, broken, and new alliances are forged in the fires of war. But Westeros has survived wars before, and the Game of Thrones has begun once again.

      Will you win?

      Or will you die?


      Yup, this is a Game of Thrones RP. Go nuts. All Houses are open to play, but there is no one King at King’s Landing. Make up your own House, play as a House that already exists, whatever. There are no canon characters in play, however. So, for example, you can be a Lannister, but you cannot be Cersei, Tyrion, whoever. For our points and purposes, those people never existed. Seriously though, if you want to do something, do it. Follow the rules of GoT though – not much magic, but treason to spare. Do whatever you want, play wherever you want, say you are whoever you want to be.

      Don’t trust anyone. Work together, behind the scenes, if you like, message whoever you want to try and gain the upper hand, but be warned - they could be lying to you.

      If you want a quick reference for a character, click this.

      Houses and Characters in them

      House Garren: Revai Kkar (Darksabre)
      House Stark: Alissa Stark (Reimi)


      A woman, of obvious nobility, was wandering through King’s Landing. There was no great cavalcade of ornate palanquins, no heraldry, nothing. She was merely strolling through the port, dressed in an atypical fashion, but still lushly.

      A sword hung from her hip, a rapier with a oddly ornate hilt. She wore very little fine jewelry, but regardless, the peasants of the realm recognized a highborn when they saw one and scurried to get out of her way.

      But the woman did not chide them for looking at her. She was smiling broadly, openly, warmly at them, and paused every few stalls to trade pleasantries with the peddlers. She bought a few baubles here and there, affixing a simple copper hairclip into her sun-bright hair after one purchase. Her bright blue eyes were sparkling with laughter as she watched children at play, and even joined in a quick game of stickball, laughing easily, and not shooing any child away. Not even when one of the grimier ones left a handprint-smear of mud on her knee, nor when her long sleeves dipped in refuse as she knelt to comfort another.

      Never did she give her name though.

      No, not yet. She may be nobly bred, and of a high (albeit lost) house, but she liked doing this.

      She was Revai Kkar of the lost House Garren. They possessed no lands, the called no army, but her House was ever with her. Her blood was as red as any of the Lannister’s, as honorable as any of the Arryn’s, as old as the Stark’s, as ferocious as the Barthereon’s, as bloodthirsty as the Greyjoy’s.

      He who wanders, discovers.

      She had wandered.

      She and her House had wandered far and wide.

      And now they had returned to Westeros. Observers, for the moment, watchers of the goings-on of a place frozen in old ways.

      That could very easily change.

      Revai looked over her shoulder to the massive Keep that dominated a lion’s share of the King’s Landing, wondering which King sat upon the Iron Throne. What family supped at the table, she wondered. And for how much longer would they do just that.
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      Re: In The Time of Kings

      A few months past...

      The road was long but it was well travelled and she did not fear it.

      Many men had passed on the King’s Road, yet this far up the travellers begun to thin out and seeing another was a fleeting occurrence. Still, the snow fell heavier here and she lifted a hand to pull her fur lined hood further over her head, in an attempt to shield herself from the cold flakes of ice.

      A tumble of curls fell into disarray around her shoulders, which she attempted to fix by running her fingers through the black locks. The under layers of her hair had been plaited into a long braid as if to make some sense of the mess that framed her face. It didn’t help much but in despite of this, it seemed to suit her. Having managed to brush the hair away from her sharp grey eyes, the young female tightened her grip on the leather reins, slowing the mare’s pace down. The horse’s pace had quickened now that the satchels, which were strung either side of her saddle, were beginning to empty.

      Glancing back at the two men who flanked either side of her, her grey eyes frowned in annoyance. She had wanted to travel alone but unfortunately they knew her too well. Nevertheless, they had not managed to dissuade her from journeying here and instead had insisted on accompanying her for the duration of her travels.

      They were nearing the end of the road and before long, their destination begun to rise up in front of them, becoming ever more clear through the snow. Slowing down to a walk, she swung herself off of the saddle before her horse had chance to stop, boots crunching into the settled layers of snow. A shiver ran down her spine, though it was not from the cold but rather the looming barricade that she tried to avert her gaze away from.

      Some said that Winterfell was an unwelcoming sight. They had clearly never been to Castle Black.


      Yellow eyes blinked slowly but their gaze never strayed. It was daunting to be stared at in such a way but the guard dared not shoo away the creature. He’d heard that dogs did not like to be stared at; apparently these wolves did not feel the same way. The pair remained fixed in their places on the stone steps at the front of the inn, willing each other to walk away while others milled around them, packing up bags and loading up mares and steeds alike.

      "Good boy, Storm.”

      Hearing her words, he turned to see one of the young Starks walking over towards them. Alissa Stark ruffled the fur of the direwolf, for which her hand received a rough lick in response. She shot a grin towards the member of the guard whom he had been so intent on staring down, knowing that none of them had really taken to her new companion.

      “Don’t take it personally, he just doesn’t trust strangers.”

      A grunt of irritation was all he cared to reply with as he walked off to join the rest of the small company. They had travelled far and were preparing for the last leg of their journey. King’s Landing was all but a few hours ride away; faster if the horses could keep up a faster pace and the carts wheels did not hit too many bumps in the road. They were all tired and most welcomed the thought of visiting a local tavern, or at the very least, a chance to be off the road for a few nights.

      Alissa had changed into her lighter clothes, shedding the fur lined attire that was so welcoming in the North. She had only travelled South once before and it had not been for long; from the looks of it this was going to be a longer trip.
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      Re: In The Time of Kings

      Revai wandered.

      She had always wandered. Like was customary, she had been born in her family's old lands in Westeros, where their great castle had once stood, surveying lands long since gone to fallow. Ever birth of a female heir was celebrated in this manner, with the great Lost House, past and present, in attendance. It was in that moment that she had been identified, named Revai Kkar, of House Garren. The celebration had named her the matriarch of the family, the crowned Lady of their House, setting her as the head. Her mother, a mere vessel to the birth of the next Kkar, returned to her lowborn husband, leaving Revai to be trained and taught by her Father, her Uncles, her half-brothers, until she was old enough to lead on her own.

      She had travelled far and wide. She had been a serving girl in Dorne, a witch-apprentice, a dowager to a man who had died the night of their marriage through no plan of her own, she had done a great many things and lived a great many lives and lies in her years. And now, she was in King's Landing, surveying the lands and people as she had done so many times before.

      This time, though, she was present as herself, and the Great House she belonged to, and that in turn, belonged to her, would rise. The Iron Throne would waver at her approach, and all of the great arrogance in this world would quaver in the face of House Garren, and its matriarch, Revai.

      Her blue eyes were wide and bright with anticipation.

      Yes, Westeros would be hers, and she would be the sole victor of this game of thrones.

      She knew how to play, knew how to act, and knew how to get exactly what she desired from the men and women who inhabited the lands that were very soon to be hers once again. This land would be hers, as it rightfully was. These people would bow to her, these men and women and children would know her as their Queen and rightful ruler and there would be nothing in all of the Seven Kingdoms that would stop her, or inhibit her progress. She had travelled far and wide, studied under the greatest masters of countless arts, innumerable in her knowledge and willpower, and all she had to do now was conquer a kingdom without bringing an army into the wars that had already interrupted everything.

      That made her smile as she looked upon the great Keep that housed the current ruling family of King's Landing, and of course, their prisoners. Revai would come to their front gate soon, reveal herself to be the lineage of Garren, and of course, not be welcomed.


      She smiled.

      This political machination, the manipulation, the meandering through polite conversation, the meaningless backstabbing and mournful accusations from the entirety of Westeros, would all very soon, become completely irrelevant.

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      Re: In The Time of Kings

      “Perhaps you should have sent a bird?”

      Her chest heaved forwards emotively at the brothers words as she let out a sigh, her breath instantly forming a vaporous mist in front of her face. If she had been a child she probably would have stomped her foot in annoyance but alas she had passed the age where such a thing was deemed allowable.

      “This was not a message that I wanted to entrust in a crow or raven or any manner of winged creature.” Her gaze was fixated on the man stubbornly, as unwilling to back down as he was. So maybe it wasn’t entirely normal for Castle Black to receive visitors from outsiders but nor had it been entirely proper for her to make the journey up here; yet she had and she did not intend to make it a wasted one.

      “Lady Al---”

      “My time here will be brief. I do not wish to interfere.” Alissa cut in, halting his words midsentence. She had to be diplomatic about this. There was little use in becoming angry. If they did not wish to let her in they would not and she knew there would be little she would be able to do about it.

      Taking in a deep breath she let a gulp of cold air flood into her lungs. It bit at her throat and chest; a transient moment of icy pain. That was nothing. She would stay here till she froze if it would make any difference at all.


      Alissa scrunched her nose at the smell. It smelt of people and animals, unclean and over populated.

      Storm sniffed at the air beside her before his nose begun to follow a trail on the ground. People glanced at the party curiously; their garb was strange even for the capital which received many visitors. The direwolf stepped towards one, nothing but curiosity prompting his movement, yet the woman still backed off hastily. No doubt they had never seen a wolf around these parts, not to mention one of his size. He was only a juvenile and already his height reached past that of her waist.

      She ran the set of leather reins she held through her fingers, pulling them tight for a moment before passing them to one of the men stood beside her.

      "I am going to explore the city. I shall meet up with you when my father arrives." He raised a questioning eyebrow at her before nodding and taking a hold of the mare. He didn't need to say anything. She knew he did not trust her not to get up to some sort of mischief. Perhaps his worries were justified, she did not yet know.

      Alissa had persuaded her father to let her travel ahead with the small group who were to deliver a message of some sort. The rest of the consort was at least a day’s ride behind. They would take their time; making camp where they could and staying at the inns that lined their path. Alissa on the other hand had been impatient and she did not wish to linger on the road for long. She had not asked what the message was, but apparently it was urgent and so they travelled quickly.

      The young Stark shot the man her sweetest smile before she rushed off away from the group, soon becoming one among the crowds.

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      Re: In The Time of Kings

      OOC: @Alucard , @Rin Hato ! Donde estas?

      Revai smiled at the Keep. Perhaps it was time to make a move.

      She sidled up to one of the stoic Red Guards, smiling and batting her eyes.

      “I have an audience with the King and his Queen. May I pass through?”

      She watched as he appraised her, skimming down her breasts, her thin waist, the flare of her wide hips, the fine clothing (albeit a bit dirty) and sneered. He had seen enough pretenders in his years as a guard that he knew a well-dressed fake when he saw one.

      “I don’t think so. Be on your way.”

      Revai inclined her head politely to the man, and turned away. Easy enough then. She would have her fete and with her fete, her revenge.

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      sneaky business

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      Re: In The Time of Kings


      The dim candlelight barely illuminated the room, and much of it was shrouded in a fuzzy half-darkness. The steam was everywhere, and turned the already poor light into a smoky haze. Soft splashing could be heard as she gently moved around in the water, running her hands across her body, washing away dirt and grime. The sound of a piano, muffled but still distinguishable, came through from another room, the notes soothing her. She slipped further into the water, and a yawn escaped her, betraying her fatigue from an extensive day of pointless political tedium. Her eyes were closed as she let the calming sounds, smells and feelings flow through her. The music stopped, and was replaced by light shuffling and footseps.

      A knock on the door, but it was left unanswered. The door opened with a slight creak, then closed. The entrant was invisible in the unclear lighting.

      “Are you awake?” came a tender, careful voice.

      “I would never miss a second of my favourite piece, you know that,” came the reply

      “You told me “Winter's Hold” was your favourite piece...”

      “I did? I must not be able to single out a favourite among such works of art, it seems.”

      A quiet giggle. “You flatter me.”

      “Join me, and I'll do more than flatter you,” a hint of sly mischievousness creeping into her voice.

      “As you wish, Aera Valken, Lady of Midas.”

      The other stepped forwards, into the vague lighting. It cast them in a dull glow, scantily lighting their smooth skin and appealing figure. Aera's smile turned into a grin.

      “Come, Sanna Kristen, Aide of Lady Valken.”

      Sanna entered the bath, sliding in opposite Aera, her hair cascading down and wetting in the water. They leaned close to each other, their noses touching.

      “This sort of thing is illegal here, my Lady.”

      “This sort of thing is legal at home. That's all that matters. Now shush.”

      Their lips met, and they soon opened, allowing for a passionate kiss. Each of them caressed each other, running hands across erogenous zones. They had to meet Lady Stark tomorrow morning, but for now, it was their night. Their hot, emotion-fueled night.

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